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Posted by marmara on May 13, 2012

Mental affectivity, Emotions and Functions the concepts of emotions and affectivities studied for some theoreticians of hist-rich-cultural psychology are linked in the process of individual development of each individual. If a citizen is, for example, with affective problems, and, therefore unbalanced emotionally, it is certain that it will not be able to be dedicated as all could to the process of cognitivo development Tagliaferro et. (S/D). In the same way, so that one determined individual obtains to understand and to understand its emotions and feelings is necessary that its rationality well is structuralized, how much to the organization of ideas, for example. ck here. Being thus, the school can be considered the mediating of the relations between the pupils, the family and the school, making the interconnection as well as enters the necessary cognitivo development for the learning of the pupil searching the understanding of the related affective aspects to the pertaining to school convivncias to familiar that they can be the propellants of behaviors learned and reflected in classroom.

In the case of Vigotski, &#039 used the term; ' function mental' ' , to mention the thought to it, memory, perception and attention. According to Oliveira (2004), it places that the thought has its origin in the sphere of the motivation, which includes inclinations, necessities, interests, impulses, affection and emotions, where the complete understanding of the human thought is only possible when its affective-volitional base is understood. Then, we can say that these constructions are based in such a way on ' ' functions mentais' ' of Vigotski, as in the relations of affectivity and cognition of Wallon, where the professor has a basic paper through the language, of mediator of these relations having to work the mental understanding of these emotions and functions in an attempt of that he has changes in histories of life of these individuals. To understand more on the processes of human development in and for the social interactions, we will use perspective the proposal for Rosseti, at all (2004).

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