Again Elephant

Posted by marmara on March 21, 2013

We bought a young cock in kupyatnik and stapy cock and teaches him: – You do not really kupami for, or you will all lean, pepya crept, if not paws can recline … – Shut up, stapy stump! A very complete vpe.ped to kupam! Che.pez month all emaciated. Stapy Again it teaches: – You're not very … Oblezesh all … Do not listen young, came out all pepya and more chepez month – just arrived: all the shabby, worn out lies – a head in a puddle, almost not breathing. Already vopona pyadom goes …

A cock and stapy govopit: – Hu Now, I'll govopit … – Shut up stapy stump voponu spugnesh … * Sits and cries hare. Fox approaches him and asks: – What, rabbit crying? – Why, the cops right away. – Do not worry, now take away. It takes 10 minutes, and returned to the fox said the hare – the wolf tried fox tried, nothing will happen. – Do not worry, everything will be fine in two minutes returned with the rights -?? – Well, I went there, and there all their own! * The most unfortunate animal – an octopus.

He and his feet on the ears, and hands out of ass, and she ass – with his ears. * There is an ant in the forest, pulling two loaves. Towards the elephant. Ant throws bread to the ground and yelled loudly: – elephant, lie down quickly! The elephant was frightened, bang on the ground for a loaf. The Ant climbed onto the elephant,

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