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Posted by marmara on February 14, 2017

This becomes a corruption factor, instead of factor of wealth and diversity, if well it will not be organized and transparent. In contrast of what he happened in Tunisia, in Egypt, had an exploitation politician on the part of the government of Hosni Mubarak and Anwar Sadat, even so the marginalizao of the contribution ' ' islmica' ' of the Egyptian identity. Egypt a gift of the sky at the hands of the powerful ones Since the arrival to the power of Sadat, the Egipto took a new route that if revealed in alliance with the United States and the politics of ' ' abertura' ' economic on the liberal model (infitah). These two characteristics had not benefited Egypt as it waited. Instead of this, only one part of the elite and the well defined sectors of the society Egyptian had used to advantage the benefits. In general, these two orientaes had been factors of weakness of the Egyptian people.

Of the economic point of view, the beginning of 1980, Egypt presented a tax of growth of national 8%, fact considered without precedents in history. Go to BSA for more information. This economic growth does not benefit the country as a whole. The people had complained me the administration and of the squeeze of an only party that promoted item that he himself had chosen. In the second half of the decade of 1980, the tax of growth of the domestic prescription fell drastically, as well as the tax of migration and of the prices of the oil. This economic aspect all caused an impact considered on the country. It lowered the life level and took to one crack between the people and the leadership politics of the country, with its strategical orientation. Although these problems, the classrooms highest and some particular, next ones to the government placed in practical one politics benefits that them.

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