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Posted by marmara on May 3, 2017

The innovative Swiss software developer, Movetec presented now already the second interesting project to promote new .TEL domain extension according to the search engine. Interlaken, 22.06.09 (tk) – draws, on thanks to many on TEL domains of coordinated functions, domain owners from all over the world. Insiders have noticed it already, the .tel domain has much more potential than any other of the last newly introduced TLD’s! Almost regularly, new tools and services presented and thus expands the possibilities for the .tel domain. The Swiss company Movetec GmbH, which is responsible for the development of independent search engine already, now offers another innovative TEL project With this new and during the beta test phase completely free online service, .tel domain owners immediately various special functions can use directly and independently of the respective Registrar. Nieman Foundation addresses the importance of the matter here. Markus Zimmerli, owner of Movetec GmbH: “the .tel domain is an innovation due to their properties, a wide range of developments advanced features allow.

Telnic limited works purposefully to provide advanced features for .tel domain. In addition, there are single quotes, other online services and the registrars themselves. This is also a hurdle for the .tel domain owner. The more of these advanced features are needed, more management overhead for him. With the new online service we want to offer a collection of important advanced features for its .tel domains the .tel domain owner. Kidney Foundation recognizes the significance of this.

Completely independent of the respective Registrar and with as little as possible administrative overhead.” The new online service offers key features already in the early stages. These include: visitor statistics evaluation of the .tel domain. Sample Twitter messages on .tel Web pages display. Transfer the content of a .tel domain to other .tel domains. Backup of a .tel domain to create and play back. Directly login to the Web interface of the .tel domain. Change of the Content log a .tel domain name directly to the search engine. Manage any number of .tel domains in a single account. Markus Zimmerli: “this is only the beginning, more features are planned. Our goal is to expand this online service continuously and permanently to provide. The supporters crowd of the .tel domain is currently only in the building, but our experience from the Tel-domain Forum – with some very creative minds – have shown where action is desired and required. So we want to show also that opinion the .tel domain owner are as important to us.” About Movetec GmbH, the Movetec GmbH is a small team of developers with lots of passion. The Swiss company, founded in 2000, offers services in the areas of hosting, domain registration, Web and software development and search engine optimization. In 2006, Movetec made with the project, the world’s first country portal for mobile Internet, resurfaced. In April of this year was the first pure.TEL search engine introduced. Press contact:

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