Comedy Theatre

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Alaiz who also used the pseudonyms Calatraveno, shield and Clavileno, not ceased publishing in various publications libertarian and Republican Solidaridad Obrera, culture and action, battle, Crucible, the wrestler, New Spain, La Revista Blanca, land and freedom, Social struggle, night, day chart: daily Republican, among others. He participated in the famous Congress national of the Confederacy national labour held in December 1919 at the Comedy Theatre in Madrid, and in 1920, already was a member of the Regional Committee of Catalonia of the CNT. During the war provoked by the military rebellion of general Franco was the anarchists who opposed the participation of the CNT in the Government of the Republic, which would explain their isolation in Lleida. At the end of the war crossed the Pyrenees and after passing through a field of concentration of Midi, lived in several French cities in the South until its definitive installation in Paris. He collaborated in various publications libertarian of exile as a path and Zenith and was director of C.N.T. In a division of the CNT that took place in 1945 he aligned himself with the apolitical.

Among its numerous novellas will quote: ground gold (1923), Elisabeth (1923), my love, come early (1926), the cabin boy (1926), the survivor volunteer (1927), sociology of the Wolf (1927), a club of fatal women (1931), Maria escapes me (1932) novel, Brujerio (1932) and El andariego (1935). Quinet, his only long story was published in 1924. Among their brochures, studies and trials will mention: the work will be a law (1922), Cardinal Soldevilla (1923), the poet sentenced to death. Shum, cartoonist (1924), how it leverages a library (1933), how a journal (1933), the invisible expropriation (1933), the problem of land. Land reform and expropriation social (1935), sport, social function and spectacular nature. Health by self-discipline (1936), for propaganda to be effective (1936-1939), introduction to the study of experimental sciences (1937), by a solidarity economy between the countryside and the city (1937), art of writing without art (1938), popular University (1938), life and death of Ramon Acin (1938) and V.

Blasco Ibanez (1938). His book Durruti is very interesting. Biography of the hero of the July Revolution (1937). In his exile wrote various pamphlets among them: towards a Federation of Iberian autonomies (1945) and the paw of Stalin on Europe (1948). Posthumously appeared his Spanish types work (2 vols. 1962 and 1965, respectively). We must also mention his remarkable work as a translator of Upton Sinclair, two steps and Wells. And as said the voice ignored by the history of the official literature of our country: is not the man who has to talk like an open book, but the open book who must speak as a man. Francisco Arias Solis in the flag of freedom borde the greatest of my life love. Portal of For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet.

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DMOZ (Directory Modzila) also known as the OPD (Open Directory Project) is a directory, which like all directory is edited by people, only that this is the most important and extensive in Internet; maintained and updated by volunteer editors. The listing is guided by language and by categories and each category subdivided, this shows you several alternatives that focus or accentuate the search making it more accurate and defined. There are really many people (editors) reviewing links behind this project that make it very effective and to which added you information permanent and constant, even you can join as an editor by sending your request will be reviewed and then accepted or not. It is not only a very good resource of search but that it is also a good place where to promote web sites. If you have a specific theme and want information of good quality it is here where you should look. To give you an idea of the magnitude and importance of this directory is enough to say that the very same Google uses it as a search directory.

If you want to include your website in this directory you must enter a: suggest URL and first revise their policies of submission sites, this is something very important because of not understanding what it is, you run the risk that your site is rejected. It is very important to also note very well the orientation that you give to your site, you must include it in the category and sub categories requires and is necessary so that you take your time and analysis very well since they leave you rinse which are highly selective and do not accept all sites. Keep in mind that it is very important that you choose the category that most suits the theme of your web site; After registration you should expect that an editor will review your site and this step takes quite some time, so arm yourself with patience it is not an easy process but the wait really worth. It is convenient that after that your site is accepted do not try entering it again in another category if an editor detects it, it’s almost certain that you reject. A fact to keep in mind is that there are categories with PageRank of 8 so a link in Dmoz is certainly advantageous. But as I said the wait is long and can take up to six months. All sites in Spanish are included in any category within World Spanish Bueno, to begin the process of sign high on Dmoz, knowing that it is a long process but that it will indeed be very advantageous for your website already same. Lots of luck!

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Federal District

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Below we list the main procedures to perform a quick divorce. In 2008 entered into force reforms to articles 266 and 267 of the Civil Code for the Federal District, which allow the divorce express or volunteered. The most important points of these reforms are: marriage can be dissolved within a period of 30 days. Either of the spouses may submit your petition for divorce without need to pinpoint the cause for which you want to divorce. This can be done provided that at least one year has elapsed since the celebration of the marriage. Is that married couples who want to start the process of quick divorce in Mexico City must live in that entity, as well as perform the procedure as provided under the Civil Code.

Those who want to promote the judgment of divorce must accompany your request for proposal for divorce. Such a proposal must contain: the designation of the person who will have custody and custody of children minors or disabled persons. The modalities under which the parent who does not have the maintenance and custody, shall exercise the right to visits. With respect for schedules for meals, rest and study of children. The way in which the needs of the children and, where applicable, the spouse, on issues of food, with specification of the form, place and date of payment of obligation to food will be handled.

The designation of the spouse who will stay in the marital home. If spouses celebrated the marriage under the regime of separation of property, compensation to the spouse who, during the marriage, is entitled must be noted devoted to household work and the care of children or who have not purchased own property. Where divorce not arrive at conclusion of agreement, the measures will survive until handed down judgment in interlocutory regarding the legal situation of children or property, as appropriate. If the spouses reach an agreement with respect to the Convention and this does not contravene any statutory provision, the judge will approve of plane and You will Decree divorce by judgment. If it is not, the judge will Decree divorce by judgment and will leave free the right to spouses so that they enforce it on the incidental way. However, and before that nothing is important to look for a lawyer of your trust so that performing the formalities and obtain information more complete and qualified on conditions and procedures for the proper realization of the quick divorce.

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The Message

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You will also need a strong packing tape to be able to close the boxes and they are not opened on the road. You can use unprinted newsprint or bubble plastic for wrapping delicate objects. (3) Use wardrobe boxes. These boxes are ideal for lightweight or bulky items such as comforters, pillows and blankets as well as clothing that you will need more often. You can call taxis or rental of miniwarehouses company to know the dimensions of the boxes. Wardrobe boxes can also be used for storing bulky objects such as rolls of fabric, large baskets or gift paper tubes.

(4) Not too much packaging boxes, since then you can not lift them. Imagine if you empacas a ball from bowling in a small box! (5) A few days before the move seeks to fill some bags with shoes, sweaters, belts and pants. Then fill the bottom of Cabinet with some of the bags boxes. Then hang the clothes that you need in hangers. Don’t forget to cover the clothes that is not dirt or dust from falling you. (6) Appointment of a color for each room. Choose a colour for every room in the new House, it may be yellow for kitchen, Orange for the dining room, etc.

Apply color labels on boxes as they correspond, so you’ll know where put everything when you arrive at your new home. If you want some boxes are stacked in a certain place in your new home, writes in a cardboard of color the message: here please boxes and boxes that you’ve labeled with that color will be put there. (7) Keep the same things together. Preserves books, bulbs, lamps and appliances together leads to avoid losing it. Small or loose parts should not be separated or you suffer an ordeal to find them. Keep most large items in bags with closure and seal them with tape on the bottom and rear.

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Tips For Hiring Your Car

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When it comes to ask ourselves what kind of insurance want to hire for our vehicle, and with which company, first thing we must do is to seek information from as many sources as possible, IE, Internet, insurance, views of family offices and friends the wider our database, more tools will at the time to have the insurance for cars which are more advantageous for our pockets and our own security. After the search, and the choice of the aforesaid contract should take into account a series of guidelines so that no subsequent lamentations. It is important input to read each and every one of the clauses of the policy, including the fine print, because such trivial details are which can subsequently make any incident will become a serious problem. Once obtained the contract, always it is advisable to store it along with the rest of roles of the car such as invoices or special specifications, which are really useful when you have an accident, for example. As already mentioned before, car insurance can hire through Internet or on-site, at any Office of the insurance company. Some see an advantage to doing so through the network because they can do it at your own pace, without pressures or margins of error (because the roles the same customer stuffed them), but it is also true that other many policyholders still prefer not the virtual, and the actual offices because in the first you can always count on an adviser who can assist themso customizing your case.

Thus, when we went for the first time to an insurance office, we have an employee who can detail to maximize coverage, as well as limitations and exclusions to which will be submitted in case of accident. Thanks to this, the client can interact and ask any questions that you may have about the contract, which is much more complicated for Internet, if our questions can not be cleared on the same web page, we will have to resort to a telephone Adviser. In addition, many virtual companies require this last step to be able to close the contract, with which ceases to be exclusively virtual. There is always demand that the surcharges are included will be receivable by the intervention in incidents that occur while that coverage is in force. On the other hand, is one of the indispensable before hiring questions know exactly what kind of compensation shall be taken in the event of total loss, i.e., if the value of the car will be considered as new and will reset by one brand new of the same characteristics, or will be taken with used car value and will be replaced by one similar in the second hand car market; Thus, the compensation will be depending on the age of the car. If we hire an all-risk insurance, we have to include all special accessories and extras so if one gets to an accident are covered. It is clear that depending on the car that we have so it will be the insurance which we contract, as the same is not to seek insurance for an old car, which will have the basic coverages and pretty economical, for a new car and high power, where he would have to hire an all-risk insurance, including each and every one of the accessories, details of vehicle, thus the amount payable would be quite high, especially if the driver has no much experience behind the wheel.

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