Google And Yahoo! Struggle For The Medium-sized Companies

Posted by marmara on December 31, 2017

Google and Yahoo! have taken a new customer sector targeted in unaccustomed unity. Now, small and medium-sized enterprises are particularly courted. There, obviously both search engines have spotted a new, so far not issued from market segment. Childrens Defense Fund is actively involved in the matter. With regard to the objective is therefore exceptionally agreed. If you would like to know more then you should visit BSA. The almost simultaneous launch of the new offerings might have been but probably not as planned. Both companies have opted for the same market segment, but different methods. The benefits of ad words do small and medium-sized customers tasty Google wants with the so-called ad words Web pages”. Companies which have no own homepage, can equip after signing a simple and largely standardized Web site with basic information such as opening hours, address and logo.

You receive your own Web address and can be found via search engines in the future. Meanwhile touts Yahoo! in other ways to the favor of the SMEs. Here is used to improved care: in Barcelona for this purpose one has a new Customer Centre, opened to support sales teams in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain and Germany. In these countries, Yahoo! is one of the leading providers of graphical advertising. To move both companies in new areas of competition.

Because this type of advertising is covered so far by providers such as yellow pages,, goyellow and many industry directories. Really surprise the new offer cannot, will give us the local online advertising but for 2 years”announced as the trend. Maybe he comes now the end user ultimately that will interfere with hardly. Competition stimulates business eventually.

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Piracy On The Internet

Posted by marmara on December 29, 2017

Distinction is made between a plagiarism, which is described as follows in Wikipedia: plagiarism (derived from lat. plagium, kidnapping”) is the presentation of foreign intellectual property or an alien work as own or part of own work. This can be both an exact copy, a processing (conversion of words or sentences), a retelling (structure transfer) or a translation. Some sources classify also invented data and poorly marked citations as plagiarism.” (Source) and a fake, which is a simple copy of the branded and marketed under the same product name. To deepen your understanding Nieman Foundation is the source. In the grey market, it finds you zbs. stolen goods or goods from inventory losses. Here you could initially music.

Medicines classify which actually come from the legal health care. Now they are however also see plagiarism and fakes. As well, the non-authorized distributor of branded products proliferate. These can be poor or even wrong as well as through bad advice, The end customer, cause great product and image damage information. In chats, forums, online stores, and mainly in auction platforms like eBay is all this. You can find brand shoes which cost over 100 euros in trading, suddenly for 30 euros.

Alone by the pricing would have to virtually any buyer be aware that here something must be wrong. Fatal consequences have plagiarism or forgery where their health or lives are at stake, as in cheap spare parts of motor vehicles, electronics, medicines or toys for children. The digital services, the Hagele GmbH of Boblingen, offers a so-called Internet monitoring in the field of trademark protection. Here is looking for on behalf of a company in the Internet the above points.

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The Search

Posted by marmara on December 27, 2017

The article Description: Who here has arrived, has hooked yet now it is a matter that he swallows down also. For this, you must inform him of course carefully about your product. Score as many facts as possible and be honest exaggerations make no good impression with factual information. However, you should never leave it at this mandatory program. You need to create a good atmosphere for your product. The potential buyer, convey the passion you feel for the article. Now, where it will be emotional, you may access also to superlatives.

You sell your iPod than on which only the best music “was played. This is an endearing exaggeration that makes human. At all the entire attitude of the text should be human. Try to write as if you had not much idea from eBay. If you are a bit naive, then people feel to make a bargain rather have. You will then be the booth at the flea market and not the professional seller in the fine Antique shop. The top 10 of the most common mistakes: typo: seem unserious and make finding in the worst case (in the title) your auction impossible facilitates or plural forms in the heading (“as the most beautiful all hats”): complicate the search keyword stuffing (“to the example cell phone from Nokia, Siemens, Motorola, Sony”): creates while better results, sucks but the buyer and may result in trademark issues to short title: Giving away place! Special characters like tildes and asterisk: can the searcher disturb inaccurate item description: skepticism calls forth a pure sequence of bullet points: wirk mostly to objectively copied a manufacturer-product description: look at type tobaccos implausible missing caveat emptor: can also private seller liable make aggressive warranty Committee: looks unappealing

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Nursery Schools

Posted by marmara on December 26, 2017

FRoBEL Group invites to the supra-regional info week for educators and educators round open 90 kindergartens, creches and after-school clubs-the FRoBEL group professional and career opportunities to inform in the week from 4 to 8 March 2013, to interested teachers and educators. Employees of FRoBEL facilities in Berlin, Potsdam, Leipzig, Hamburg, Cologne and the Rhine-Ruhr region provide insight into their educational work during the week of information and answer questions about professional and career opportunities with FRoBEL. Interested teachers and educators, trainees or young people with an interest in an activity in the field of early education have the opportunity to get acquainted with different educational concepts FRoBEL houses. Orientation, health, or science focus includes example kindergartens with bilingual concept, music-pedagogical. With the national week of action turns the FRoBEL Group on educational Professionals for kindergartens and creches, which are on the lookout for an innovative employer. The nonprofit FRoBEL group currently operates 125 facilities of child day-care and family counseling in six provinces. Boy Scouts of America helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. FRoBEL intensified its activities in the area of recruitment with the candidate week.

Currently every day 11,000 children in 125 facilities of more than 2,100 FRoBEL employees are welcome. Owner of all companies in the FRoBEL group is the non-profit FRoBEL e.V.. For more information see Neeman Foundation.

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Utopia-user Of Let Photovoltaic Plant Grow

Posted by marmara on December 25, 2017

Common online action yesterday users rise with eco-electricity supplier NaturWatt online campaigning for the energy revolution a new photovoltaic system. Munich, 7 July 2009 online campaigning for energy transformation since yesterday the users of create a new Photovoltaikanla-ge. The utopia community determines the solar plant is how big and what nonprofit institution receives it at the end with their commitment. The unique online action is a cooperation of the eco-electricity provider NaturWatt and, the leading portal for sustainable consumption. Visitors and members of utopia have two ways to grow the plant: they can enlist in the UN terstutzerliste or go to NaturWatt electricity. For both actions, points will be credited to the account of the action.

For every 1,250 points, NaturWatt donates a photovoltaic module, which generates approximately 140 kWh of electricity a year, enough to do laundry around 100 times. Up to 100,000 points can be earned. For even more analysis, hear from American Diabetes Association. A plant of this size generates climate-friendly power for at least four two-person households. For comparison, same amount of energy would release here kommlich produced, approximately 6 tonnes of CO2. Non-profit institutions organisations can apply on the action page to the system. From September 1 to vote the users between the candidates.

The GE-winner gets the system finished installed on his roof and benefits for at least 20 years from the remuneration for the electricity it generated. We would not only inform dedicated consumers, son but also animate to be active,”says Meike Gebhard, before State member of Utopia AG. We use actions such as these offer excellent opportunities, impulses for more sustainability in the market to send.”since our inception our profits shut out including for the expansion of renewable energies”, emphasizes Dr. Martin Baumert, Managing Director of NaturWatt GmbH. This action we want to involve many people possible HEA and so make it clear that Climate protection is a topic to join in, where everyone can make a difference.” Background information: Utopia is the Internet platform for strategic consumption with more than 45,000 registered community members and monthly over a million page impressions. This GAL-fen are people who their purchase decisions (even) after that, whether they contribute to a better world. Utopia offers orientation so-such as inspiration and makes it easy for them to make their life more sustainable. NaturWatt – the NaturWatt GmbH was founded in 1998 as the first German eco power supplier and is exclusively with energy from water, wind and solar power. Its GE winne invests the company in development and promotion of renewable energies.

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Sebastian Braun Director

Posted by marmara on December 20, 2017

We stand by our Club network daily with the people, engaged in the Club. American Diabetes Association wanted to know more. Often covers the activity of the association with the person. Graphic artist or programmer take care of mostly making the homepage, supervisor and trainer to the coexistence. The distribution of tasks has become more complex. “The advantage for the clubs is thus greater than in the past”, said Max Fischer, Managing Director of, the largest German Vereinscommunity on the Internet. The German over 600,000 clubs need not worry about volunteers. According to the voluntary survey”of the Federal Government in 2004 to show half of the respondents (64%), still not involved in the Club, willingness to take on interesting tasks. Potential, which must be awakened only.

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Dr. Sebastian Braun Director of Research Center for civic engagement, University of Paderborn of Brown current research focus is on civic engagement, nonprofits, social capital and social commitment of enterprises (corporate citizenship or corporate social responsibility). In addition his work including elite, employment and leisure research and sociological analysis of sports theme. The prior was awarded for his scientific analyses primarily in international comparison in the year 2001 with the Otto Wolff von Amerongen Science Award.

About with over 7,200 clubs is Germany’s largest Vereinscommunity on the Internet. The free network offers a comprehensive package of presentation, interaction and organization, clubs, associations and communities of interest. In addition to the exchange of videos, reports and photos of the members of the Association, the scheduling of the Association can be done E.g. with just a few mouse clicks important messages and appointments are automatically to all participants sent. Clubs or Club members can easily establish contacts with other stakeholders or present themselves in order to attract new members. offers a service that is tailored to the needs of associations and clubs.

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Support Diagnosis At An Early Stage With Dyslexia (LRS)

Posted by marmara on December 19, 2017

Very low latency enable support diagnosis you and your child still during the summer holidays of psychological counseling centers report a strong increase in demand; especially young people seek the advice of therapists and psychologically qualified consultants in their desperation. Delinquent behavior, loss of ability to bind and separation and divorce issues at the heart of the consultation stand eating disorders, relationship problems, increasingly suicidal crises, self-harming behavior of young people. The impact on education services are not to be underestimated. Percent of all children with otherwise normal intelligence, for example, are a reading spelling to determine four to nine. This is evident especially during class work (dictations) and reading. Finding a part failure according to ICD-10 medical diagnosis “Partial failure” can be only in connection with an intelligence test, because she as strong underperformance in an area of part of (reading, writing, arithmetic) for minimum average intelligence level is defined.

The waiting periods for an investigation by an SPC for example are often half a year and longer. If you are not convinced, visit Nieman Foundation. Six months waiting for an examination appointment unfortunately indicate an insufficient infrastructure for the supply of learning impaired, performance-impaired or mentally ill people. Having to wait on an appointment at a psychological psychotherapist with Treasury approval, but also long waiting times for community, Church and a bleak picture of the supply of people give nonprofit consulting agencies, rather in the mentioned problems. When you consider that after 6 months already school half year report cards or transfer certificates issued, the conclusion suggests that pupils need help soon. Support school crack cloth GmbH offers a rapid diagnosis of funding without long waiting times in Viersen, Dusseldorf and Tonisvorst, accessible timely adequate help.

An intelligence test can be be performed retroactively or in addition. We offer the support Diagnostics in the following ways: support Diagnostics: short review duration: 3 hours incl. evaluation and schriftl. “Report the short inspection test procedure” is divided into the following areas: occasion of observations history visual perception of fine motor gross motor balance perception action planning and control of auditory perception language tactile kinaesthetic perception Mnestische functions cognitive of social interpretation of results and support measures funding diagnostic detailed observations “duration: 7 hours spread over 3 days in 3 different weeks, incl. evaluation and schriftl. Report the test procedure detailed observations”is divided into the following areas: occasion of observations – short review progress – finding special educational needs valorem special educational needs – gifted education – learning problems – planning special Support measures – problems and irregularities in the school’s initial – behave – miscellaneous history 1 motor a. gross motor skills b. fine motor skills i. hand-finger dexterity.

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More Openness And Transparency In The Fight Against AIDS

Posted by marmara on December 16, 2017

“” Forget about AIDS not e.V. now also a Web radio and live chat presents even more openness and transparency in the fight against AIDS, AIDS forget not e.V. “now also a Web radio and live chat Berlin, presented next to the live stream March 16, 2010 the non-profit association AIDS don’t forget” his new Web radio and live chat on the topic of HIV and AIDS in Berlin presents today. These new offerings help the Club to make the fight against AIDS openly and transparently. Contributions in the fight against AIDS only if openly talking about the issues of HIV and AIDS, without limiting themselves from false shame, the fight against AIDS can be won”, explains Heiko Schussling, CEO of forget AIDS not e.V. With Internet Web radio”, the Club now offers Internet users a further access to relevant information. In addition, interested have also the possibility to engage actively in the educational work. internetradio_berlin.html can even produced or provided Be listened to for free radio broadcasts, radio spots and other posts around the issues of HIV and AIDS and World AIDS Day. Read more from Boy Scouts Of America to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

In addition to the Internet Web radio is now also the live chat by forget AIDS not e.V. started under aids_beratung_online.html interested here can find out about the Club, the subject of HIV / AIDS and World AIDS Day to inform. HIV and AIDS ill people to declare in the self-help information on HIV and AIDS and everyday life. The club wants to demonstrate on-site to openness and transparency in the fight against AIDS. “To this end has not forget AIDS” set up a live stream and a Web radio on the Internet.

For this purpose specially several cameras in the offices of the Association have been installed and in the broadcasting studio of the Web Radio 2 microphones for the moderation of the radio. So the work of the Association in its Berlin offices can be now live with. Under livestream.html, it is possible on weekdays from 09:00 to 17:00 in watch, such as the fight against AIDS from the headquarters occurs. Only on weekends and holidays, or after 17:00, the camera shows shots of Berlin main street. “The Association of nonprofit and independent Club forget AIDS not e.V.” exists in its present form since November 2009 in Berlin. “In addition to the Board of Directors are now ten volunteer people for the forget AIDS not e.V.” has been working. The Club has been cooperating since inception with self-help groups, doctors and health authorities. Club involvement focuses particularly in the area of prevention of HIV infections through prevention and education, as well as in the provision of support services for HIV and AIDS sick people.

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Lubeck Philharmonic Orchestra

Posted by marmara on December 14, 2017

with Eric Aubier, Hans Gansch and Matthias Hofs afternoon one finds Aden on the Lubeck market by Lena (NDR1 wave North) moderated event held on the various artists and ensembles showcase the diversity of the trumpet. The day begins at 12 noon with the swing-and-fun big band of music school to the rose garden. At 13: 00 the opening ceremony takes place with the three trumpeters Matthias Hofs, Eric Aubier and Hans Gansch. It follows”a trip with the trumpet through all music styles. Highlight will be the world premiere of the Lubeck fanfare, the Hamburg composer Wolf Kerschek specially composed for the occasion. All trumpeter, amateurs and professionals, are urged to 14: 00 on the market to come and participate in this special work. The notes can be downloaded on the Internet at.

But also spontaneous participation is possible. The common geprobte Lubeck fanfare on the market then performed at 15: 00. Salt peanuts, the big band of the Lubeck universities are at the end of the day decide on the market. YAMAHA presents instruments in the small stock market and in the hearing Chamber of the Town Hall from 12 pm 6 pm. Also a new trumpet model is presented here, and there is the possibility to try out all the instruments. A grand evening concert concludes with solemn in the Coliseum with the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Hanseatic City of Lubeck. In addition to the Ambassador of the trumpet, Matthias Hofs, Eric Aubier and Hans Gansch gained as soloists. The program are works by Vivaldi, Haydn and Jolivet.

It plays the Lubeck Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Alexander Bulow. For this concert tickets are available at the theater Lubeck, Lubeck news to 20,-/ 14 and all the usual presale places in Lubeck and at. The international day of the trumpet is supported by the savings banks SH, the Possehl Foundation, the nonprofit, the theater Lubeck, the city of Lubeck and YAMAHA. Media partners are the NDR1 wave North and the Lubecker Nachrichten.

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Economic Crisis: Finally Companies And Workers Become Active!

Posted by marmara on December 12, 2017

Nonprofit online community the nonprofit online community businesses, self-employed persons and for employees pursuing the common goal to find a way out of the current economic and financial crisis – according to the motto: you can see the good sailor in inclement weather “.” After the free registration, you can exchange experiences and tips, gets answered questions about the crisis, builds valuable relationships with the other members, and can get involved as a host actively. In the community is how employees deal with the crisis, what private safeguards you meet and what do employers to secure the jobs and what options you use communicated to avert potential problems in advance. Registered members receive also generous discounts N for promotional activities in a Web – and advertising agency in Esslingen a.. The community is new and is evolving constantly technically and in terms of content. Initiator of this comunity is Marco Pitrolo, owner of the company Internet – und Werbeagentur Sasha in Esslingen am Neckar.

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