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Posted by marmara on October 3, 2012

The majority of the people when she was small already plays of game of the memory. This simple and amused trick gained diverse versions for Internet, therefore today already on-line exists the memory game. Following the trend that the children also do not leave the front of the computers, the games that before were played on of the table with the friends, can be played in solitary way through the Internet. One of the games most classic was composed for some parts that represent definitive figures in one of its sides. The figures are repeated in plus a part and all they are turned upside-down. Each player, in its time, must choose two parts and capsize, in order to find the two equal ones. If the player not to find the parts, must capsize upside-down and again leave the other to play.

The game finishes when the parts to finish, and wins that one that to obtain to find more pairs. In the memory game on-line functions in the same way. In case that you want to kill the homesicknesses of its infancy and to look for these games, it is possible to play of total gratuitous form in some sites. The memory games gratis can be found in diverse sites of games on-line and load very fast, not needing nor to make register in cadastre in the pages to use the service. The majority of the people, later whom it grows and it acquires responsibilities and commitments that not possua before, forgets the diversion and them games that played when were lesser. To grow is inevitable, but it is possible to make this without leaving of being ' ' criana' '. These simple tricks can make you to forget themselves estresse it, of the concerns of the work and the life of general form.

If you possess children, nephews or any child in house, does not leave to present these games simple and amused they. Currently, the children already are born knowing to bind and disconnect the computer and to enter in the Internet. But, most of the time, they do not know games of rocks as Domins, or letters, as the Mico celebrity. Great part of the children, nowadays, prefers to be playing in computer or in the video-game instead of playing ball with the neighbors, floor of stand of rolim (some nor know what it is this), to play of bicycle, to run in the gram. It presents for them its infancy and shows as you if it amused with these simple tricks. It has taken the children right now for it are of house, and use to advantage the day to be had fun to the outdoors. In case that it is raining or already either night, it uses to advantage to play with the games. If the child will be internauta, it presents them classic games of letters, or parts, as the game of the memory. Probably it will go to like very and will ask for to always play. This will stimulate its memory and reasoning, helping in the activities, also in the pertaining to school works.

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