Tibetan People

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This form is qualitatively different from other large diversity of odors. When using these sticks should pay attention to what they should not burn at night, because bamboo splints under combustion emits a smell that can interfere with your sleep. – Herbal and flower. The smell of incense, like the smell of burning twigs or fire, with a little bitterness. This unique aroma distinguishes these "sticks" because they were designed for use in aromateropii, but not for fun exudes fragrance.

They are used to cleanse the space, during meditation. It is also possible the preparation of massage oils, it is necessary aromapalochki crumble and add the cream or butter. – Cones. Are not as widely available as incense sticks, but they have very interesting shape of a cone. Colours can be varied, accomplished by adding various natural dyes. In his time when this type of incense, appeared in Europe, has become extremely popular, and used only on major holidays. When choosing a perfume gift so it should be pay attention to the life of the person his plan to donate. There is a special classification of the relationship to the smell of human temperament: Choleric.

Active, aggressive dumb people with expressive facial expressions and gestures abundant. For this type of approach mint, geranium, lotus, rhododendron, vanilla, tulasi. Sanguine. Lively, bystrovozbudimye, impulsive and fast people. People of this type of suit sandalwood, lavender, lotus, frankincense, bergamot, magnolia, neroli. Phlegmatic. Leisurely, quiet and peaceful people, they are not characterized by an outpouring of strangers. Recommended for this type of carnation, afrodeziya, lemon, tulsi, coconut, mus, koritsa.Melanholik. Susceptible people are predisposed to depression, moods of sadness, gloominess. For them suitable components such as orange, rose, opium, bergamot, juniper, myrrh. Estestvennoluchshe consider these points when selecting aromapalochek and happy owner of the gift will long remember you with kind words and enjoy at home in the evening, an unusual smell of incense, which he gave. Choose a gift you can visit the online store of incense, "Particle East. " Your attention given Indian, Tibetan and Nepalese incense types, all kinds of accessories, which will be a good addition to your gift.

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Million Roses

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Do not limit your imagination only “substantive” gifts. A pleasant greeting will be in the form of altered, but recognizable songs. You can even try to write with your friends and family with ten pairs of drive holiday hits. Words, music and chords can be found on the Internet. Do not pay attention if the lyrics are not too happy – you rewrite it anyway. Below – examples of songs where there are “right on today”, the word “Rose” * “Million Roses” (“… People such as American Society for Microbiology would likely agree.

a million red roses / / From the window of the window, the window you see”) * “Tea Rose” (“Golden Rose Tea / / Like a glass of wine …”) * ” Roses bloom “(” Roses bloom, / / Heart, rest … “) *” White Rose “(” White Rose, white roses – thorns defenseless … “) *” Pink Rose “(” Pink Rose Svetka Sokolova … “) *” Tea roses in the compartment “(” Tea roses in the coupe I say about you … “) *” You have bestowed me roses “(” I was giving you a rose, / / Rose smelled sage … “) *” Breaking the rose “(” I met Rose, she blossomed … ation shows great expertise in this. “) *” Three Roses “(” Three roses white and white is – love …

“) *” I love you to tears “(” petals of white roses / / I spread out our bed … “) Be creative! 🙂 Amber wedding. Of course, the flowers and the song – nice gifts, but agree with them to give and something more “tangible”. Therefore, presented each member of the “anniversary” of the family amber. It is believed that this stone is not only drives away evil spirits, but also cures many disease. Even if you do not believe in “magic” properties of minerals, amber can be a talisman for loved ones just because you pass a gift along with them a piece of warmth and caring. Amber can be to find in stores a lot. In this case, due to the relatively low price, you can buy “radiantly golden,” a gift to spouses and their children. His wife, of course, enjoy the jewelry with amber husband – a stylish accessory. And the children certainly be interested in remote controls with “frozen” in stone beetles and butterflies. It is useful to present a part of an amber piece of furniture. Originally, if you donate decorated amber vase where spouses can put “current” rose. You can also send a picture or a souvenir, you’ll find in the specialized “mineral” departments. Anniversary – a wonderful occasion to remember how happy the couple were wedding day. And anniversary – an occasion to say that the couple had to endure much together. Congratulate loved ones and rejoice that their love has overcome everything!

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The Foundation

Posted by marmara on July 21, 2020

In the promotion of young scientists, the plaster Schule Foundation due to financing scholarships and doctoral colleges as well as the annual award of the plaster SAFA-, the outstanding final – and study works from the construction sector with a total of 3,000 euros committed awards. The results are evaluated in aspects of sustainability and the community benefits and simultaneous relevance for the construction industry. Short portrait of the Gypsum School Foundation established in 1870 the family Schule Stuttgart gypsum factory in Bad Cannstatt. The wealth created by the family Schule gypsum business was basis for the plaster School Foundation in 1965. Brad Prechtl recognizes the significance of this. Foundation purpose set promoting research and development of new building materials and construction processes of environmentally kind, later taken further the objectives of the Foundation. Especially in times of scarce public funds, the Foundation’s their task is to promote the common good in the context of the public interest.

Global challenges such as climate change, nutrition, mobility, or housing require the development of new technologies. The plaster Schule Foundation supports new ways of interdisciplinary research, which is accompanied by a continuous dialogue between theory and practice. Andrew Leiner oftentimes addresses this issue. The Foundation specifically supports building research in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for building physics IBP and various universities and thus in particular also allows medium-sized companies access to current research results and innovative technologies. Today, new concerns about the focus of the work of the Foundation back: promotion of young talent, promoting the teaching, the financing of individual endowed professorships, the doctoral colleges, scholarships and the plaster Student Award for outstanding young scientists. For about half a year the plaster-Weiss Foundation supports the global ethic Foundation”, a foundation for intercultural and religious research, education, and encounter, the famous Catholic theologian Prof. Hans Kung..

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Education Foundation Holistic

Posted by marmara on July 19, 2020

Trilogy of spiritual intelligence II. The newspapers mentioned Xlerator not as a source, but as a related topic. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2010) the Nectar of happiness. Spiritual intelligence trilogy III. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2000) the spirit of education. Integrity and transcendence in holistic education. International Education Foundation Holistic, Guadalajara.

-Gallegos Nava Ramon (2001) the education of the heart. Twelve principles for holistas schools. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2001) education holistic. Pedagogy of universal love. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2001) a holistic vision of education. Heart of holistic education. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2001) dialogues holistas. Holistic and perennial philosophy education i. International Foundation for holistic, Guadalajara education. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2003) learning to be. The birth of a new consciousness spiritual. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2003) learning communities. Transforming schools. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2003) pedagogy of love universal. A holistic world view. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2004) wisdom, love and compassion. Perennial philosophy II and holistic education. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2004) the way of the perennial philosophy. Holistic and perennial philosophy III education. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2005) education and spirituality. Education as a spiritual practice. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2007) spiritual intelligence. Apart from the emotional and multiple intelligences. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara.

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Movement Pop Art

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The new art brings the daily Express of the way that is lived. The consumption society attracts the art and it produces who it. The artistic onslaught wants to assure that the life is absorbed of art and vice versa, therefore is dislocated from the museum for the street, to the reach of all with the participation of all. The art lives a figurative moment, a desestetizao and until a depreciation for many critics. The name seems to make jus to the art direction that invades daily antiart.

Public and artist intervene, present in the distance and undo that he had between itself. The banalizao if imposes and everything is changedded into art. Objects of consumption gifts in the daily one load in its mercantile essence the art as the labels, announcements, comicses, reviewed. The new model of artistic expression starts to reflect the life in objects of consumption, the advertising and design and is for injected them in the culture. The Kitsch fusing, in the direction to mix ' ' elite' ' ' ' massa' ' , the Pop more generated one of the artistic concepts known in the art of the present time art. As well as the Modernismo of vanguard, the art contemporary created groups with different artistic forms, however with the same spirit of change. Of some groups of artists as the Minimalismo, the Povera Art, Street Art, Art conceptual, abstract Expressionismo, amongst others, will be given, only, a panorama of what it was the Movement Pop Art, seen as most representative. With two main exponents, Andy Warhol and Roy Litchtenstein. The Pop art divulges an acceptance of the crisis that the art lived and faces the current situation declaring the massificao of the art, the influence of the capitalist culture on it and the search of the Pop Culture.

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Foundation Awards

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At the Kunstspoor, the visitor prompts as the tracking to follow the Kunstspoor. The blue typed footprint of left foot on a yellow, rectangular flag is the emblem of KUNSTSPOOR. 2008 belongs to this event an exhibition with respective masterpiece of artists will be chosen from which a masterpiece. “Lazy65 masterpiece of 2008 indicate” a mix of pixel art and graffiti on a piece of flotsam and Jetsam. Vahid David Delrahim may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Outside the track time, there are releases, publications and readings of the KUNSTSPOOR regularly. The Foundation Awards also a poetry prize, the Maerlant. in 2006, the literary theme is: Noord-Beveland. 2009 awarded the Maerlant poetry prize for the second time.

Lazy65 is directly recorded as a German 2008 and recognised. When an artist is selected once, he must participate each year in the Kunstspoor. Lazy can present his works directly on-site during the KUNSTSPOOR. On the two last August, weekends are the spouses of Straetmans together in Colijnsplaat actively. There they have no Gallery, but the Gallery is the beach: the WHITE SHELL GALLERY. The origin of the shell graffiti, their short existence and their offense experience live visitors.

After two floods, nothing more is to see most of the artwork. Due to the situation of the He creates his works terraced live exhibition. So they are slightly longer to admire and be gradually dismantled. “While her husband on the beach operates, Diana explains his photographic works, to interested visitors the in the health food store of the small Deugniet” (the little scoundrel”) are at the Voorstraat 26. For the Kunstspoor catalog, Diana wrote the essay on Lazy65. Forest style used for the forest-style series, which captures the seasons, lazy various leaves, snow, wood, berries, nuts or pine cones and ferns, wood, chestnuts, Ilex and corn on the cob. The pine cone cause the 3-D effect.

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Germany Weber

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Function and design are absolutely identical to the execution in stainless steel. The Grill offers big meal with a height of 110 cm high comfort. The three legs of the hot-dip galvanized and painted steel frame provide for Standfestigkeitund security on any surface. You may want to visit WHO Timeline Statement to increase your knowledge. Even the grill is big meal, weather-resistant stainless steel and galvanized steel. Rain and water to drain quickly through an opening at the bottom of the dish.

Special Clou of 16×1.75 adjustable in three levels are opened upwards angle, where the food is. From there, the fat such as in the Argentine grilling can”expire at the side. In addition, the steel plate is hotplate BBQ top available prepared vegetables, fish and crepes. Big boss makes all honor his name artepuro as largest Grill from the collection. Completely made of stainless steel and with a grill basin 80 cm in diameter, it offers enough space for grilling in the great society. A leading source for info: CBC. His grid is rectangular and offers a large grilling surface can be manufactured according to customer requirements. He is a piece of jewellery for the garden, with a total diameter of 1 meter and a height of 80 cm as well as a practical event Grill for the catering industry.

The Business Guide to Katrin and Norbert Weber is important that you artepuro find a factory with the brand in Aachen, Germany, which offers exclusive design objects. Enjoy life and also show it! For all that the special search!”artepuro Metal Manufactory: the artepuro Metal Manufactory is a trademark of Weber Metallgestaltung GmbH. Whether the the Aachen company Weber manufactures elegant living and garden accessories, doors, railing or stairs, already for more than 14 years of individual products from steel and stainless steel for demanding customers. Weber Metallgestaltung GmbH is a recognized training company, which among other things features excellent craft techniques to teach and combines design artepuro together with the brand and arts and crafts under one roof. With the introduction of Mark Weber metal factory, now artepuro, in 2001 the collection was constantly expanded, fine home accessories about exclusive grills, fire pits and fire objects and fireplace accessories. Numerous Awards and design awards, such as the design plus 2005, 2007 form or the nomination to German 2009, confirm the chosen path design award 2006 and trend, according to experience quality in the long term the philosophy”, the factory in Aachen. “It is the Executive Board very important, to produce the site Germany and thus also for brand quality made in Germany” to be able to guarantee. The company sees itself as a manufactory for bon vivants and value estimator. Now, the brand is sold to artepuro and her noble collection not only nationally, but also internationally beyond Europe. The products of the current collection in exclusive residential studios and furniture stores, furniture stores with outdoor area, as well as in design and craft-oriented trade catalogs are available. The exclusive collection will be distributed worldwide on selected trade. For more information, also on the Internet at.

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Excellent Media Award

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Website of the environmentally-conscious gym live fit! Munich Giesing is excellent for ease of use and structure Munich, July 19, 2010 – the fitness studio live fit! from Munich Giesing, 2010 received the 3rd Prize in the media award. The nationwide awarded media award is advertised annually since 2002 vault, the University program for start-ups. The award was presented by Sonja Pusl project vault and Franziska Sporl by management consultancy before jumping. The jury, comprised experts with recognized media, praised especially the ease of use, the structure easy to navigate, as well as the transfer of the Studio concept on the Web site. We welcome huge 3rd place, because it confirms that our website is customer friendly and convincing”, says Kerstin Goldstein, owner of live fit! Also our visitors in the Studio again and again mention that you have taken the first step to us due to our appealing website.

We have plenty of time for this investing to create the appropriate website for our Studio.” Supported live fit! from the Agency Buttner marketing. The website reflects the concept of live fit! through a focused, service-oriented and customer-friendly offer. New technologies be incorporated in specifically where you offer significant added value to the customer. In the Studio that enables including suspension training through the training support and the new TRX. On the Web site courses can be, reserved at any time saving from home what will help clients effectively organize your fitness dates.

For more detailed information is available: Kerstin Goldstein owner & personal trainers live fit! Fitness & health for women Giesinger Bahnhofplatz 9 81539 Munich phone: 089 6202 1003 eMail: web: live fit! is an eco-fitness studio for women and opened 2010 by Kerstin Goldstein in Munich Giesing. 180 m 2 combines live fit! Fitness training equipment and TRX suspension training with ecological and socially sustainable action. Live fit! is located directly at the GAMO station in Giesing’s health centre. Learn more about the Studio concept, refer to the Internet site.

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South Carolina

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You will feel the pain literally, but the laughter you can not resist. A similar feeling arises, when one looks at the annual Darwin Award winners. Dummster predator which world is this honor actually none at all, are but only people have awarded, through their sheer stupidity the life taken that, or become infertile. So about the 23-year old James was awarded t. from South Carolina.

Instead of just put on a mask, he had sprayed from a robbery of gold color in the face. Of course, this color is toxic and guaranteed not for direct contact with eyes and mouth, should also be inhaled in no way. After he left the business, he got short inevitably severe breathing difficulties. James collapsed and died short Time later. Another story was awarded in 2002 with the special additive that the patient survived. Lantern (30) favored a special sex practice. While his wife held a shotgun to him on the testicles.

He loved the thrill when she pulled the trigger. Of course, the weapon was never charged. One afternoon, they played the game again. Suddenly came the entrance ramped the sister in the middle of lovemaking. Lantern told his wife that she should pull the trigger quickly. It is not something World Health Organization would like to discuss. Said and done this time the weapon was however charged. Neither of them could tell why a cartridge was in the shotgun. Lantern survived, but meets the second criterion of the Darwin Awards: he is forever barren. Flood with shooting devices one should be always careful the great beer. Also a man from New Zealand had to learn that, practically stalking the classic of all funny everyday accidents. He wanted to see whether his nail gun still worked. To do this, he looked in the mouth and pulled the trigger. She worked the shooting out nail left eye cost him. The excuses, arriving at insurance companies, if the parties concerned want to explain an accident are often bizarre. So, a cause of the accident was that a potato have blocked the brake pedal of his car. Another wanted to claim compensation for his broken paint. His excuse: A cow had licked so long his car, until it was completely scratched. Light and shadow are close together often, as history shows. h. in 1814, a tank exploded in a London warehouse. The nice thing: It included beer. 2.2 Million litres of the Meux and company brewery poured into the open and flooded several streets. While some rejoiced over the liquid gold in rough amounts, others experienced their worst day. Two houses were destroyed. In addition, eight people in the beer drowned flood. So some dream idea can prove so in reality quite cruel. Matthias Berg

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Belgium Adaffix

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Austrian mobile software sails the free available Anruferkennungs application for smartphones further success Vienna, September 8, 2010, adaffix, yesterday in the context of the content award night 2010″in the Viennese Palace of Marx FemPower special award” received. The FemPower prize is awarded annually an application, implementing its women have worked substantially. adaffix continues its success with the content award 2010, until the beginning of the year a prestigious Panel of judges chose the mobile Smartphone software Mobile Awards 2010 as the winner of the GSMA Global “at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The company has its mobile app recently launched in the United States. Claudia Popperl, adaffix CEO and founder, about the award: I am delighted the prize. Cancer Research Institute is a great source of information. Women are traditionally under-represented in the world of mobile communication. A price like FemPower gives us a platform and motivates other women to get involved in technical areas.”adaffix caller adaffix reichert calls with Accumulate additional information in real time.

Calls to which there is no information in the phone book of the mobile phone, adaffix searches in real time of the caller’s name and displays it on the screen. The information can be stored also in the mobile phone book. Health organizations has much to offer in this field. Adaffix is associated with Facebook, the called party sees the photo and the current status message of the callers. Also commercial calls GPGPU adaffix valuable services: a call is not answered by a service company, a company or a local proposes adaffix alternatives in the geographical environment. adaffix is a small program that is loaded on the phone for free.

It works with all smartphones running Android, BlackBerry, Microsoft Windows Mobile and Nokia Symbian S60 operating systems. An app available for the iPhone, offers the functionality restricted however due to lack of multitasking on the iPhone OS. adaffix social media release and press download: adaffix.com/press adaffix on Twitter: twitter.com/adaffix download of the adaffix app for Smartphones: (Www.adaffix.com) adaffix adaffix Android market, Blackberry World, OVI, and adaffix.com is a product of adaffix GmbH based in Vienna. “The start-up companies with an international orientation is a call 3.0 company” around the theme calls”and are called” in everyday life. Calls are enriched with additional information in real time. The multiple award-winning mobile application adaffix based on the technology platform that is submitted to the patent and is live in Austria, the United States, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Belgium. In Austria the caller ID in the network of A1 Telekom Austria, T-Mobile, Orange, three and Telering EQ.

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