Floral Colors

Posted by marmara on March 9, 2018

Today I’ll show some premises so that you have in mind when using colors in presentation of artificial flowers and arrangements to make them move closer as more as possible to reality (which is the first criterion that triggers a sale) If you are thinking in the future as venture. The main advantages that we find in the artificial flower are: is a product that is going to last over time (eternal), easy maintenance in stock. It is a furnishing element that allows at the same time to highlight other products (small furniture, candles, objects of decoration, etc). Artificial flowers are beyond the phenomenon of seesaw of sale according to the season of the year. The colors are classified into 3 categories: primary colors: Blue, yellow and red. The secondary colors, which are obtained by mixing the primaries: purple, green and orange. The tertiary colors are 6 and is obtained by mixing a primary color with a secondary color (see the chromatic wheel). Each of the 3 primary colors are diametrically opposite to a secondary color (for example: blue to Orange, red to green and yellow to violet).

They say that they are complementary colors. RULES to keep in mind: Not never get a harmonious whole if the three primary colors are in a same bouquet of flowers. If you perform a bouquet based on contrasting harmonies, flowers of complementary colors should be used. For example: Red that emerges from a green foliage. To perform a cameo, will have to include a single primary color. Do not disperse the colors in the bouquets, but grouping them. Place the colors darker or more intense in the lower part of the floral arrangement. Indeed, the visual weight of a dark flower is stronger than that of a pale blossom.

KEY words associated with the blue colors: infinite, dynamism, distance, refreshing, rest, rest, air (sky), limpid (sea), they also express confidence, reserve, harmony, affection, friendship, loyalty and love. Associated with yellow, it gives an effect electric, stimulating and associated with white, it gives an impression freshness. Yellow: wealth, joy, positivism, glow, hospitality, heat (Sun). Yellow attracts the gaze, clarifies and aerate any room. Red: excitement, heat, passion, ceremony, pleasure, party, love, romance, fire, prestige. In the world of decoration, red is synonymous with wealth, luxury. An irresistible harmony emerges from the Red associated with white. In association with gold, indicates without a doubt: wealth. ROSA: delicacy, calm, warmth. It is the traditional color of the bedrooms. Green: harmony, balance, elegance, sophistication, refinement, relaxation, represents hope. It is the result of the chord between the blue sky and the Sun. White: purity, freshness, calm. White enhances other colors. It also enlarges the space. Well that is all for now, you’re a person fond of floral arts and you are looking for a way to increase your income, then also in your spare time this is designed for you, and I will help you delve to this floral art for the new millennium.

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