Computers Aid Children with Disabilities

Posted by marmara on September 5, 2010

In El Cerrito, California a group of parents, teachers and developers of assistive technology joined forces in 1983 and created the Disabled Children’s Computer Group (DCCG) with the goal of using computer technology to help those with disabilities to more easily speak, write, read, learn, and become a participant in the larger world around them.

Steve and Jackie Brand spearheaded the efforts to develop ways that computers could be used to assist adults and children with disabilities. They were inspired by the needs of their own daughter, Shoshana, who they felt could benefit enormously with the assisted technologies that computers had the potential to offer. Steve Brand took a sabbatical off from his job at Berkeley High School, and with his friend Steve Gensler they developed a large, flat keyboard for use by someone with fine motor skill deficits.

With their initial success the Brands decided to share what they learned about assisted technology with others in similar circumstances. Their first community wide meeting was held in Berkeley and attended by over 100 interested parents, teachers, computer experts, and adults with disabilities. In 1985 the DCCG was granted non-profit status, and was soon being contacted from people across the country. Apple computer company was an early sponsor, and they developed the original Apple IIe which could say text out-loud when an Echo Speech Synthesizer was hooked up to it and appropriate software from UCLA was developed.

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Posted by marmara on March 16, 2018

Extreme run from Berlin to Munich via 744 km successfully beeendet the extreme sportsman couple Claudia Weber and Thomas Wenning from the Ruhr area, collected at its extreme course of Berlin’s Olympic Stadium until the Alliance arena to Munich for children in South Africa. DFB sent the two athletes to its course of donations in the run-up to the Bundesliga game against Arminia Bielefeld Hertha Berlin footballer Arne Friedrich. For more specific information, check out Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . On August 23, 2008, the two runner Thomas Wenning (41) and partner Claudia Weber (46) launched the StarLauf from Berlin to Munich. In 9 days by 42 90 kilometers she handled the track and Bayern Munich against Hertha BSC arrived just in time for the Bundesliga game arena in the Alliance. Thomas Wenning and Claudia Weber, inter alia the milestones, Potsdam, Leipzig, Gera, Hof, Bayreuth, Roth, Nuremberg and Ingolstadt passed until they arrived in Munich on their way.

At each stage places the athletes were sent by the mayors or their representatives on the track. Go to Boy Scouts of America for more information. German international Arne Friedrich, as well as Claudia Weber and Thomas Wenning campaigned together for the fundraiser by stars of tomorrow, which supports children in South Africa. Stars of tomorrow E.v. is a private initiative, which was established in 2006 for the World Cup and has the goal to provide HIV – and AIDS prevention work of football in South Africa. Thomas Wenning and Claudia Weber ran over 200 marathons. To the 2008 European Championship, they have collected around 32,000 euros in donations on its way from Munich to Klagenfurt. We run out of passion and our drive is the good thing that we can assist you with the donations.

E. V. connects stars of tomorrow us the target to use to help children in South Africa World Cup 2010″, as Thomas Wenning. With their third run project for the good thing in this year, the long-distance runner could collect over 50,000 euros in donations for various projects. The StarLauf was a preparation run for in the summer of 2009 scheduled for the two extreme athletes World Championships run from Berlin to South Africa over 14000 kilometers to the opening match of the football World Cup 2010. All information on the star course are available at.

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I confess we cried all for our murdered laughter. We feel that horrible mixture of deep pain while we smiled with Jaime Garzon jokes played by newscasts that night. We could not contain the tears while we heard the revolutionary harangues of John Lenin, who, with his raw backpack and your mamertas phrases of the 1960s and 1970s, made us reflect on our past University, but, first and foremost, on the monstrous inequality in Colombia. Crying then joined with the smile and so we stayed there during that grim day in which killed our joy. We found no answers. For even more details, read what Nieman Foundation says on the issue. Even we asked us questions because for what? Us not liberated the TV and radio not so much to still hear speculation about his assassins or the bloody details of the most disproportionate work of our hired killers, but to prolong the joy of hearing his great notes. This Friday the 13th we had no choice but to suffer with hopelessness. He consoled only Dioselina with your recipes always and his gossip palatial flavored with melancholy.

We draw strength only of the funny stories of Nestor Eli on the reasons for the extreme deterioration of the building Colombia and their forced statements through the shade. Linio, perfect idiot Latin American, as it was called, in addition to Geoffrey and the formidable humanitarian work of Garzon taught us clearly which side was. People such as Ken Cron would likely agree. The man was on the side of good, for the peaceful, which took the present by a rumba, the of extreme Center, of the spontaneous, of the great, who thought that only makes this country lack cry less and laugh more man made the mamagallismo a school, a way of life, a weapon to massacre the violence. The man dominated ingenuity and put it at the service of all those people who sought to assist them in freeing their hostages. She didn’t have children in this society of death, but had all three of the Tuti.

Heriberto de la Calle dignifico to that character that until then was despised, inatendido and despised: the plunger or shoe shine. Their traditional words (uncouth say ladies) were the same as the people would use if they give him the papayaso of embolar daily to the most exalted. His irreverence was a requirement of the viewers. He had permission to everyone to say what we thought but he dared to say than anyone else. Left two virtual children, John Wilson and Cindy Lady, whose existence invented, perhaps, in the last interview he gave for the program I, Jose Gabriel, and which will continue representing, without a doubt, 80% of Colombian children. Nobody else can never replace Jaime Garzon. Neither in his profession as a professional mamagallismo, the journalist nor in the of mediator secret in the peace process, or the humanitarian intermediary for the release of retained by the guerrillas. Fulfilled you the lyrics of your favorite song: I want to die I uniquely, I want a goodbye of Carnival but, also, that I swear that promise no mori, which He gave one of the few interviews he granted to television and in which cited with deep conviction to Paul Mc Cartney, remain forever in all our souls as an irrefutable truth. And we will meet…

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The association enters this model of production in series, adopted tethers industries, and the professional corporations characterize the consumption society. Thus, this term more assigns to the current modern, urban and industrial, dedicated society to the increasing production and acquisition of good of diversified consumption each time. For the survival of this society it is essential that is created necessities of use of new products, therefore, as soon as a product appears in the market, it must be consumed intensely and after that substituted for another one. However, as we do not know such product nor we are accustomed the USA-Io, and many times not even we need it, is necessary that if it makes to create in each one of us the consumiz necessity it. To acquire a good, we need to find really important to possess it. In this process, the formation of the public opinion carried through by the medias, commanded for a small number of people who decide what we go to choose, to possess and to use, collaborates of vital form for the creation of necessities of use of new products.

This process of opinion formation occurs when the opinion – that each one possesss as exclusive and genuine thing, is induced, or influenced, for periodicals, tevs and other forms of mass communication. Mandel concludes its reflections saying that in the delayed capitalism, the expansion of the sector of services is preferable to the existence of excess capitals. However, the logic of the delayed capitalism consists of converting, necessarily, the idle capital in capital of services and at the same time to substitute services for merchandises. Thus, the society produces transformations in the relation social with the merchandise, with the images and also the proper individual suffers transformations, as we will see to follow in the reflections of Braudrillard. 3) THE TRANSFORMATIONS IN THE SOCIAL RELATION WITH THE MERCHANDISE ' ' We live the time of idias' ' , in Braudrillard says to them, where the men if find encircled more for objects, for merchandises, of what for other men.

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Floral Colors

Posted by marmara on March 9, 2018

Today I’ll show some premises so that you have in mind when using colors in presentation of artificial flowers and arrangements to make them move closer as more as possible to reality (which is the first criterion that triggers a sale) If you are thinking in the future as venture. The main advantages that we find in the artificial flower are: is a product that is going to last over time (eternal), easy maintenance in stock. It is a furnishing element that allows at the same time to highlight other products (small furniture, candles, objects of decoration, etc). Artificial flowers are beyond the phenomenon of seesaw of sale according to the season of the year. The colors are classified into 3 categories: primary colors: Blue, yellow and red. The secondary colors, which are obtained by mixing the primaries: purple, green and orange. The tertiary colors are 6 and is obtained by mixing a primary color with a secondary color (see the chromatic wheel). Each of the 3 primary colors are diametrically opposite to a secondary color (for example: blue to Orange, red to green and yellow to violet).

They say that they are complementary colors. RULES to keep in mind: Not never get a harmonious whole if the three primary colors are in a same bouquet of flowers. If you perform a bouquet based on contrasting harmonies, flowers of complementary colors should be used. For example: Red that emerges from a green foliage. To perform a cameo, will have to include a single primary color. Do not disperse the colors in the bouquets, but grouping them. Place the colors darker or more intense in the lower part of the floral arrangement. Indeed, the visual weight of a dark flower is stronger than that of a pale blossom.

KEY words associated with the blue colors: infinite, dynamism, distance, refreshing, rest, rest, air (sky), limpid (sea), they also express confidence, reserve, harmony, affection, friendship, loyalty and love. Associated with yellow, it gives an effect electric, stimulating and associated with white, it gives an impression freshness. Yellow: wealth, joy, positivism, glow, hospitality, heat (Sun). Yellow attracts the gaze, clarifies and aerate any room. Red: excitement, heat, passion, ceremony, pleasure, party, love, romance, fire, prestige. In the world of decoration, red is synonymous with wealth, luxury. An irresistible harmony emerges from the Red associated with white. In association with gold, indicates without a doubt: wealth. ROSA: delicacy, calm, warmth. It is the traditional color of the bedrooms. Green: harmony, balance, elegance, sophistication, refinement, relaxation, represents hope. It is the result of the chord between the blue sky and the Sun. White: purity, freshness, calm. White enhances other colors. It also enlarges the space. Well that is all for now, you’re a person fond of floral arts and you are looking for a way to increase your income, then also in your spare time this is designed for you, and I will help you delve to this floral art for the new millennium.

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Business Cards

Posted by marmara on March 7, 2018

Presentation Meishi requires presentation at a meeting with a new business partner. It is held in a leather case where they do not become warm or istreplyutsya, as this is a sign of disrespect or thoughtlessness. Basic rules exchange of business cards next. The owner keeps business cards meishi both hands on the bottom corners up the party, which indicated a place of employment, position and company name, so that the information can read the user receives. User should take two hands, holding the top two corners. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger can provide more clarity in the matter.

It's important not to close the fingers on your business card information – it is regarded as rude. After receiving the cards you need to read the name and position and thank you for it, saying, 'choudai-itashimasu' or 'choudaishimasu' and bowing. On the received business card in any case can not be anything to write, as well as putting it in his pocket. Meishi should be carefully placed in the department of leather business card holders. When meishi exchanged by the parties to different social position, the one who is lower on the social ladder, so should submit their business card, so it was slightly below the cards a person with higher status. Ken Cron will not settle for partial explanations. If the cards were handed across the table that before the end of the conversation she must be on business card holders.

If present at a meeting a few people and you presented some meishi, a business card that someone has a higher status to be stored on the card holders, the rest – next to you on the table. How the recipient handles received meishi, indicates that the recipient will be doing business with those from whom he received this business card. Careless actions such as folding the cards in half and stuffed into the back pocket pants will be regarded as an insult. Appearance Unlike some Western business cards Japanese business cards meishi emphasis is placed on the company. For example, meishi will contain the company name printed in large letters, and then only the position and name. Also presented the Japanese themselves: first, company and position, and then name. Usually the person's name written in Japanese using kanji and romaji (usually the characters on the front side cards, and romaji on the back) as well as the position of the individual and the company where he works. Another important information that may indicate the meishi – it is a legal address, telephone number and fax number. Meishi may also contain a two-dimensional barcode, which is the contact information in 'machine readable' form, but it has not yet become common practice. According to a survey in 2007, less than 3% of Japanese own meishi with two-dimensional bar code. Traditionally, the size meishi made from old-Japanese paper, a special format, called yong, although meishi size of 90 55 mm, is also gaining popularity. Women's Japanese business cards once were smaller than men, have rounded edges and called sang, but they are now virtually obsolete.

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Web Page

Posted by marmara on March 3, 2018

By: Diana Norberto Fontanez has reason. My page at was a site full of content, with files of my newsletters, and comprehensive to meet visitors who click and read like. But why I changed? And you should do the same? It all depends, but let’s look at the following using an a Web page web page is excellent for sharing information with your visitors. We have articles, free reports, section with testimonials, contact forms, etc. All you need to position yourself in front of your customers and make more sales. Some examples: A beauty salon can use your page to include photos of before and after their customers. An accountant may include educational articles that position you as an expert. A consultant can use your page with the same purpose.

Every entrepreneur can use the page with similar purposes. Other leaders such as American Diabetes Association offer similar insights. The question would be what is your goal? Already know mine. That visitors give me your email to add it to my list (newsletter) to start a professional relationship. Although my previous website did the same, only 12% of visitors became subscribers. Nothing bad. 100 Visitors, 12 are converted to subscribers. But I want more because I know that if I increase the percentage, increase my sales, right? And it was there I started to test the use of a landing page. And what was what I found? A landing page before, I explain briefly.

A landing page is a single page where there are links to other areas of your website. The only goal you want to achieve with that landing page is the person to take a specific action. Look at its different uses: report free a. promote a free report, the person is pre-qualifies (only want potential customers), it gives you your email and start to send you a newsletter (or gives you your postal address and send a printed newsletter). B. promote a free report, the person gives you your phone and make a call tracking. C. promote a free report, the person gives you your postal address and give you follow-up with a series of letters written. D. promote a free report, the person gives you your email, you positions through the report and send it to your sales letter. Simple! You want a specific action and a landing page will help you with that goal. There are many uses for the landing pages, but these I have mentioned are its most frequent uses. Have what results I have had with the use of a landing page? Since I made the change, the percentage rose from 12% to 26.4%. More readers, more sales! That is by using my home page. You can modify to increase it, but my page is divided into so many portals that anyone visit (not attract 100% of pre-qualified individuals). Now using the same strategy, I’m having a 57.2% conversion with a special domain that my Wizard inserts into my articles (the visitor is more pre-qualified). Paying advertising to through Facebook, I’m having a 22.1% conversion. Should you use a landing page? It all depends on the lens you have, but if you have a specific goal such as those you mentioned, maybe the use of a landing page should try to see if it is more efficient.

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Joo Enrique

Posted by marmara on March 1, 2018

The Greed of the constructors and the lack of commitment of the manager with the city and the majority of the population reflect a model of based urban development in offer real estate of condominiums closed for the middle classes and medium-high, and the suspicious interests of the public managers, while poor people, as the majority of the population, survive in an informal way, to the edge the comfort, inhabiting in local with precarious structural conditions. The duplicity of the face of the city is explicit with the great index of present social inaquality, that is bigger of what of Brazil. Therefore, with the application of the new Law sancionada in 2009, Managing Plan of Desenvolvimento Urbano (PDDU) for the municipal manager, the bahian capital will be able to arrive at the extremity of the social differences, when stimulating the construction of closed condominiums of houses or buildings, in the one around the Avenue Parallel and in the Edge. In research developed for the Center of Human resources of the Federal University of the Bahia (UFBA), it points that 60.9% of the closed inhabitants of superior condominiums have domiciliary income the 20 minimum wages, while in a quarter as the Northeast of Amaralina, 42% of the inhabitants are poor and 18.4% are poor. Destarte, with approval of the new PDDU, specialists foresees the aggravation of crime and medium-low expulsion of the classroom that still lives in the edge. However, for Federal Law, the managing plan must promote justice, quality of life and economic development for all social the involved citizens.

Destarte, the city hall divulges that the PDDU is come back toward the incentive to the real estate market aiming at a bigger collection of taxes and taxes to benefit who? The constructors and the managers? But, until the present date, the mayor not yet defined basic parameters to assure social justice, still did not define to the date for the ownership of the advice who fiscalizes the application money collected with the taxes and taxes and the value of the counterpart to be paid for the entrepreneurs who will construct in the edge. Against departure it must be paid for the entrepreneur so that it receives the building permit and in the end, the price will be repassed the purchaser, what it allows to foresee that the new apartments in the edge will be come back toward the public of high and medium-high income. Therefore, the society fits to charge attitude of the public managers in the treatment of the public reverse speeds so that, attitude as this of mayor Joo Enrique, not pass unoticed for the majority of the population that does not have access the information, takes knowledge of the capitalist attitudes excuses of our managers and great part of the empresariado one. Neeman Foundation contributes greatly to this topic. ________________ *Jeorge Cardozo Luiz? Professor/Specialist of the Dom College Dom Luiz Peter II and Assessor Technician of the City department of Education of Salvador.

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Agricultural Charity Auction

Posted by marmara on February 19, 2018

The Agricultural charity auction Will be coming up in June. Dale Atkins, Ph.D. addresses the importance of the matter here. Its mother confectioned a pretty white towel with cases of cotton income. Beautiful flowers, cultivated in the seedbeds of the proper house of the FESTEIRO had been taken, for its grandmother materna. Red ceramics vases had been taken well flowery as details of the arrumao. The SANTA CRUZ OF the PINEAPPLE was very pretty! Also it fit to the FESTEIRO OF the MONTH to serve biscuits, big cookies, cakes everything watered with liquors. During the accomplishment of that liturgy through traditional tero, the FESTEIRO held the CROSS of the small altar and had its paper of prominence to the front of the quack well. In this festive day with exception, Z OF the BOOT did not hold the CROSS because proper it was the KNOB OF the TERO, already in one tenra age showed to its dom of devout> santeiro.A time per year, the agricultural proprietors of that region of the ABACAXIZEIRO promoted a great party with mass celebration, quermesse with auctions of bovines, swines, goat and birds. thus in that piece of a well provincial land was per decades imprisoned to the great traditions, marking a happy time very, as much as half of the friendship links, solidarity, fellowship, filantrpicas communication, devotion, charity, campaigns and mainly a provincial family as example of an immense union fraterna.

Later the ABACAXIZEIRO was changed by the progress. It started to be a great quarter, conserving the presence of humble and devoted families. One even though became an urban center, industrial. It brought jobs, estabilidades of survival to the families, there inserted. An increasing, evolved, prepared population nucleus is denoted for the new generations. The CHAPEL having as protector the marcante figure of IS LAZARUS who stops the founding traditionalists of one community still preserves its traditions.

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Primate Reig

Posted by marmara on February 16, 2018

I did not have much time for that could overwhelm this new and terrible sense because when I came around the corner and at the end of the long avenue Primate Reig. Yes there were people there, many people. A weak interim sources, such as campaign eerily illuminated the scene of whatever it was that had happened. Kidney Foundation shines more light on the discussion. It seemed as if the rain had wanted to bash especially in that place. Ken Cron has much to offer in this field. The drops were rushing there bigger, more regular and with a dogged and steady cadence, soaking everything: the ground, the facades of the houses lined up like a silent army that was facing the abyss of a field where he had the city, people wandering body like sleepwalkers and mud deposited in the mortuary in a line that extended beyond where the rain could be seen. a "No be standing here, man a "said a police uniform unrecognizable under his raincoat wide. I was wrapped up, noting that Dante and funereal spectacle.

The guard was not really directed at me but a guy at my side hindered the passage of two men carrying a body on a stretcher. As I approached the bodies, systematically arranged next to each other like pieces of a gigantic and sinister they played dominoes with the soulless monsters, I found that the row is lost beyond my sight. The lanterns as fair kneeling on the ground every few feet and temporary and insufficient focus scattered here and there, barely illuminating the bustle of each others: nurses, medical stretcher, with flimsy makeshift stretchers and litters, probably trying family to recognize their relatives, authorities were trying to solve what was already inevitable a …

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PCB Proper

Posted by marmara on February 14, 2018

With this, he goes to have a great process of superexploration, and a presence of total inferior a wage payment to the regional minimum soldier’s pay. He is valid to stand out that, the labor laws, in this conjuncture almost that inexisted in the conception of the minds peasants, a time that, although to the few a considerable majority of peasants was passing for deep changes in its daily one, if approaching each time more than the proper urban proletariat, this agricultural population, first, not yet was ready to suffer a so radical change, in view of the secularidade of its old relations of work and production. Being thus, when the agricultural wage-earner passes if to become the more numerous popular classroom, it does not go to have one ' ' proletarian rural' ' organized and critical to its labor laws. The modification of this picture lode of sufficiently pragmatic form, therefore the proper circumstances, practically compelled to a releitura politics on the conjuncture of this determined moment in the agricultural areas northeast. Front to this conturbada modification in the production, parallel to a significant increase of the exploration to agricultural workers, to the first organizations of social fights in defense to the campesinato do not go to have a so revolutionary speech, the point to long for a proper agrarian reform directly. One knows that the first Leagues Peasants, appear as civil organizations and if they reveal on total to the yearnings of fights of the PCB? Brazilian Communist party, in middle of the decade of 1940. This because the proper partisan interest would be before everything a centralista organization around syndical institutions. These unions in turn, more present in the urban areas, searched to defend the interests of the wage-earning classrooms, that is, proper left the communist one did not have an experience in the boarding on the rights of agricultural workers who were not fit in the industrial system of the effective time.

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