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Posted by marmara on December 27, 2017

The article Description: Who here has arrived, has hooked yet now it is a matter that he swallows down also. For this, you must inform him of course carefully about your product. Score as many facts as possible and be honest exaggerations make no good impression with factual information. However, you should never leave it at this mandatory program. You need to create a good atmosphere for your product. The potential buyer, convey the passion you feel for the article. Now, where it will be emotional, you may access also to superlatives.

You sell your iPod than on which only the best music “was played. This is an endearing exaggeration that makes human. At all the entire attitude of the text should be human. Try to write as if you had not much idea from eBay. If you are a bit naive, then people feel to make a bargain rather have. You will then be the booth at the flea market and not the professional seller in the fine Antique shop. The top 10 of the most common mistakes: typo: seem unserious and make finding in the worst case (in the title) your auction impossible facilitates or plural forms in the heading (“as the most beautiful all hats”): complicate the search keyword stuffing (“to the example cell phone from Nokia, Siemens, Motorola, Sony”): creates while better results, sucks but the buyer and may result in trademark issues to short title: Giving away place! Special characters like tildes and asterisk: can the searcher disturb inaccurate item description: skepticism calls forth a pure sequence of bullet points: wirk mostly to objectively copied a manufacturer-product description: look at type tobaccos implausible missing caveat emptor: can also private seller liable make aggressive warranty Committee: looks unappealing

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