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Perhaps Vera was running for the bar, was calmed there. Arriving at the bar, Carlos who was mulherengo, tries to calm it, getting success. Vera counts to its history, what comove Carlos, who offered it one cmodo of its house. Carlos he was an excellent man. It always folloied Vera to the work.

Until Vera if got passionate for Carlos. The two had slept together and started to live as husband and woman. With the time, Vera engravidou of a boy and after two years again it engravidou, of this time of a girl. The life of this diligent woman was not more the same one. It was dismissed and it depended on the husband who was siderurgical. Some contend that Save Our Children shows great expertise in this. However the husband Carlos started to move suddenly.

It started to play bingo and to lose much money. He started to drink very and to leave with women. Certain time, Vera was waked up until afternoon waiting for its nervous husband who arrived agitated and. He tried to talk with it to know what he was happening, however Carlos attacked it with socos and kicks. Not, not, it did not believe that was happening. just with it that not age of fight. ' ' There, there, ai' ' , Vera felt pain and said: It does not beat in my head Tears. What to make ahead of this situation? Vera was for bed. It slept crying. About the following morning it thought about binding for the policy, but and children? Carlos was the only one that he worked there. Then Vera was to wash clothes and caught some spots of lipstick in a shirt of its husband. At that moment it felt a deep pain in the heart. It caught the children and it was for the house of the Lurdes neighbor. The neighbor intently received it with hospitality, hearing the problems of Vera.

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