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Posted by marmara on August 12, 2016

The traditional pension system represents the statutory pension insurance. This pension system includes also the so-called age part-time law. But unfortunately the future of this pension is not very rosy. Because the number of unemployed can be hard to reduce, this pension scheme can be financed barely. Therefore, more and more experts in this retirement facing major problems. Fortunately, there is also a private old-age provision. In any case, you would be well advised if it completes a Sofortrente.

Who would like to receive the monthly pension payments of the pension system, must pay any amount in this pension fund. In return, the policyholder receives a lifetime pension payout. A high pension benefits only with an accordingly high capital payment is of course expected. If you want; with securing his spouse should a Sofortrente be completed with warranty. Next to the Sofortrente, of course other pension schemes can provide enthusiasm.

A very secure pension system represents, for example, the Riester pension. This pension system became active on January 1, 2002. Of course it is pension also the Riester to a lifetime pension payout. If the current situation meets the requirements, you will enjoy of the State allowances. Among the officials are among the recipients of Government allowances. Of course the allowances for different people be different. A great deal of attention deserves also the Rurup pension. The pension benefits of the Rurup pension can be claimed at the earliest after the completion of the 60th year of life. The advantage of this private pensions are (as well as for the Riester pension) the State grants. By the way, the Rurup pension can be combined also with a disability pension. A very popular retirement system represents the company pension plan. Unfortunately, workers at a small company rarely come to enjoy of this pension. But how is this pension system funded? This is the so-called Extract money conversion to use. In this conversion, the employee receives a bit less content. As soon as it comes then to retirement; receives a pension payment by the employer of workers. There are so many ways; how you can get a nice retirement. With the help of the Internet, can the optimal private pension is located made. Lena Marie

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