Winter Oak

Posted by marmara on August 20, 2023

Pine is the most common material for the manufacture of wooden windows and derevoalyuminievyh. Under most conditions Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala would agree. And it is no accident. Pine grows almost throughout the country and covers about 20% of all forests Russia. The trunk of pine has the greatest sincerity and lack of defects. Well impregnated with antiseptics. Pine wood is soft and pretty well fed processing and polishing. Wood has a milk caramel color, bright with numerous thin veins.

Ease of processing, good heat conduction and performance make wooden windows made of pine the most common. It should be added the democratic prices and you will get windows that look great, are long and give your home a unique look! For the manufacture of lumber used pine in the northern regions of our country. This is due to the fact that in the north Winter is longer and the summers are short and dry, which makes the distance between annual rings minimal. A pine tree in the middle band is wider rings due to warmer and longer summers. Thicker rings in pine attach great looseness, and therefore the wood will have a low strength and water resistance. The windows are made of timber, which can be glued and uncoossified slats. Wooden euro-windows of pine is well painted in different colors.

A good workability of wood allows the most daring designs! Wooden windows are made of larch are more expensive compared to the windows of pine. Larch wood has a greater hardness and durability than pine. The hardness of larch close to the hardness of oak. Larch is more resistant to moisture, so highly valued, is 2-3 times more expensive sosny.V handling these windows require more effort and attention, a quality instrument. Larch resin and its structure is attached to the special properties of wood – resistant to moisture, high fire resistance. It is almost does not swell, rot or warp. Larch – a single tree, not rotting in the sea. Therefore, it is used for driving in the city of Venice, for the construction of forts around Kronstadt, for the manufacture of ships. The windows of Larch can be installed in the premises pools. The windows are made of timber, which can be glued and uncoossified slats. The structure of larch is more uniform than that of pine, rings and more even bright expressed. Wood can have color from reddish brown to brown. Wooden windows are made of larch well painted in different colors, beautiful and smooth texture of wood attached to the windows refined look! The peak wooden windows on the right are the windows of the oak! Oak, the tree has a special meaning. Ancient Slavs associated with Perun, oak, and performed under his sacrifice. In Pushkin's well worth Lukomorye oak. And in all cultures can found reverence for the oak as a symbol of masculinity, strength and hardness. It is no coincidence oak evokes a feeling of solidity and reliability. Wood from oak has outstanding strength, hardness and at the same time elasticity. Tree rings and layers are clearly visible in cross section. Wood has a beautiful structure. The nucleus has a color from golden chestnut to dark chocolate. Mature wood can be from light brown to yellowish-brown. No wonder the oak trim expensive, luxury interiors. Wooden windows of the oak is well painted in different colors, and beautiful and noble wood grain windows gives an unforgettable view!

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