Having Problems With Your Good Interests

Posted by marmara on January 25, 2014

The president tells us his interesting philosophy of life that is scheduled to devalue money and we are those who pay the costs of the devaluation already is with blood so was called to the work of the escvlavos or either (a) means of goods we have in other words sitandose the same author would say that since entered a credit to this sensible world to live on this earth more as we pay the interests of the It is becoming more difficult and less personos succeed in the search for the balance of this incredible but insane reality we discussed in social circles that have stratified us not is who but that some were made way better mainstreaming of this philosophy of life believe that they deserve more that they are more intelligent and those who do not manage to see things so clearly is called us losers so simple so the thing gets ugly and the sr kiosaki also says although asking for apologies did not wish to insult anyone these parameters show a world different and disparate realities both for the rich Townie full of herds crops and goods rustic, rich city dwellers seem to gods by the emblems of social power who accustomed are clear that in this introduction I forget the poor already that they are segregated by the wealthy villagers and also in shape but magnified his vision on rich city dwellers can see more that is what our differences all eat all us We have to dress all have to do case law and of course worship the symbols of power concentrated in a few bringing our hope as diria popov in the film if I were a rich man margins them of the Holy Book.

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