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Posted by marmara on December 9, 2012

To become thin is not the problem nor the great challenge: to maintain an ideal weight in state of radiating health and the good humor yes is it because it requires a change of brings back to consciousness. When a treatment to become thin is based solely on foods without contemplating to the man in its totality psychophysical they appear the resistance and the bounces of weight. Generally people do not register the trigger that stops its progress; many people do not reach a to detect specific instance took that them to neglect its treatment to become thin until a day they watch the mirror and with horror or frustration, they realize that they have returned back: again that unpleasant bounce of weight. But the bounce of weight is not something that comes outside from visiting us to make bitter the life to us. Many factors explain the bounce of weight: in his majority they are activated psychological factors in also unpleasant experiences and that " they left pasar". Some experience certain inconvenience when they observe that they begin to shine less with a few kilos: if they have conserved an overweight during years, suddenly that harmonious image that gives back the mirror to them is to them uncomfortable, stranger and literally, a part of its personality does not know how to act with that new body.

To others diffuse, unusual fears happen to them like for example, the possibility of being isolate in their habitual surroundings. For others, the novel experience to be in the heat of dominion of themselves is to them atemorizante; it inaugurates to them new responsibilities and new rolls of life. To others it stops the other people’s sarcasm or the omnipresent envy of the others. Nevertheless, to reach a total dominion of the personal attitude necessarily implies to run into with other people’s envy and to cross it.

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