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Art – loose concept. It includes sculpture, architecture, painting and even religion. So it really? The full information can be found here. Art – a kind of human activity, expressed in various artistic and imaginative forms of representation of reality. To art, all forms of artistic creativity: literature, architecture, sculpture, painting, drawing, arts and crafts, dance and music, theater and kino. consider art as a form of social consciousness, the kind of spiritual and practical assimilation of the world as an organic unity of creation, cognition, evaluation, and human communication in a narrow sense – visual art, a high degree of skill and mastery in any field of human deyatelnosti.Iskusstvo – this ministry and joy. Serving the artist, the creative arts, creating a sensual image for the In order to recruit us into their inner world, in that part of the microcosm of the human soul which can not disclose everything, and just ready for this people. The joy of the artist from the fact that he has created for us in his work a new way of life, and gave us, behold, this undeserved joy Art – is a joy Accessible not to everyone, and humanity in our time, people do not seek it.

Joy can be born only out of suffering and overcoming. Art – this ministry, which is a state of mind the artist when it serves its natural purpose – freely, joyfully and enthusiastically, not because of the order of the employer, but only because the Spirit, Higher Power gave him inspiration, over which he has no power and so cherishes them, because without him, without inspiration is not possible to do in this bustling world. To date, created more new directions in art, such as kinetic art. As written on the – kinetic art (from gr. kinetikos – setting in motion) – During the current art related to the mass use of movable devices, and other elements of the dynamics. Kineticism as an independent field formed in the second half of 1950, but it was preceded by the formation of dynamic plastic samples in the Russian Constructivism (V.

Tatlin, K. Melnikov, Alexander ), Dada. At the time, folk art showed us examples of moving objects and toys, just like those wooden bird of happiness from the region, mechanical toys, replicas of work processes from the village of Bogorodskoye, etc. In the kinetic art movement is realized in different ways – some works are transformed by the audience, while others – the vibrations of air, while others are driven by a motor or electromagnetic forces. Immense variety materials – from traditional to of sophisticated technical equipment, up to computers and lasers. Not uncommon in kinetic installations used a mirror. Often, the illusion of movement created by changing light – here Kineticism merges with op-art. Kineticism techniques are widely used for exhibitions, fairs, discos, the design of squares, parks, public interiors. Kineticism extends to the synthesis of art: moving object in space may be supplemented by the effects of lighting, sound, light-music, movies, etc.

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Trailer with Alexander Tchigir at the North Sea water polo School Cup Cologne, October 24, 2011 this man run out of steam just never goes out and certainly not, when it comes to water polo and the offspring. World goalkeeper Alex Tchigir (42) secured the EM-ticket (until 29 January 16 in Eindhoven) with the water polo team Germany recently confidently and made as the next step towards Olympics 2012 in London. The big goal before eyes and still a huge heart for children, well thats Alex Tchigir. The children tournament of the North Sea, water polo school cups is the goalkeeper Titan now avid regular and biggest fan. He attended three events across through Germany. At the tournament in Wuppertal Tchigir picked personally a small fan in advance from home and gave him a private training session.

For the Tot a memorable experience for Tchigir of course. The keeper: I have children and love working with children. It’s great to see how excited they are by the sport and I wish with all my heart that many of them long water polo stay true me.” With voltage reason students are looking forward to water polo School Cups the NRW-finale of the North Sea (probably on November 17 in Dusseldorf). Here is what junior team from the State front has the nose and absorbed in the Germany finals seen. “Even entrepreneurs and initiator Heiner Kamps (North Sea) is looking forward to the next event: I myself started early with water polo and am very happy about how much fun have the children of the movement in the water and with the ball”. Alex Tchigir, the water polo team Germany and sponsor North Sea big goals in mind, the smallest in the heart! On the homepage of the North Sea water polo school cups, there is more information: for the movie with Alexander Tchigir to enter via the following link:…

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Explore Creativity

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You promote your creativity with paint-by-numbers and own pictures learn to paint in almost every one of us is the desire to paint a perfect picture once in life. But unfortunately it is not each of us given to conduct that a true masterpiece is revealed at the end of the brush. It is not so hard to get a perfect image to paper. It uses just templates, manufactured as in the diverse and colorful world of paint-by-numbers can be found. The construction is very simple! Chose your favorite motifs one, it can even go. To see one, depending on the contents, white small, medium-sized or large canvas, with a motif on it.

This in turn is equipped with different numbers. It is them have failed to certainly the numbers in a variety of places on the unfinished picture to repeat. Now it goes to the painting. We devote ourselves to the colors. These are also provided with numbers, if you look closely, we learned quickly, that is these numbers with those of the Cover template. Now begin painting. After the paper is filled with colorful patches of colour. At the end keep their first auto painting in hand! Isn’t that great? But what motives, there to where to buy? Paint-by-numbers is waiting with a huge selection of the best designs.

You like it rather romantic, you access images to beautiful sunsets, to snow-covered mountains, children playing in the meadows, or magical fairies. Such a motive own itself particularly well, a pleasure to his most beloved Christmas or birthday, to prepare. For the animal lovers among us, own are templates dealing solely with the beautiful theme of wildlife. There’s bears which are frolicking under a tree, or elephant caravans, which roams the Savannah, Zebra, who make up at a watering hole for their long journey in fertile plains, or but animal babies who play in the Sun. But also the Motorsportbegeisterten, not to be neglected. How about for once having a car they can hang in the work room, but a bike that adorns the garage? You will see in the handicraft shop in its vicinity or in well assorted toy shops you will find a variety of it certainly can take a while, until you find your own favourite motif.

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Early Childhood Experiences

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The first years of his life marked by fire its existence, due to sudden changes and were experienced as slapping, as followed, which did not give him time to recover, when they came the next. It was torn from his homeland, his paradise, without explanation, to lead a difficult life, violent, and full of unmet needs. Such was his rebellion, he was about to fall into the abyss of crime, where it is impossible to succeed. A phrase heard in passing struck a chord in his being: "Look, children like this are future criminals," as if an angel had come to shake him by the shoulders, saying, reacts, you're falling into a dark hole! He had always looked for light, life, nature, good God, and was not willing to follow a path that will lead to a lack of that, as yet, no strong guidance and example, it was proposed choose only those actions that serve to progress. Just got to study, work and raise a family, but he could never back to your paradise, indeed, his paradise was gone, but in their memories. This reality, plus the stress of modern life, and the weariness of the years, led him to have to walk in clinics and hospitals seeking the lost balance. The wheels of the chair turned cold quickly through hallways, dodging hurried steps and crossed stretchers, waiting to be moved to apply X-rays or ultrasound waves in an atmosphere imbued with an indecipherable mix of drugs and antiseptics. Suddenly, a flash invisible to insensitive, produced a flash at the crossing of two lives, one ended and another began. The chair he came across the table from his past, a table too large for her bare-chested boy with short pants and bloody face covered with his own shirt, a sure sign of the absence of life. Many times her mother had thought so, had no news for several days, until they appeared to get a reprimand. Thereafter, gradually restoring its balance and was able to live fully in the paradise that his positive energy helped to design.

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