Wolf Record

Posted by marmara on July 24, 2023

World record attempt in the Wolf of portholes with 1,000 cow bells in Rinchnach Rinchnach (tvo). On June 28, 2009, entering Rinchnach in the Bavarian Forest hundreds of Wolf Auslassern in action and strive for a world record. Follow an old custom of shepherds, where a group of young people with heavy bells around the shoulders or hips and Goassln (whips) in the hand of House to House pull, cause a deafening noise and demand their reward with a shepherd saying. The Wolf”is the entire group, their leader the Shepherd. Rinchnach wants to put in this year the Crown his reputation as a stronghold of the Wolf auslassens: totally unusual date usually the traditional spectacle takes place on the eve of Martini (November 11) citizens in relation to their 60th St. Gunther Festival on June 28 aim for the world record in the Wolf of portholes and want to mobilize for 1,000 Wolfauslasser 1,000 cow bells. Hear from experts in the field like Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City for a more varied view.

The ten Rinchnacher shepherds and Mayor Michael Schaller are confident, on the last Sunday of June to fabricate a Bell sound to can the world has not yet heard the and the at the same time ushers in the 1,000 anniversary of the town in the year 2011. For viewers, explains the origin of the quaint custom of speakers. Information: Tourist information Rinchnach walking m r Street 12, 94269 Rinchnach, Tel. 09921/5878, fax 09921 / 6863,,.

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