Civil Service

Posted by marmara on September 10, 2011

In the last decade has changed the concept of the prestigious work among Russians. If in the 90s of last century it was considered a prestigious business, but now many are looking for “warm” place in the “fiscal” bodies. According to the site, employment in government agencies want 55% of Russians. Of them, Russia wants to benefit only 10% of respondents, while 13% said they want to receive “additional unaccounted income”, and 31% Applicants would like to purchase in the public service “necessary connection”. The State is essential to obtain information about those people who want to find work in government without the patronage and then work without using corruption schemes (bribes, kickbacks, etc.). Therefore, in order to fight corruption in government created a special website – (), which plans to assemble a complete database for the people looking for work in the federal services and ministries. Now every professional can leave your profile on this site.

The base of job seekers will enjoy the service staff of ministries and departments in the selection of candidates for a post. In addition, the site will all the jobs that appear in the federal state structure. The site is intended as a source of attraction for the state civil service “Best of the Best ‘candidates and is a federal portal management staff. Convenience and nikalnost of this site is that it is built on the principle of “one window”, ie allowing Russian citizens to provide information on itself, which will continue to be available to personnel services of government agencies, as well as bringing together information on all vacant positions in federal agencies. After registering and filling out the questionnaire applicant provide information – he has got talent pool or not. In the event that the reserve, wants to become an official in the presence of vacancies will be hired without competition. At the time of this writing, the site operated in debugging, but in 2000 forms the basis of applicants already. The site is waiting for your application. Go to the site can also link to here – This article draws the above-mentioned websites.

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The Future

Posted by marmara on September 7, 2011

Sent on leave for own expense. It's almost fired. Or the next step will be dismissal. Man all his life considered himself a reasonable man, and therefore decided that the next step will be dismissal. And sent to unpaid leave, without pay, and to live on these 3 months, it is not clear. And the prospects for such a development no.

A man prepared a clean resume file for distribution. There was one question. Where to send resume with work or home computer. Sleep on it. "In the morning once summary view with fresh eyes.

" This thought was the most powerful argument. And I decided tomorrow morning to come to work, and again no one will quietly send resume to all the portals. In the evening, he still went home downcast. Now he was tormented by another thought. Say or not say at home that they were sent at his own expense. But it turned out that there is nothing. And he told all to his wife. Wife is also upset and began to redraw all the plans for the immediate purchase time. And his reason is vanity wife calmed. And he looked optimistically to the future. That's tomorrow send out resumes, and then find a new job. And with a salary higher than now. With such bright ideas man fell asleep. In the morning as usually he got dressed and went to work. In ordinary times, in the usual bustle. As if nothing has changed around. What he experienced a shock when I went to the office.

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