Chosen Chronicles

Posted by marmara on May 30, 2014

It can have a high window of where I see the sky and the sea, but must have one I sing well sossegado where I can be alone, quiet, thinking my things, one I sing sossegado where one day I can die. The youth can live in these glad barracadas ones of cement, us needs solid ortalezas; the house must be before everything the inviolable asylum of the sad citizen; where it can bradar, without fear nor shame, the name of loved its: Joana, JOANA! – certain of that nobody will hear; house is the place of walking naked of body and soul, small farm to speak alone. Where I, that I do not know to draw, can take days trying to trace in the wall the profile of loved mine, without nobody sees and smiles; where I, that I do not know to make verses, can improvise songs in high voice for my love; where I, that I do not have belief, can pray the occult deities, that are only mine. House must be the preparation for the secret biggest of the tomb. BRAGA, Rubem. 200 Chosen Chronicles. 17 edition, Rio De Janeiro: Record, 2001

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Ultraviolet Radiation

Posted by marmara on May 22, 2014

Sunbathing on the beach in the summer, we accept as to protect our skin from excessive exposure to sunlight, so as not to get burned. However, most of us do not know what is more important protection from the sun in our eyes. Rays of the sun – is not only our visible light, but also the invisible ultraviolet rays (UV radiation), which have harmful effects on all parts of the eye. Intense ultraviolet radiation can cause burns of the eye (photokeratitis), and prolonged exposure to uv rays increases the risk of dangerous eye diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration. To reliably protect your eyes from dangerous uv rays should be use sunglasses in conjunction with headgear. Hats with large fields or canopy greatly reduce the flow of light entering the eye. However, this is still insufficient to fully protect your eyes from uv radiation. You must use sunglasses.

It is important that sunglasses provide 100% protection from uv radiation and protects against high-energy blue-ray, as well hazardous to the eyes. Good sunglasses provide 99% protection against UV-B rays and 95% of UV-A rays. Provide better protection for glasses with a close-fitting shape, because they restrict the flow of rays, not only passing through them, but gets into eyes through his glasses. With prolonged sun exposure, use the form-fitting sunglasses. Note also that the degree of eye protection sunglasses on uv radiation does not depend on the degree of darkening lenses. 100% uv protection guarantee, many high-quality uncolored lenses. The choice of color sunglasses lenses – a matter of taste.

The most common brown, green, blue and orange. Gray preserves the natural color. From blue light better protect ophthalmic lenses of brown and reddish-copper tones. For each sport now has its own guidelines for choosing the color of lenses in sunglasses. Skiers, for example, the lenses of yellowish tones provide the best contrast. Among fishermen and water sports enthusiasts have traditionally enjoyed great popularity Sunglasses with polarized lenses, which not only protect your eyes from harmful uv rays, but also increase the visual comfort and image contrast by blocking part of the light reflected from the water. Polarized lenses enhance the quality of not only water but also on the snow in the mountains or even just on the highway because there reflected from flat surfaces of polarized light degrades the image contrast. If you are in Life always has to use spectacles (ie if you have myopia, hyperopia, or other visual defects), it provides great convenience glasses with photochromic lenses. Photochromic lenses in the room are as clear as conventional non-colored lenses, but in the open air under the action of solar uv radiation, they become almost as dark as the lens in the sunglasses. Glasses with photochromic lenses – perfect replacement of two pairs of glasses: Conventional and solar. Note that there are even photochromic polarized glass lenses, which have just two remarkable properties: they are obscured in the car, which usually do not penetrate the uv rays (Ordinary photochromic lenses "not working" in the cabin), and in addition they block the sun's rays reflected from the roadway. Sunglasses with lenses improve visual comfort and quality of the whole driver. However, when prolonged exposure under the bright sun it is better to use the sunglasses-fitting shape.

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Educational Difficulties

Posted by marmara on May 15, 2014

Originary of an extremely humble family, whose ancestral to run away from the hunger and misery that pursued the northeasterns, if they establish in sop of the Mountain range of the Meruoca in search of a better life. Jose STENIO Snows GAMELEIRA, was born in the year of 1964 when the country breathed revolution airs. The composed family of 13 people migra for Sobral in work search and education. The Plague of Measles takes the life of 5 brothers.

The parents (Its Joozinho and Dona Mariinha) that they developed typical activities of the agricultural life if they adaptam the new reality. The father starts to work in a barber’s shop and mother in a confectionery, being objectified only the survival of the offspring. To the 5 years of age he learns to read and to write with a teacher layperson, in a classroom that functioned in one casebre of adobe in the street where it liveed. To the 7 years he enters the public school. He starts to work with 11 years as selling. He concludes the studies in the public school with 17 years of age. To the 18 years he is approved in 3 vestibular contests and some public competitions.

He graduates yourself Pedagogia Philosophy. It worked as public officer during 8 years until asking for resignation to take new routes in the life. For 1985 return, to the 22 years of age, it creates the FATEC – College of Christian Theology that offered free courses of theology and philosophy. With the promulgation of the New LDB in 1996, it extinguishes the FATEC in the year of 1999 to create the FAEDI – Foundation Assistencial, Cultural and Educational of the Ibiapaba, mantenedora entity of the FACIB – College of the Ibiapaba, institution that represents until today, although the great difficulties that face to take ahead its ideal to serve. Currently it has if dedicated to defend the interests of the FAEDI and the institutions that it keeps, for believing that it is possible to fight for a cause joust. Many are the difficulties, natural situation for a customary individual to the adversities that the life reserves and the difficulties that the society imposes a man whose genealogy is formed of simple people.

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Rosana Chenoa

Posted by marmara on May 9, 2014

/ It is the first public appearance of the Almeria after disclosed the news of their separation of Elena Tablada. Tickets for the event have been exhausted. David Bisba l, Chenoa, pink, Rosana and Estopa are some of the 20 artists who have joined this Thursday evening in Murcia the charity concert Lorca we are all, televised 7RM and whose signal has also ceded the rest of autonomous channels. Precisely it is the first public appearance of the Bisbal almeriense once he disclosed that several media that the singer had separated from her partner from ago seiss years, Elena Tablada. The organisation of gala hung No poster there are bills in the old football stadium of Real Murcia after selling 15,000 tickets for sale at the price of 10 euros.

Memories of the tragedy this gala solidarity, organized by GTM & Prohder TV, producers began with a display of a video compilation to balance mode what happened in Lorca from the tragedy of the earthquakes in the afternoon of 11 from May. The first artist to set foot on the stage in this concert of almost four hours has been the singer of French origin, although lorquinos parents, Robert Ramirez, along to ballet Star Show. Your Sick of love success has been the chosen topic to initiate this event, led by Antonio Hidalgo, Marienca Fernandez and Carmen bathrooms 7RM anchors. After Robert Ramirez, Merche, David de Maria, Rosana and the Catalans Estopa have been the following to jump on stage, performing two songs each, like the rest of artists. Bisbal and Chenoa Andy and Lucas, Chenoa, Diego Martin murciano, Camela and David Bisbal have completed the second round of performances on this great stage of 22 meters, 550,000 watts of light and sound 100,000. They have also walked this big stage El Arrebato, Joanna Jimenez, Revolver, Manu Tenorio and Pastora Soler, to close with rose, Preciados, angela Bossa and the murcian group Los Parramboleros.

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British Peru

Posted by marmara on May 3, 2014

The desdolarizacion of loans and current levels of low defaults on the loan portfolio are clear signs of a good context of macroeconomic stability and growth that make possible that generates increasingly financing in local currency. And in relation to the British private equity fund, Aureos Capital (investment fund which invests in medium-sized companies), the Peruvian news agency Andina interviewed last week to the company’s regional manager, Erik Peterson saying, about the Peru investment projections: we see lots of potential in the Peruvian market which is growing rapidly, its economy has had one of the highest rates of growth in the region and feel that growth is sustainable. For Peterson, Peru is becoming a country of interest to foreign investors: then, we feel also that greater long-term will continue having stakeholders from the sector of strategic in entering Peru capital and investors. I can not say that these specific items marked a definite trend, but are signs of the progress that has been taking the Peruvian economy. But also, these signs mark sponsors perspectives for the development of the Peruvian financial system. As he unveiled the Andina News Agency, the pension funds in Peru are growing at an annual rate of 20%, a level that is above the growth rate of the funds in the region (which is close to 15%), product of the decrease in labor informality and a higher rate of entry into the system.

Clearly the higher income of pension funds should seek profitable investments and will probably find them in the Peruvian economy and why not, in its capital market (do invest in Petroperu when it begins trading on stock exchange?). Moreover, the increased supply of financing in local currency will encourage a greater demand for both consumption and investment credits and mortgage (the latter, at a slower pace), which will accelerate the growth of intermediation. Finally, the economic stability of Peru and their possibilities for growth, probably will encourage the development of the industry of venture capital and private equity, that will enable many companies that need large investments to grow, to access financing and receiving external support. We must closely follow the evolution of the financial system in Peru to not miss opportunities that we will provide the same. You will find us again tomorrow, Horacio Pozzo original author and source of the article.

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