MANA Foundation

Posted by marmara on July 31, 2015

Months ago, I was invited to share with the elderly of the MANA Foundation project. I should give a small talk to these gentlemen and I wondered what he could teach a youngster like me. The experience of that day was wonderful, because although I couldn’t share any lesson, I myself got more than one, and one of those lessons I want to share in this installment of live excellence. As I said my mom. Now imagine, dear reader or reader, this scene: in the midst of my dissertation, and to make it more enjoyable, start asking the Lords about your experiences. They begin to open, no longer see me as a strange boy, but as someone that you want to learn (and that he wanted to go!) and some of them tell me in short words how they have had to face your fears, take advantage of opportunities or fabricate them if needed. Among them there is one, with about sixty-eight years, which informs me that many of the things he learned in life, learned them observing and testing, because God gave him the ability to see and learn.

And then tells me: one day came a few engineers at the factory where I worked to find someone who embobinara engines. I had learned to do so and had my pregnant wife, needed some stronger money input and they offered it. Factory nobody dared, but instances of some friends I I approached one of the engineers and I told him that I could go with them, but not immediately, but at that date (which was when began my vacation). The appointed day arrived at my new job and I saw a fairly large amount of engines with which to work. At first I thought it was too, but then I remembered what my mom said: tremble skeleton, but forward. So I put hands to work and in a short time was ending with that task. Not, I returned to my old job. And when my work was little, I hit to engineers and other employees of my new work, for routes where they attended another type of machinery, which I also learned to work I.

Imagine that for fear I would have not accepted test in the new job I said finishing his story, how would have sustained my family that was growing? Although you tremble. What a history! The lesson I learned was far more valuable than I could have imagined.Tremble skeleton, but forward! Yes, we often feel afraid to embark on the path of our dreams, because they seem to be wacky, because nobody understands them and look at us as rare bugs. But what does it matter?It is better to move forward, though trembling, that sit idly by without doing anything in life and die angry because other (fools who dared to dream) saw better fortune. What we now do we? We will move forward, although sometimes the gray clouds of adversity make us tremble?Remember that you and I have the privilege to dream and follow our dreams, don’t let anyone or anything prevent you reach your maximum potential. Go ahead and live excellence.

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Alice Hospital Foundation

Posted by marmara on July 26, 2015

Rollout: Alice hospital in Darmstadt – service redefined Berlin, 16.08.2012 – August 2012 Darmstadt through digital patients and visitors of the Alice hospital the multifunctional 3D-Wegleit-and information system Guide3D to all important destinations. Get more background information with materials from David Bershad. The orientation on the complex terrain ensures user-friendly so locally, on the Internet and on any mobile device. Manfred Fleck, public relations/marketing of the Alice Hospital Foundation the modern 3D-Informationssystem enhances the quality of our service at the highest level. It designed from the outset as pleasant as possible. the stay of our over 100,000 patients and visitors” Features and benefits at the main entrance of the Alice Hospital welcomes the visitors a touch-enabled kiosk system with a large 3D-Gelandeubersicht, a choice of 12 languages, and the ability to activate the mode of barrier-free navigation, stairs in the way management to avoid. In urgent cases, such as during emergencies, the quick links allow promptly and accurately to the Pictures to arrive.

In two search groups are physicians and destinations A-Z”listenhaft listed. Narrows the sophisticated search function not only targets, letters and sequences are highlighted – the user finds the “CPU, chest pain unit” or also the “surgery” for example by typing “Ch”. Intelligent representation of the 3D-Wegleitsystem shows the way to 181 destinations as three dimensional top view (bird’s eye) of five starting points and provides information about distance and duration. The guidance takes place within the main buildings (indoor), as well as on the hospital premises (outdoor). Before the actual navigation begins, will be highlighted in an overview of the target building, then captured the main perspective of the routing. The dynamic behavior of the camera optimizes the representation presenting the navigation with a higher speed and a larger field of view in the outdoor area. Indoor is zoomed to a few meters up and the playback speed, reduced to read including the room numbers.

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Contextual Advertising

Posted by marmara on July 23, 2015

Any basic language search engine (PS) includes a search string. In addition, all the popular search engines, in addition, the search string, include block content. Context online advertising visible to the right of the results of the substantive issue. Distributed by the 4 main systems context in Ukraine and Russia: the context from Google, Yandex (Direct), Runner and Meta-Context (Meta is Ukrainian). Contextual advertising – it's pretty powerful tool when there is a desire to quickly get the revenue, to sell any product or tell consumers about future discounts. It is natural for the almost immediate result will have to pay more money here why contextual advertising site is estimated more search engine promotion. "Sweet spot" in the context of any system of advertising there is a "sweet spot" – over the issue. With this placement, contextual ads on 90% blends with issuance of a search engine.

All the ads from this place, among other things marked light yellow color. To hit the top position your online resource that is similar, as well as your advertising messages should not contrary to a number of criteria, the uniqueness of the text to website usability. Agency Services Do you have two ways of communication with contextual online advertising – do it alone or give up all the advertising agency. The last option would be more efficient, since the expert knows all the complexity of the system and will take only a modest percentage of the provision of services. In drawing up the campaign for an advertising agency, you are likely, see:-schedule creation content advertising campaign, a list of search queries that will be visible to your texts;-list your site and where to come, users who click on advertising text. -Approximate budget advertising campaign, advertising announcements for the systems context, Google, Yandex (Direct), Runner and Meta-Context and its registration in these systems, the approximate-value target, ie Your ad text will be shown in set time and a given region (the installation target does not interfere, do not refuse), a clear monitoring sites of competitors and transitions to your site, are different reports that present performance of specialist. How much is a Contextual Advertising Campaigns nonweak distinct in many ways, from the age of potential buyers and ending with an experienced specialist. Consequently, the cost of content described as very difficult. It all depends on your desires and capabilities. Also, specialists take from 15 to 60% of the money for his work in context.

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Hope Supports Foundation

Posted by marmara on July 23, 2015

Donations settle payments Mannheim about Trustees, January 22, 2010. The Foundation help and hope worldwide helps children in emergency situations. iClear (, the fiduciary payment providers on the Internet handles from immediately the payment of donations for the charity over the Internet. His service provides free iclear. “The Foundation help and hope” 2005 ( was launched by entrepreneurs in the life to help children in emergency situations around the world. Always the idea to build a protective roof for children and young people, it is a school, a hospital, an orphanage or a care facility for children from deprived families is at the heart of the relief work.

The Foundation is supported by Verona Pooth, among others. It under the patronage of the Foundation’s own House of the future “in Dortmund Scharnhorst took over. Beginning of 2009 has Kai-Uwe Lindloff, the former Chairman and CEO of the Arche e.V. “, Chairman of the Board at” help and hope”taken over. “Roman Eiber, iclear Managing Director: we are the work of people at ‘ help and hope very impressed and want our part to help as many donations go up to promote the projects of the Foundation.” For this reason has to iclear now in the crowd of supporters queued.

Donation payments to the Foundation can now via the Internet through the fiduciary payment provider unwind. iClear secures also the payment via Visa/Master card and online transfers such as giropay in addition to all standard Bank pay by. Of course iclear provides its service for this charity free of charge. The online payment provider works by the way since mid-2008 with the WestLB together, wor also the donations by help and hope”Wirt led. Kai-Uwe Lindloff: We look forward to us iclear as welcome new partner of the Foundation and are very pleased that iclear online donation on our website makes possible. is iclear for ten years has been working in the field of online payments and stands for secure transactions on the Internet. The payment is handled via an escrow account and is of course free and secure for our donors. We look forward to a good cooperation with our new partner.” Iclear ( The Internet billing system, which protects buyers and sellers alike from unpleasant surprises at the online trade and supports the comfortable processing of order and payment process is iclear. With your iclear trust system buyers in the Internet can pay simply, conveniently, safely and at no additional cost. iClear this mediates between the parties involved, secure processing ensures a transparent and for both sides. It as confidence in online trading and payment via the Internet. In addition to the usual Bank pay by accepted iclear also the billing via Visa, master card and online payment procedure as giropay and directebanking. Other relevant market acceptance Payment options through the unique trust system handled.

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Foundation Carlos Gomes

Posted by marmara on July 21, 2015

(Porfrio Lazarini, Annex -) the musical experience lived by the Lazarini brothers in the decades of 70 and 80 was basic for the implantation of a Band of Music in the City, therefore it was in its as mandate, in 1997, that Antonio Lazarini together with the Secretary of Education at the time Elvira Comerlato, had had the initiative to become reality the implantation. Then the Mayor desired to mount a band to the molds of that its father, Mr. Jose Lazarini participated in Dracena? SP, that is, a center of musical convivncia where young seusestudos musical comedies by means of blow instruments would exercise what it could also help in the development of the city. The first initiative was to make an accord with the Foundation Carlos Gomes de Belm of Par, that offered instruments and indicated Professor Flvio Jardilino to give the first lessons of music in the city of Uruar. 4. THE MUNICIPAL BAND DIEGO YOU QUOTE OF 4,1 MORAES INSTITUTION SALLES (1985) affirms that the majority of the conservatories traditionally, destines it the education of the piano, of it sings and the violin the music band, becomes, the school of music of the people. The main test of that is the colonial period, when the Jesuits used themselves of small instrumental groups, in order to educate the indians religiously.

Of these groups the band of music in the current model appeared. In Uruar, as well as the experience of musical education by means of music band did not exist conservatory, appears with the Professor indicated for the Foundation Carlos Gomes, Flvio Jardilino, natural of the Cear, that gave to the first lessons of flute and instruments of blow. In the year of 1998 the pupils of the regular schools of Uruar had been invited for lessons of music with initiation in flute candy. As in the city not yet it had a space for these lessons, the first ones had been given in the Educational Institute of Uruar and later in the Melvin School Jones.

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Interest Rates

Posted by marmara on July 19, 2015

Despite early repayment penalty a debt restructuring with extremely low interest rates can save you money. Historically low interest rates invite to make a loan. As consumer credit to purchase now but a new car, unless to realize finally the dream of homeownership. The interest level is currently at a level that investors at the last issue of federal securities accepted even a negative interest rate. On the other hand, borrowers look, whose liabilities are from times of higher interest rates envy on those who can finance today to the current terms and conditions. Nevertheless, these people are not the idle be forced. May a debt restructuring is a solution, press, perhaps even from the days of double-digit interest on loan financing at the cost side. More and more rates loans are equipped with maturities of more than six years.

Debt restructuring can be interesting not only for property owners with very long maturities, but also for borrowers with pure consumer loans. Before a Restructuring into consideration can be considered, but only to clarify the costs are. Borrowers need to know three things before a meaningful comparison could be made to the operator of the portal web, Martin Brotzler. A the remaining debt is a factor of course, beyond the possible compensation and the cumulative for the remainder, yet due interest. These three pieces of information received from their currently financing Bank borrowers, so the credit specialist from the district Waiblingen.

The compensation is by no means set in stone, but also the negotiator of the borrower. In the calculation, whether a new valuation of the loan makes sense, every loan comparison calculator on the Internet can be used. It is important that the consumer the compensation and any costs for mortgage cancellation and new entry of the existing residual debt to expects. The term must be for a direct comparison to the current residual maturity the loan is to be adjusted. The compensation is omitted, should allow wholly or in part the current loan special redemptions. Before borrowers on laborious way to alternative financing, loan comparison calculator are a more pleasant alternative on the Internet. The request for quotation is done in a few seconds and has no effect on the Schufa. Borrowers who want to refinance a traditional installment loan, are well advised to answer the question according to the intended use. The comparison calculator search engines consider this information when choosing the provider. Often have special banks for certain purposes, such as vehicle financing, special conditions. This would not apply if no purpose is named. Yes, the request may result in according to the amount of the remaining debt and a possible compensation to do so already that the current financing institution by itself submitted a proposal for a debt at more favorable terms. A comparison on the Internet is definitely not redundant, but can be used also to the discussion with the Bank.

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Private Health Insurance

Posted by marmara on July 7, 2015

Benefits of private health insurance for civil servants because officials are not subject to social insurance contribution, there are free to switch to private health insurance. A great advantage of the PKV for civil servants is that they may aid and thus receive aid from their employers. Aid can be more or less compared with the employer’s contribution to the health insurance except that the ABG is significantly lower. In addition, family members such as children and the spouse can benefit from the aid and also claim them, however only, if private health insurance is available. Benefits of a PKV for civil servants the private health insurance benefits also in terms of services significantly more voluntary health insurance in a legal Fund. So can choose officials from a long list of services that can put them together depending on the need in an own tariff.

These include services in the areas of outpatient, inpatient and dental care. In addition, the car offers especially better earners the option to insure so-called Premiumleistungen. This includes for example a single room in the hospital, the Chief doctor treatment or a full reimbursement for the treatment by a practitioner. Especially a look at the tests to the PKV is test winner in the health insurance choice keep in mind to find the best private health insurance as a civil servant. In the private health insurance test Stiftung Warentest rates for civil servants under the microscope are, for example, regularly taken. Then, a winner is chosen, which then one year may advertise with this title. Just the test winners are ones that bring a lot of interest among consumers. Many consumers trust also the judgment of the Stiftung Warentest has done already several hundred product tests with over 50 years experience and is considered one of the most experienced companies in this area.

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Business Administration

Posted by marmara on July 7, 2015

The author Jeremy Hope, Robin Fraser company, illustrates a curious theory that at least makes us think those who usually work with budgets that are many. Jeremy Hope has several books on the subject, the basic idea is that the annual budget, as is often encountered in many companies, represents a huge commitment of time, it provides little, is often outdated before you start, as happened to the State Budget in Spain, “and also prevents a rapid response to environmental changes. Moreover, in some cases, focus on a set budget is to get a lower yield. In this regard, I remember reading that when NASA set a goal to which man reaches the moon a “without going far in the debate of whether it was true or not, he could get because that goal was set so high ( not only in physical height, at that time seemed very far technically speaking). And if he had set a target retail I had also achieved, but to reach the Moon still thinks it is impossible. Therefore, in many cases the setting of targets is a limitation because there is no attempt to go beyond establishing a kind of mental ancla as shown in various studies. For example, if I ask how many people is the capital of India, New Delhi (regardless of its metropolitan area): Five to ten million. Between ten and fifteen million.

More than fifteen million. Each will have an idea of how many people have this populous Indian city. If you then ask each specifying how many think you have, I’ll have some figures, but it is unlikely that anyone near the answer. According to wikipedia, in 2006, the population of New Delhi is dea 321 883 inhabitants, well, I do not need any figure!, Another thing is the population of the metropolitan area of Delhi, which has 1483 square kilometers and about fifteen million inhabitants. Returning the book, the authors propose an adaptive management promotes a very horizontal structure in which executives define strategic objectives and medium term goals, and dealing with the frontline workers seek the best options to maximize value. But middle managers and unskilled workers have some freedom to do it their way. Moreover, instead of setting targets in advance, making comparisons between different business units (eg between different chain stores, among different geographical areas), with competition and with the previous year.

With this triple comparative gets better assess the competitive drive change significantly if market conditions a “for example, sets a 10% growth for the unit, and grows by 12%, it would seem that it’s okay, but if the whole market, or other units, have grown by 30%, and I would not be much. They also stress management by exception, ie, analyze the tendency to try observe any unusual variation that may reflect changes in customers, competition or the company itself. It is therefore a highly recommended book for managers, finance directors and generally for anyone who deals with budgets.

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