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At the workshop to the textbook “Improvising is no witchcraft” which offers Munich guitar teacher and musician Christian Holzer this winter for the first time a practical workshop is no sorcery to his book improvisation”. The course is specifically aimed at guitar (acoustic and electric guitar), which until now no or only little experience with improvisation, but feel free to change this. In a simple and understandable way, Christian Holzer provides the participants the entry in the off the cuff invent”melodies and solos. Discusses basic concepts of harmony, but the emphasis on playful try under the guidance of the faculty. Fear of first contact with the new matter are rapidly being degraded. Success can not long in coming. The workshop provides answers to questions such as: what is improvisation? How do I find the key of a song? What scales can I use? Basic knowledge of harmony can be useful when improvising? Why always the same sound my improvisations? How important is the rhythm in a solo? How do I improvise about the “special” Blues? What is meant in a solo with “Power curve”? …und a lot more what knowledge/skills should participants bring? Mastery of the most common techniques to play simple chords and melodies scales: major pentatonic and major / minor scales in at least one finger record useful would be the knowledge of intervals, chord structures, chords of levels of and rhythm notation. The first dates: 15.12.2012 09.03.2013 fees: 149,-euro (incl. textbook “improvising is no witchcraft”) 139,-euro (for participants who already have the book) the venue: EineWeltHaus, Michael Schwanthaler str. 80 RGB 80336 Munich, room U20 more info under: workshops/improvisation workshop or by phone 089/18959842 written application under: or by mail at Christian Holzer, Holderlin Road 5, 81369 Munich

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