Makeup Spring

Posted by marmara on February 22, 2016

A trend that comes back – pink makeup. His intensity and the radiance change according to seasons. This spring, pink makeup will be bright, almost powdered eyes and deeper on the lips. For the more adventurous, you can put it more intensively on the mobile eyelid. Michael Kors Collection for Estee Lauder, a collection of Egerie Shu Uemura, a collection Boudoir de Christian Dior. 2. Glowing nude.

Tone School in makeup trends spring 2010, is decorated with rainbow colors: pink and glowing, almost Pearl, for a person who breathes freshness and cleanliness. Close to the style of Baby Doll, tone luminous spring of 2010, approaching the opal shade. Collection Oh my rose de Lancome, defile Chloe printemps-ete 2010, a collection of Cotton Flower de Clarins. 3. Turquoise. With the arrival of a beautiful, warm days, turquoise color comes into its own. Very impressive it will look with a tan. Inspirational lightning, which blocks the view, it is applied with eye liner, creating a graphic look.

Well, very fashionable! Warning: Do not apply this color all the eyelid, it will look too bulky. ete Estee Lauder, pallet Alice aux Pays des Merveilles Urban Decay. 4. Blush. If this winter, make-up ran a trend-resolution bright makeup on eyes or lips, but at the same time maintaining a clear tone of a person, then in spring we are seeing the opposite trend. Glowing face and bears rosy-colored or apricot roses. Lips are nude, look easily decorated with white shadows, but underlined with ink. New Collection Rouge Make Up For Ever, Nars. 5. White eyelids. Often, fashion likes to play with the extremes. After a bright and busy winter makeup for the eyes will change to an ultra-light. White shadow or glow, with a metallic sheen shades willfully dwell on our eyelids to create a fresh and glowing look. Look Spring / Summer 2010 Givenchy. 6.Temno-brown hue. For evening makeup, jet-black and white will yield its place to make it easier, but equally intense hue. Black will be replaced brown, beige and white solid. Collection of Michael Kors Estee Lauder 7. Solid color. Let it be for a foundation or to the lips or eyelids, the shades close to nature, take place this spring. Collection Empreinte de Chanel, fashion show Spring / Summer 2010 Givenchy 8. Spangled glitter varnish. In the spring, our fingernails possess sequins. They will add a touch of light blue, gray or black, but with no hint of disco. Lucky opi Alice aux Pays des Merveilles exclusive at Sephora.

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Posted by marmara on February 20, 2016

Continuation of the transcript of the tape recording of the class: a HTSP can see how the Church has lost much credibility, even institutions which have greater credibility, was the Church in Peru, as many missionaries who worked on the peripheries Lima, they were passionate about Jesus Christ, and that would have allowed, that the Church has had a lot of credibility. In recent months, Eliot Lauer has been very successful. Today they have returned to their dioceses. Learn more about this topic with the insights from David Bershad. I do not know if many of us are doing things right. On the other hand has witnessed a church institution, and not a Church of Communion, the Church ends up falling into crisis. Therefore not attractive. The truth is to be recovered then this Trinitarian dimension, not only for the mission, but even that is the foundation of the whole Church.

The Church fathers speak of the Church as an icon of the Trinity. There is a very interesting book about Bruno Forte: a The icon of the Trinity Church The relationship between Church and Trinity. The truth is that this subject then for us, should be the focus of our reflection, and the center of our spirituality. Because it is our life in any case, we not only develop human, this is important and is more is very close to evangelization, this is important. Within this it is important to announce to the world the salvation that Jesus Christ has done, in a unique and universal. We found urgent problems such as unemployment, lack of work, the frustration of many young people who can not study, many men who do not have jobs, families in situations of frustration, social injustices.

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Berlin Peace Run

Posted by marmara on February 7, 2016

On Friday, May 24, about the Berlin peace run at the Brandenburg Gate in the 8th round, with Peter Maffay as Ambassador on Friday, May 24, is the Berlin peace run at the Brandenburg Gate in the 8th round. Peter Maffay is Ambassador of the peace race. Organised by Forum of civil peace service, set a sign against violence and for peace then again around 2000 students. Continues the cooperation with the company run taking place on the same day. Schools, schools and sports groups can sign up now.

Last year a new record was established with 2400 participants. In addition to running the commitment to peace in the foreground is at the same time. The students are looking for donors who donate an amount per erlaufener round in their environment. The donation supports peace projects worldwide. In particular, the barrel is a demonstration for peace. The young runner will show, that they jointly and with lots of fun also work here on a peaceful world spot. Peter Maffay is Ambassador for the peace run. He says children and adolescents committed at the Berlin peace run together, that this world will be peaceful.

I find very impressive!” He is the runner are the words: this world needs you! Together, it is possible to find a way out of the violence. If you go with, you are carrying the message of peace, in the world!” Dorte Doring and Florian Fischer are the project management of the peace race. Dorte Doring says: many people after violence in Berlin wonder how they can employ against violence. The peace run is an opportunity to show his commitment to peace.” Florian Fischer added: within the framework of the Bildungsprogrammes of the peace run the students deal with fairness, peace and conflict resolution in their everyday lives. Through the project days and the run the class climate is long term and to improve cooperation. ” Also the Berlin company run will take place on May 24. A long-term cooperation between company run and peace run. Stephan Sachs by the Companies running says: the Berlin company run takes place on the night, and happy we offer the peace run our infrastructure. The company run support always like social and societal concerns.” The coordination team of the two races have met to usher in the high phase of preparations. All children and young people are invited to participate in the running with their class. Interested adults can also run with or are volunteers. The registration documents arrive this week at the schools. Find a registration form and more information online at berlin carries out projects of the civil of peace service in Germany, the Middle East, the Western Balkans and in the Philippines via the Forum of civil peace service the Forum of civil peace service. The forumZFD calls for the expansion of civilian conflict management policy. About the company run the company run will take place already for the twelfth time this year. The companies run teams outside your workplace can play sports together and have fun. It is invited not only to work but also to the skating or walking. Dorte Doring, on behalf of the Forum of civil peace service

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