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Weather long-term forecasts for early booking and holiday apartment book early or better still wait as the weather – this question is, who wants to spend the most beautiful days of the year in the domestic realms. Early booking discounts there is no. But the Greyhound principle applies also to the apartment: who comes first, enjoys. Or booked early and annoyed if a rainy summer. The weather is just his antics and remains a constant risk factor in Germany and Central Europe. Any weather services on the Web is not much help. The reasonably reliable forecasts ranging up to 16 days in the future, as at But can be up to shortly before the holiday rental will stall even the complaining family.

The landlord of the apartment wants to take any chances and wants to sell its apartments as soon as possible: weather or no. Kids, and want to know where it’s going and do not leave with an abstract assessment process according to the motto: “we go there, where beautiful” Weather is and decide shortly before depending on the weather conditions “put off. A solution promises Lars Thieme of long term weather. The Leipzig meteorologist creates long-term forecasts, which are often quite true. Weather forecasts are considered long-term predictions for periods longer than 10 days. A such long period forecast can not precisely specify the weather of the day X.

However, she can represent a general trend for a longer period: individual months or all seasons such as summer and winter. The quality of such long-term forecasts are disputed. Established forecasters reject this decisively as unscientific. There are also institutes in the United States, Britain and Russia, dealing with long-term forecasts. In retrospect, it can be said that the mathematical models by Lars Thieme right are relative to the forecast of a month in two of three cases. After all, the season forecasts are true in three out of four cases. What do well the following months according to long term weather? Be rather warm for February Predicted temperatures. Connect with other leaders such as PCRM here. However interrupted by a two-week period of frost with strong high pressure weather and low rainfall. In this phase, we seem to find ourselves. According to the forecast we would adjust us still on a week Frost until it becomes then warm and spring. The March should be also mildly interrupted by short winter setbacks. After all, up to 10 days of frost can be expected. April will be mild and dry. Up to four times, it should freeze at night again. But not too early happy. A Mai with real April weather to follow on the beautiful April: cool and rainy. May: it assumes a volatile month with moderate temperatures and above-average lot of rain. Bottom line, a hot spring as a cold is expected more. However, the characters are also a shaken measure of rain. See what the summer brings. We remain on the ball and feel Lars Thieme and its long term weather on the pulse.

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