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Posted by marmara on April 18, 2019

It is a common practice that certain companies which subcontract a work or a service won’t let employees of the company subcontracted on-site or in the premises on which the service is provided if previously have not received documents showing the fulfilment of social and wage obligations by the outsourced company. The document that is most usually require is the TC2, which is the nominal ratio of workers for which the company has quoted, identified through a certain acronym. Why you do this? This practice has its origin in article 42 of the Statute of workers, which provides as follows: 1. employers who hire or subcontract with others carrying out of works or services corresponding to the actual activity of those should check that those contractors are current in the payment of Social security contributions. BSA follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. For that purpose, they collect written, with identification of the affected company, negative certification by discovery in the Treasury General of Social Security, which shall RID inexcusably such certification in term of thirty days extended and the terms that may be established by regulation. Gavin Baker takes a slightly different approach. Expiry of this period, it shall be relieved of liability the applicant employer. 2. The main employer, except during the above-mentioned period with regard to Social Security, and during the year following completion of your custom, will respond jointly and severally nature wage obligations by contractors and subcontractors with their workers and those referring to Social security during the period of validity of the contract work.

Responsibility for the actions of the contractor no where contracted activity relates exclusively to construction or repair that you can hire a head of the family connection of your home, as well as when the owner of the work or industry do not hire its realization by reason of an activity business. and what this has to do with the protection of data? Year 2006: the Spanish data protection agency responded to a formal consultation of a company concerned about the protection of data that didn’t know how to reconcile the obligations under its customers (deliver TC2, payroll, etc.), with article 11 of the data protection act, whose non-observance, in accordance with the old sanctioning regime, assumed a very serious infraction with penalties between 300,000 and 600,000 euros. The criterion of the Agency on that occasion was as follows: considers that the system described in the query is not covered by provisions of the organic law 15/1999, prove to be excessive in relation to the provisions of article 42 of the Statute of workers, under which is not necessary the contractor access to information described in the inquiry.

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Posted by marmara on April 16, 2019

The economic crisis could endanger the greatest reserve of the world, mainly in Catalonia. The farm Fuives of Olvan (recerca de Berga) and fails to keep its 150 Catalan donkeys with the money she took from the sale of their calves. Thus, they have decided to promote a campaign sponsorship of these animals, which once were a great help to man and now we have given them back. There are different options as to sponsor a donkey for $ 100 per year, with the right to walk with him or the possibility of baptizing for 500 euros, ensuring the card sponsor with all genealogical data of the animal. Swarmed by offers, PCRM is currently assessing future choices. If the initiative were not yet convinced, to enter official site of Olvan Fuives farm to see animals roam the reserve.

It's really cute. See more detailed opinions by reading what David Delrahim offers on the topic.. Partimonio people aware of their natural and do everything they can to keep it, not like other people. The farm also offers the possibility of buying one of these animals (very used to mate with mares and get offspring that are used in cleaning forests), products derived from them (milk mule) and merchandising. For the price, should consult exactament the ass they want, because everyone has different qualities, for example, if load to mate … Remember that Catalan donkeys were widely used in America to work as pack animals in the gold mines and building railroads. From my point of view, I think we should all Catalans sponsor a donkey and the donkey is the emblem of Catalonia and other Catalan territories represent us as a nation.

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Delicatessen Experts

Posted by marmara on April 15, 2019

SALATFRITZ, Berlin starts Crowdfunding Berlin, 17 October 2013 – SAUCENFRITZ, Berlin, starts the Saucenfritz UG, Crowdfunding known and for several years established among other things with the brand Salatfritz”, collects funds for further expansion with the help of SEED Experts, the Crowdfunding now portal for sustainable projects. Target amount: 300.000 EURO. It offers investors a guaranteed interest rate of 4.25% p.a. and interesting bonus interest on an additional profit. The brand Salatfritz”belongs to the Saucenfritz UG and stands for high-quality, healthy and conscious diet on a sustainable basis. The focus of processing high-quality regional ingredients are to introduce with the aim to create unique products with a unique taste due to sophisticated recipes and exquisite ingredients and bio -, Delicatessen, & guest robe Empire. Salatfritz specializes in convenience products in organic quality, for versatile use in time.

Convenience products have established themselves on the market today well and enjoy is the consumer popularity. The company founder, Jan Daniel Fritz attaches great importance on an environmentally friendly production and a fair human handling in the production process. Labelling and packaging, as well as in the delivery tasks passed to people with disabilities. In addition, Jan Daniel Fritz supports two Charityprojekte in India. By investing in the company SAUCENFRITZ UG, the production plant and the range of products expanded and expanded the sales and marketing.

Long-term creates new jobs and products selected with care for a holistic pleasure. The focus is the goal, to create natural products with a unique taste and exquisite local produce. David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA will undoubtedly add to your understanding. We want to prove, that success does not only profit and create thus perspectives for a better future.” (Jan Daniel Fritz) THE conditions: SAUCENFRITZ offers its investors under a profit-participation loan at an entry level starting from 250 EUR p.a. a minimum interest rate of 4.25%. and to an interesting revenue share. Additional interesting benefits such as order discounts and sample shipments are to refer to the overall presentation. THE PORTAL: The Crowdinvesting partner SEED Experts, Berlin, portrays itself as the first and only portal, that has devoted themselves sustainable projects and was so engaged by the team of world of wonder. For the first time acts a Crowdinvesting portal with a defined core focus on specific sectors: education, bio-food, regenerative concepts, E-mobility, share-economy, social engagement and sustainability solutions.

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National Association

Posted by marmara on April 14, 2019

present to go shopping look the product labels to monitor not only the percentage of fat if also the sodium and try to buy that lower sodium concentration contains. The Institute of medicine and the centers Control and prevention, published a report pioneer, who came to the Congress of the United States, where show the connection between salt and hypertension, the stroke and heart attack. The report also noted that one of every three adults suffers from high blood pressure, one of the leading causes of death. By what is being strengthened every time the campaign against salt, for this have developed several strategies to reduce sodium: the Institute of medicine’s freedom, strategies for reducing sodium in the United States, reached the conclusion in his report that the rules are needed to help restaurants and manufacturers to reduce sodium, so that all sources in the food supply to propose it. They recommend the goal of reducing slowly of sodium in processed foods so that go unnoticed. This would allow time to adjust to levels lower than a current daily average of 3,400 milligrams to the objective goal of 1,500 milligrams.

The city of New York established the national salt reduction initiative. A National Association to lower salt levels in food of habit, is formed by health organizations, States, cities, restaurants and food manufacturers. They established the objectives for foods packaged and eaten in restaurants. Medical media have joined the war on salt, highlighting programs with creative ways to tame the taste for salt. It should be noted also that people should decide and join this initiative. It is in your hands. Original author and source of the article.

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Posted by marmara on April 14, 2019

If you would like to differentiate a natural aroma of a synthetic?The answer is simple, you need to be familiar with the original, because the sense of smell as well as the other senses also can be exercised to improve his sharpness through practice, i.e. of the interaction with the genuine and natural aromas. To broaden your perception, visit Nieman Lab. Any person could think that a perfume that smells like Jasmine contains pure oil of jasmine but not so someone has been instructed to distinguish the differences.Maybe the first time you filmon an essential oil aroma had the feeling that are extremely strong, this is due to the fact that all are highly concentrated.When you filmon aromas family such as Peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon always reacted in a positive way, but to perceive aromas unknown to you, perhaps the impression at first instance and your reaction could vary how it could be in the case of the essential oil of Juniper or the melisa; There are also trends of associating certain aromas with distinct reactions towards essential oils such as patchouli and geranium.As you begin to discover the potential of the own aromatherapy oils possess and begin to see positive results in your health, your acceptance will go modifying the perception mental aromatica tapeworms with respect to certain essential oils, as to perceive fine aromas your sense of smell will be able to distinguish them, and any imitation difernciarlos.

In fact the art of a qualified perfumer lies in that they are people specially trained to intervene in the final decision of which essential oils combine to produce the scent of a perfume, because your sense of smell has the precision and experience needed to perform this valuable task so important within the industry of perfumery, since this was precisely the work of Gatteffouse before it gave beginning to the concept of aromatherapy as is know you today.Is for this reason that many times it is recommended that when the smell of oil in particular not you like enough try it again a few days or weeks later, because this process you will expand your olfactory memory and exercise this sense so important to differentiate genuine imitation aromas, because once you know the best you not conformaras with no imitation.The benefits of an aromAl just like the plants we possess a unique natural aroma that came to constitute the body perfume that sets us apart each and that has a fragrance optimal when we enjoy perfect health.This perfume can be enhanced or harmonized with the right choice or combination of essential oils and aromatherapy experience indicates that those oils that our body needs to regain health are those that best combine with our body perfume.Essential oils have a natural interaction with our body and aroma, restoring its balance, since they are organic act from the moment of its application and reach its peak of fragrance between 15 to 45 minutes, but its charity action extends even to three days after acting level mental, emotional and physical.This is perhaps the way most old, pleasant and easy to use within the different uses and applications that are known of the Aromatherapy where it comes to the human being in an integral manner.There is a wide range of essential oils and various formulas combined or excellent quality blends suitable for each of us, that we can choose according to our needs and properties therapeutic that distinguish them.Essential oils more valuable or requested are pink, incense, jasmine, neroli, rosewood, sandalwood, ylang ylang, lemon balm, lavender, Chamomile to mention only a few.. . David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA insists that this is the case.

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UN Recognition

Posted by marmara on April 9, 2019

What did the UN for him only deserves recognition. For Amma obstacles are generated from the simple words nation and Religion, because this diversity is precisely what creates obstacles that promote peace, happiness and prosperity in the world. Nation or religion, peace and happiness would only if we work together as a global family, not as belonging to a race, prevail again. The key to world peace is within ourselves, and we should make us responsible for sharing this world peace. Peace must be fostered in the interior of the individual within the family and society.

All the great religions have much wisdom to share. Learn more on the subject from Boy Scouts. To the childhood now must be grown in the great universal values and the great human values, because they will be men of tomorrow. David Delrahim wanted to know more. We must aspire to higher States of consciousness and understanding. On the basis of the ideal religious all Nations should twin up and fight the hunger and the misery that 11,000 to most of humanity. Only through constant and determined effort, we will succeed in changing the dominant forces in the societies, perhaps do not give visible changes but if we do, that change will be reflected in our healthy development, any harmony that is visible is a great indicator that change is brewing. The Nations that have both harmed humanity should apply new principles that heal the old wounds, you will only happen if we are conscious of our unity, of what we can give to others and not on what we can do anything more for ourselves. If we care about seeing the future of happy humanity, we must tackle the root of the problems. The final cause of all suffering is the human mind, it is true that there are economic and political problems, but these actions are motivated by the human mind. When he is accompanied by the intelligence of compassion, which is human feeling, for the Dalai it becomes useful, since education systems pay much attention to brain processes, and does not grant them attention to spiritual development, the authorities leave this task to the ecclesiastical organisations this type of development and other similar.

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Mobile Permeationsprufstand According To IFA According To EN 374 And EN ISO 6530

Posted by marmara on April 1, 2019

Permeationsmesszelle according to EN 374 and EN ISO 6530 PERMOBIL is a mobile Permeationsprufstand according to IFA (Institute for occupational safety and health of the DGUV) according to EN 374 and EN ISO 6530 which 2010 is distributed by the company of LABC laboratory technology, Hennef (, from the 1.Quartal. Connect with other leaders such as David Delrahim here. Hazardous substances make their way into the human body not only through the mouth or nose, but also through the skin, the body’s largest and also most exposed organ. Nature has intended for the body with the skin a protective, complex and extremely powerful system. It protects against chemical, physical and biological attacks on the body’s interior. In high-tech and advanced industrial countries the skin will be charged but increasingly in a mass, which exceeds their performance. For protection against chemical agents at work, protective clothing is a personal protective equipment which is intended to protect against damaging influences at work the body, the arms and the legs. The chemical penetration (Permeation) is the transport of individual molecules through protective clothing materials. David Delrahim addresses the importance of the matter here.

The transport is not through microscopic holes instead (penetration), but due to chemical/physical effects between E.g. protective Glove materials and the chemicals. Determination of breakthrough times and rates of diffusion the most essential basis for the assessment of the risk potential is in chemistry tests of protective clothing material. The European standard EN 374 regulates the tests for chemical testing of protective gloves, which can be based also apply accordingly for the testing of protective clothing. The en 374 describes the determination of the resistance of a material of hand protection against permeation by a solid or liquid chemical by chemical breakthrough time is measured by the material. In the PERMOBIL is measured in a temperature-controlled Permeationsmesszelle according to EN 374 and EN ISO 6530.

The specimen is clamped in the measuring cell and loaded on the front with the test substance. The Measuring room is flushed with purified air on the back, where a part will flow to the concentration measurement in a PID handheld measuring instrument (E.g., Sirius of MSA Auer GmbH). The recording of the detector signal provides the Permeationskurve of the studied material chemicals pair and allows the determination of the permeation rate. Compact and mobile construction was carried out on the basis of development of IFA: out of the work of the IFA, no. 0304 (download under: ifa). The mobile Permeationsprufstand PERMOBIL is designed for testing of protective glove or chemical protective clothing materials on permeability to chemicals.

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