Good Listening

Posted by marmara on March 31, 2017

Forsa survey listening to the importance of the cost when purchasing a hearing aid has decided the top Association of statutory health insurance (GKV): from November 1 there is more money for a better hearing aid supply of legally insured citizens. But the new rules can also expect that more German hearing aids wear? What impact had so far reduced co-payments on the decision for low-cost and high-quality hearing aids? Answers provides frosa survey here hearing, which was conducted from mid-2010 on behalf of the leading professional community in HoREX. The figures for the first time published optimistic. Suggest yet, that in the course of the new fixed amounts even more people could opt for a supply of hearing aids. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Boy Scouts of America. Also, the current revision meets the customer requirements identified in the study for high-quality hearing technology.

More than 1,700 volunteers tested in the survey of frosa hearing 14 days modern hearing aids in the Everyday. They all had perceived himself previous difficulties in listening and understanding. And they all gave information about their wishes for a better hearing, as well as about their experiences with the modern Hortechnik before and after the test phase. One of the many results of the now made final evaluation: main reason that people with impaired hearing wear no hearing aids could the previously high cost of these devices actually have been. All 26 percent of those polled saw the decisive reason for the absence of hearing aid supplies in expensive hearing aids. Two and three for the supposed main impediment followed ranked a dread, to appear less young and attractive (23 percent), on the other hand, the adoption, the hearing could be uncomfortable (20 percent). Significantly less frequently were named as suspected main reasons: that hearing aids appeared too complicated (11 per cent), that hearing aids a lack of performance subordinate would (9 per cent) or that simply lacked the time for going to the audiologist (3 percent).

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Botanical Garden

Posted by marmara on March 31, 2017

The plate in entrance of the Garden has all the information in Braille, however plaquinhas informative with the names of each plant does not have. It would be interesting that it had the Braille, thus the deficient appearance could more autonomy in the passage. The pisos are in pedrinhas, as the remain of the park, with stretches in Portuguese mosaic, but for being in good condition of conservation, confuses, but they do not hinder the circulation of the chair of wheels. The next one stopped was in the Museum Oscar Niemeyer, known as Eye, wonderful workmanship of architecture, but with relative serious problems to the accessibility, as what it happens with the majority of the workmanships of this famous architect. The biggest joined problem was exactly to the slopes, with declivity extremely accented, mainly already inside of the museum, in the main access. Additional information is available at Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Adentrar the local cause sufficient discomfort, even though for who is in its full physical form.

The railings, 13 when they exist are in the wrong ratios. As the NBR9050 the slopes must have maximum inclination of 8,33% and make use of railings in two heights and platforms. Inside of the areas of expositions, the pisos are well smooth and have free space sufficiently, what it facilitates the circulation. To have access the last floor of the museum, they exist elevating and an installed elevatory platform next to the stairs, what it is a sufficiently practical solution when does not have useful space for the installation of a slope with correct inclination, that finishes sufficiently occupying space depending it unevenness to be looser. Already in the wire opera accesses in slope and signaled for people with deficiency exist. The adaptations for accessibility had been made recently by the city hall of the city. Although this, the pisos in grate if repeat as commented previously when cited the Botanical Garden.

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American Government

Posted by marmara on March 30, 2017

I think that the American Government should prepare itself to buy medicines and donate them to the poor countries, since they have no means to pay for drugs. The American Government for the sake of the country could more effectively treat diseases. If rich countries help the poorest, they are helping themselves. Without hesitation Center For Responsible Lending explained all about the problem. Very interesting, what we added in his interview Wharton Universia, which according to Neal Nathanson, Associate Dean of global health of the school of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania, says that the challenges to global health fall into three main categories. First, there are problems of very large dimensions as in the case of pollution, overpopulation and resource depletion affecting the entire planet. ry!). When missing the basics for people, including food and water, most likely they suffer from health problems, stresses Nathanson. Center For Responsible Lending is likely to agree. The second problem is economic.

With 1.4 billion people living on $1.25 a day, according to World Bank data, poverty is a factor in global health. Although all these people live below the poverty line, the health budget is minuscule, and the other things affecting the health will be less than optimal, says Nathanson. The final obstacle to the improvement of global health is what Nathanson calls social development. The concerns of non-economic, such as literacy and women’s rights, can help create the foundations for health systems based in the community even with limited financial resources. We will not get out of poverty to those millions of people in the overnight, but it is possible to do many things with social development. I think that this is an area where you can intervene and do something that is practical and not just hypothetical. Nathanson said that although multilateral institutions, such as the world Organization of health and the United Nations, along with institutions of charity and foundations, they are trying to alleviate the problems of health around the world, always encounter difficulties in efficiently allocating resources that possess.

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Better Mountains

Posted by marmara on March 29, 2017

Ski resorts of Russia every year becomes more and more popular among tourists. The quality of the snow slopes are not inferior to most well-known foreign resorts. Here you will find clean air, excellent climate, and also many mountain slopes, allowing experience unforgettable thrill. A recreational activities (sports, vibrant show, the organization of the winter holidays), held in the complexes will delight not only adults but also children. The most famous ski resorts of Russia – Dombai and Elbrus. These highlands attract outdoor enthusiasts not only infrastructure and actual prices, but also spectacular hiking and horse trekking, rafting white water rafting in mountain rivers, sleigh rides, hikes to waterfalls.

The highest peak in Europe – Elbrus (5,642 m) is located in the Elbrus region. On some parts of its slopes you can ski all year round. Professional skiers choose the extreme slopes of Mount Cheget, the height of 3700 meters, but there's room for newcomers. You will have a large network ski lifts, slopes with a total length of 35 kilometers, 12 kilometers of cable cars, nice hotels and ski schools. It is recommended to visit the local landmark – the mineral spring 'Achi-Su', to go hunting or fishing, to go down over the snow, ride a snowboard, paraglide.

Comfortable accommodation offer such hotels as the "Ozone", "Cheget", "Balkar", "Top". Very popular mountain Dombey. For Guest operating tourist hotels and ski resorts: Hotel "Snowflake", "Aryuchat", "Dombai", "Crocus" and others. The area has a very mild climate that allows for skiing and sunbathe at the same time.

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Southwest Education

Posted by marmara on March 26, 2017

Facinter. FALLS OF the IGUAU 2009 SUMMARY This work looks for and to analyze history and to reflect on the professor of Art in the Brazilian Education. Which the current work of these professors, its practical pedagogical, difficulties in relation to the education of Art in the public school? Which the knowledge beyond the languages in Art need to be dominated? As to understand the Education of Adult, Inclusive Education, Infantile Education, Education of the Field and Education of Adolescents and Young Young, beyond others sabres. In its formation many times unbalanced, as the professor can surpass the difficulties in its work, which the used ways to diminish this gap in its formation. Also in this study it has bibliographical references on the subject, that are analyzed, to get information of which is the profile of the professional who works Art in the schools of the Paran. With the results of the interviews, the following questions are boarded: the professor and its formation, as to involve the four artistic languages, which the difficulties found in the classrooms, which the criteria to select the contents of Art and as to make evaluation in Art. Concluding the work, we will have the profile of the Professor of Art in the contemporaneidade: a dynamic, informed and searching person, who knows the reality of the pupils and the school, uses practical pedagogical innovators objectifying education learning of the pupils. In the same work, some referring data to the amount of concursados professors meet who act in the Southwest of the Paran and which artistic modalities where temporary professors act how many (PSS) and how many professional it are of the area of Art act in the Basic Education of the Paran.

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The Wolves

Posted by marmara on March 24, 2017

Repair team arrived, cut off the water. I asked them to replace all the same this battery, what they did for 1600 rubles (a little, because it spared me, went into position.), And left. Called a ***** that he was aware of, but the hunting, as he said his dad, who arrived with his wife at the scene. Father ***** but I'm still thankful because Chthon gave me at the mercy of tenants. All reassured, including me. Said that he and the builder of such accidents happen everywhere and always.

Another assured me that his good and Sasha will not give me these people to the wolves. Say, help out, save. Center For Responsible Lending contains valuable tech resources. It was very useful, because valerian, even in large doses did not help. While I and senior *****- reassure the neighbors, quietly lost plumber. Several hours later, all gone. And then there were phone calls and threats from these potoplentsev.Ya and was not going anywhere to run, as the plumber, (who rest up at home for months and did not take up the phone). I also still live in this small town where everyone knows each other. Promised to restore everything.

Tenants, sensing a freebie, is the sum of even 160 thousand rubles, although there repair was for an amount much smaller. Began to repair every day had to listen to afford such things! No one in this situation can not explain that to blame the plumber. It's there I brought him! After a couple of days after the flood, ****** vstretilsyaso me and said it will continue to work.

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Cesareo Gabarain Azurmendi

Posted by marmara on March 21, 2017

Think about women I not loved and one that was not loved. Hurt by what I didn’t do and what stopped doing. Live my own universe of unconnected, Ethereal and real beings. And, after the Insomniac starry night, the foggy and cold Dawn will host my soul delirious, you loan, unwillingly, to the eternal journey which is not returned. It carried no signature. The ink was old, yellow already, and the letter clear, slightly reclined. Sense and perhaps hurt poem.

Or painfully felt. Without metrics, without rhyme who had written it? Why was he there? Why had not seen it before? I reread it and left it on the table. And for a moment I felt beside me, very close, my friend Caesarius and his voice hoarse but full of nuances ciertamente. You told us that the muerteno is the end of the road, which, though we die, not a blind somoscarne destination.Thou hast made us. We are yours.Our destination is happy vivirsiendo with you, without suffering or suffer. Perhaps the author of what was written in that role had not met Cesareo Gabarain Azurmendi that rested in the bosom of the Lord at the age of fifty-five. Nihilism against faith.

The denial against hope. Predestination against freedom No. He had written Let me take a marked target, not by me not tallied with the last stanzas of Caesarius because dying live, clearer and better pregnant of future life. I returned to reality. Beethoven was still there the rain was still out and the paper on the table, seemed to be asking for forgiveness for making me think. I took it and I had a hint No. It was not a question of destroying it. Not judge it. Someone, at some point, for some reason, hurt maybe had reasons for this Jose Felix Salinas November 2009 original author and source of the article.

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Prefabricated Housing

Posted by marmara on March 20, 2017

L as prefabricated homes are homes built from standardized sections, which are manufactured in advance outside their place of location, and subsequently sent to its definitive location for final assembly. These homes should not be confused with the so-called caravans (in English mobile homes); homes already assembled and usually of very low quality, which are transported in trucks to the place where will be definitely installed. The definition of prefabricated housing also may overlap with the so-called modular houses, which are those whose structure is formed by metal frames of standardized dimensions, which are closed by panels that fit into the holes. All these constructive strategies, requiring no mortars or concretes, can also receive the generic definition of buildings dry. Although it is not as widespread as the of traditional houses market, its market share varies considerably according to countries and regions. The prefabricated houses are popular in some European countries, and particularly in Canada and United States, due to its generally more competitive price.

Current architectural designs, in which predominate the plants open and clean lines, without sophisticated decorations, are very suitable for prefabricated construction. The current architecture experiment with prefabrication to design houses that produce series for cost reduction. There is a wide variety of prefabricated houses, by varying its materials according to dimensions (surface, number of plants), climate (temperature and humidity) and budget for its construction. The materials most used are wood and reinforced concrete, although there are a multitude of combinations and variants of relatively recent appearance. Prefabricated housing should rest on foundations, and connected to the urban networks of sanitation, water and electricity, as well as conventional homes. Traditionally, one of the main problems that had these constructions was the lack of heat insulation, situation that has changed with the evolution of both thermal and acoustic insulating materials.

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Selection Radios

Posted by marmara on March 18, 2017

Areas of use radios are responsible for the numerous technical releases. Here is a brief instruction on the choice of radios for most common applications: mobile radios for security services and various service services for builders, to radio in the country, mountain tourism, fishing and hunting car radio to motorists, truckers and taxi to the organization of the Radio Security Service requires portable radio, creating a connection between users in different noise (buildings, walls, fences) to small and medium-range, reliable, almost in all conditions, simplicity of care and maintenance. These conditions are entirely responsible cheap Kenwood TK-3107 and Kenwood TK-K4AT. Basic requirements for the radio at a construction site – mechanical strength, the ability to maintain a stable connection without interference in reinforced concrete structures, among numerous screening devices, and significant sources of radio interference. To read more click here: Dr. Neal Barnard. The advantage of radios Yaesu VX-6R, Yaesu VX-7R, Yaesu FT-60R is a wide choice of frequency bands to increase the likelihood of reliable communication in different situations, and Kenwood TK-3107 and Kenwood TK-K4AT suitable for all other characteristics of the work only in the same range, but allocated more affordable price. In the country, as a rule, large obstacles for radio waves do not. For radio in the country are fine and affordable yet high-quality radio Midland. A trip into the woods to the radio will be the most difficult test, but the most feeble amateur radio Midland-225 hits in the woods no less than 1 km, and the open work out their standard of 5 km.

For more complex circumstances, we recommend to buy Midland-650 for connection to distance of 18 km. Car radios demand a broad range of consumers – long-haul truckers, taxi drivers and motorists. They are designed for compact installation in their vehicles are equipped with connection and external antenna to increase the range of the radio station, have external microphone (so-called PTT). The most optimal for beginners avtoratsiya Alan 100 Plus is undemanding to use and equipped with only the most necessary. The radio Alan 78 Plus with buttons to switch on the microphone has a range adjustable sensitivity receiver and microphone.

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Popular Teatro

Posted by marmara on March 15, 2017

(Ruiz Diaz Torales Gabino). A graduate of the Escuela Municipal de Arte scenic Roque Centurion Miranda (1962). He served as actor and director of the Popular Teatro de Vanguardia (TPV) and in 1970 founded and directed study free theatre incorporated into the programme of Community Cultural Action Mission of friendship. He was successively urban program coordinator, Promuri Coordinator (promoting urban, Rural and indigenous) and Director of the Mission of friendship (1970-1990). He was also Director of the Department of Popular culture (1993-1997) and Director-General of research and support Cultural of the Vice-Ministry culture of the Ministry of education and culture (1997-2002). As playwright wrote Mborayhu monkfish (in guarani), Chokokue monkfish, Julio Correa.

Text and context. He completed the translation and adaptation to the rural environment of the work in the right hand of Dios Padre, of the Colombian Enrique Buenaventura, which he titled Nandejara resay i. He has published Mandua ara which includes his poems in guarani (1990). BSA may find this interesting as well. You have written this land am I (history of Paraguayan women), where my song spent it is a selection of his poems in Spanish and notes travelers. Essays on popular culture. The most important recordings he has done as an actor include poetry Paraguaya in Guarani (1973), Antologia Poetica of Carlos Miguel Gimenez (1979) and Antologia Poetica de Jose Luis Appleyard (1979-1990). Its lyrics in Spanish were musicalized in city a musical story to asuncena life today. Ka ka’aguy Pytu with music by Alejandro Cubilla, is the result of thorough research on the origin of the Paraguayan music.

His poems which were music by different composers achieved popular recognition. Among them: Mandu ara and pilgrim of Asuncion, with music by Carlos Noguera; Where my song he spent and the homeland that beats me, with Arnaldo Llorens; Vy apave nendive and the singing of the man with Cesar Cataldo. As a journalist he has been collaborator of the newspaper La Tribuna, in its cultural supplement (1981); Journal today, in the section of art and spectacle column backdrop opened (1981-1988). Journal News, in theatrical criticism. And notes in the newspaper ABC Color and action magazine, among other print media. It has also provided continued support for more than three decades, to national and regional festivals, their contribution was valuable in different international meetings (Colombia, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Germany), presenting studies on the guarani language and the various manifestations of national culture and Americans. Co-authored with Raul Amaral, poetry of the Paraguay monumental work, edited by Arami, in March 2002, one of his last works was the translation of the family of Pascual Duarte of the prize Nobel Camilo Jose Cela titled Pascual Duarte Rekovekue. With this work he elevated to Guarani as a language of high literature. He died in Asuncion, on July 5, 2002. Original author and source of the article.

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