Spanish Independence

Posted by marmara on April 27, 2014

Its double preoccupation was the fight against the Protestantism and the Turks. It repeated: God has called to me to being franciscan for the conversion of the sinful ones and herejes. And indeed, it preached of incessant way in Italy, Hungary, Bohemia, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain and Portugal. Supported by the Jesuits, it developed an admirable work in central Europe and seeded of franciscan convents great part of the nations in which it had preached. Lorenzo left a work multitude, among them more than 800 sermons, that occupy 11 of the 15 volumes of their complete works. They constitute an admirable example than modernly kerigmtica theology has been called, and this way to set out the eternal truths locates in the line of classic pastoral activity of the Holy Parents and the great doctors bishops to him.

It especially emphasizes its admirable Mariologa, of a truly extraordinary clarity of concepts. That is said that Lorenzo was the right arm of prince Felipe Manuel de Lorraine, who obtained in 1601 the liberation of Szkesfehrvr (White Regal) in a great victory against the mass of near 80,000 Turks, commanded by Mohamed III, was prepared to invade Estiria and threatened to conquer Austria, invading thence Italy and whole Europe. Lorenzo wrote a precious chronicle of campaign and although he would partly hide in her his characteristics of value, captains and soldiers acclaimed to him as the main author of the battle The 22 of 1619 July happened their death to him. Its body was taken to the Convent of the Announced one, nuns clarisas, Villafranca of the Bierzo (province of Leon), where it is venerated. Its tomb was profaned in 1808 by the French troops who occupied the city during the War of Spanish Independence.

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Juan Sin Tierra

Posted by marmara on April 20, 2014

What is also necessary to remember is Juan Sin Tierra so eminent was running out of taxpayers who charged taxes and harvests conteiners storage left the population without food that didn’t make another thing that cause the collaboration veiled and even some active participation of the population in the romantic of forest protection. The Robin Hood effect seems to walk the streets of a distant country where the middle ages now lives. Juan Sin Tierra has its sheriff but multiplied. The population lives in contradictions: it complains about lack of action, but does not want any; He complains of immobility but discards any proposed; He wondered why no one acts but opposes that someone acts; It adheres to the King on the white horse will arrive at the precise date of September 26, but you don’t want to admit the improbability. There is no Robin Hood that distracted, who performs his resistance rather than motivated by the absence of Mariana than by a desire for justice. And they complain that there is no Robin Hood, when the truth is that you don’t need; rather a hard voice of morality and principles by speaking the truth, but the ruined population does not want harsh voices heard when waiting on date requires the arrival of the King on the white horse.

They have become a time to use for the resistance and the development of a strategy in a Robin Hood effect. One is internal in Sherwood Forest in search of a medieval explanation for an end of the first decade of the 21st century political situation. One remembers that truly governs Juan Sin Tierra. original author and source of the article.

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Posted by marmara on April 13, 2014

We are made in the image and likeness of God and, therefore, are unique with intelligence, rationality and spirituality. We all have skills and talents that we can develop. We all have an enormous potential within ourselves. That potential is virtually unlimited. Everything that we are able to imagine and visualize can achieve this. Many of the barriers that limit our actions are mental barriers than ourselves, at some point in our lives and sometimes without realizing, we have set out. These barriers prevent us to develop the enormous potential that we all have. Necessary to eliminate those mental barriers to succeed, be happy and enjoy life to the fullest.

Always, remember if you think you can, you can; If you think you can’t, you can’t, everything is in our thoughts and our mental attitude. Anything that you can visualize and wanting to can be yours if you propose it, a goal is set to achieve it and acts according to a specific plan. We must all recognize that there is great abundance in the world. This is a reality, we need to convince ourselves of this; There is great abundance in everything around us and there are also great abundance within ourselves. When we appreciate the nature, we can see abundance and Marvel why. In the celestial Vault there are millions of stars, many still undiscovered. There are millions of fish of various species in oceans, seas and rivers.

The flora and fauna and Earth are composed of millions of species. There are variety of minerals, metals, and hydrocarbons in the earth itself. There’s plenty of oxygen and other gases in the air that surrounds us. In our world there is abundance everywhere. All, also have an abundance of mental and spiritual resources that we use to make us fully within ourselves. The unlimited potential that we possess is part of the abundance that exists in this world.

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Your Lion

Posted by marmara on April 7, 2014

There you are in the midst of childbirth! Where fingers tremble not, nor betray nerves, assuming the responsibility of deciding with technique, knowledge, skills and quenching, you get there big! amid the blood that falls to uncontrollable spurting, amid tears and capricious bruising, surrounded by hours and minutes that are worth seconds, in an atmosphere where breathes adrenalin, torment and contained cravings where the screams of pain arrive at dawn and fenecen with a new vigorous crying beamid cheers and family clamor. And in the bucket along with bloodied gauze, clots and detritus are myths and beliefs and at the bottom of your soul; taste one happiness which is also yours. Not interested in unfair anonymity, ingratitude and forgetfulness not interested! You brought a child into the world and that happiness you share it with God. GYNECOLOGIST greeting! Your Lion heart and your bravery which makes you to combine firmness and serenity. Greeting! Your hands of women that make you combine softness and delicacy. Greeting! Your eyes your eyes of Lynx and Eagle that allow you to view the tortuous intricacies of challenging sowed Anatomy of ambushes. I welcome your science, your art and your faith! Because you know that in some corner of your soul, you acrisolas a prayer that is always needed in this struggle. Salute to your bloody hands that are guided by God to bring children into the world! I salute your wisdom with combines it your innate vehemence! Salute the wisdom of your decisions! Greeting the speed of your reflexes! I welcome your adrenaline natural fragrance of your life! It raises your Gynecologist scalpel and toast for life that you bring to the world! Greeting from your heroic victories and you! anonymous presence in glory! GYNECOLOGIST original author and source of the article

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Posted by marmara on April 1, 2014

You can go through life without seeking the approval of others. This is how it should be. But many take that attitude merely because someone has advised them. And that is not really take an own road. You are not being consistent with one’s self and Yes what another has said that you have to do. To truly act for one same must know the reasons which underlie our behavior. Otherwise we would be simply imitating others. So let me give you some arguments of why not wait the approval of others: sometimes people agree what you do until you ask them their opinion.

They then begin to find fault with your life that had never noticed; fictitious defects. Don’t forget that you have different interests. When you ask for approval, others only meet you if you do respond first and foremost to their interests, not yours. You make decisions about your life. And who better knows it is you, because you’ve been from the very beginning of the story. They came much later; so if anyone has the answers they are none other, is you. Can you expect others to approve you.

But if fault not can ask them accounts for your mistake. On the other hand, if you succeed they will want to award your successes. They may say that you did it because you heard them. They also have their own problems. They don’t have time nor obligation to guide you all the time. Don’t why accept being a burden to others. It is possible that you ask for approval because you feel insecure. But in doing so your uncertainty not decreases, increases. You don’t know until when they may help you you think you unable to do so alone. You subordinate you improperly to people who have your same social level. There is no reason to make such a thing. To expect acceptance all the time you don’t strengthen your own character. Far from it, you encourage an excessive reliance on others. You lose the opportunity of acquiring confidence and abilities. You put other people to decide on matters about which competition law and only you have. I think that these are some of the good reasons to act confident or suspicious only on oneself. However, it is necessary to point out some important details. Many times we have to make decisions about issues that also affect the interests of other people. In such cases, they have every right to be consulted. You have to know that a man is a complete ignorant in everything except the only things you know. And many times it is worth asking Council and opinion to others who might have more or better ideas than us in any question. Human beings are not, nor much less so different from each other as some say. That is why they share much of the problems and interests. That makes it useful to associate and share ideas. And there is where come many of the best solutions for everyone. And, finally, we live in a society and it is impossible and inappropriate to be ignoring others. We must admit that to a certain extent yes we care about what others think. And when necessary, we will take it into account. If you suffer from shyness now download the following book: the real causes of your shyness Original author and source of the article

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