Linguistic Family

Posted by marmara on April 24, 2018

The linguistic family is constituted by a group of languages for which if she formulates a hypothesis of common origin, therefore, they are manifestations diverse and modified by the time of an ancestral language. For it, the biggest problem is that the majority of these ancestral languages is prehistoric, without no documentation. From studies description-comparative degrees of these languages, or at least of some characteristics of these, they are initiated of the discovery of the correspondence between them, through sounds, of words, grammatical forms, of at least two languages, formulating hypotheses on the differentiated derivation of the languages current. (Gomes, s/d) the Tupi-Guarani family, of which the Tupinamb (or Old Tupi) was part, if detaches enters the other families of the South America, thanks to the territorial extension where its languages are distributed. In century XVI, these languages were said in practically all the extension of the Brazilian coast and in the basin of the river Paran.

Today this lingustica family can be found in the Maranho, Par, the Amap, Amazon, in Mato Grosso, in Mato Grosso of the South, Gois, in So Paulo, in the Paran, in Santa Catarina, in the Rio Grande Do Sul, Rio De Janeiro and the Espirito Santo; beyond being found outside of Brazil, in the French Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina. Costuma to say that the language of the Brazilian aboriginals was the Tupi-guarani, without if it knows that it is committing an error. This Tupi-guarani is not nothing more than the ethnic trunk of the region colonized for the Spaniard who belong to the Tupi, as well as if it make reference to reference the Indo-European as linguistic trunk..

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The Experience

Posted by marmara on April 22, 2018

Here story them the experience of searching and finding a treasure that had hidden more than a hundred years. In order to maintain in confidence the names and places, for protect those involved in this real fact, omit appoint people who participated in these events, which I hope it does not subtract in no time the credibility of what counted here. A day Wednesday, in which lawyers as a whole had to meet in the community of the farmer, to the relief of a test in relation to the case of the latter, they decided to schedule the treasure hunt at the end of the aforementioned diligence. We set out to tackle the 4 x 4 full of detectors of treasures, tools for digging, jackets, water, gas, cigarettes, hats masks and everything that my friend was considered appropriate for support in the work vehicle. The peasant was US guiding along dirt roads, apparently little travelled by the poor condition in which they were. We circulate with difficulty for two hours, while the Lord told us in detail the origin and the details of the mysterious anecdote that his grandparents had told about the existence of a great treasure hidden in the case of the hacienda.

I have to confess, than to the reduced derivative cultural level of the peasant to his little lexicon and to the place where we traveled, the story that us recounted seemed me unlikely and even more the actual existence of a hidden treasure buried, so without expressing it, I had this feeling in my mind, without questioning anything that it listened to q. On the other hand, he saw the face of my colleagues and perceived a feeling similar to mine, however, it was evident that leave the path at the moment was no longer an option. We come to the case of the hacienda, which was a good first step of credibility, because a server was hesitant to go to find even a building in that area away from everything.

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Posted by marmara on April 19, 2018

The necessity of the man to know beyond which it can empirically, took to create novel methods to know it hidden and to predict what was about to come. The tarot and the future has been able to be united, offering an answer maintained in the time to that one constant demand of information. In this case, we will try to come near to the beginnings of the Tarot and its use, still today, like method of divination of the future. Although an accurate origin of the Tarot does not exist, widely it is spread that the origin of naipes is of old Egypt, being a derivation of the famous book of Thoth. This one is a sacred book that according to is created, was dictated by the Egyptian God Thoth, that owned the gift to the future anticipate and the measurement of the time, and was considered by the town able to handle to the life and destiny of each of them. From their then origins, the tarot and the future closely is related, being this one considered an old divinatory art.

From the engravings of the book of Thoth it derives the creation of the arcane majors that in fusion with arcane minors identify to the daily life. Tarot is as it is denominated to the letter set that locks up in the symbolic images of the arcane ones to the hermetic and esoteric knowledge of old spiritual teachers. Tarot and future are then, that one formula that is used for centuries in diverse cultures like prediction method. That the Tarot is a divinatory method, implies a contact with divinities. The tarotista is an intermediary between these and who consults, reason for which deep, suitable information is required with respect to the symbolism, the colors, the positions and the characteristics of letters. As well as it sends to special importance counting on an ample exercise of meditation that helps to reach a spiritual ascent and the self-knowledge to reach a fit interpretation. It could be said that the main element of prediction of this oracle is the inspiration, quality that will facilitate the revelation of mysteries of the unconscious one, since it always reveals hidden it and it offers to the consulting one to find precise the problem and, in this way, offers wise people advice so that the solution can be.

The tarot and the future forms an alliance inseparable, able to respond to the human curiosity, with respect to referring subjects to the material, physical world and to the spiritual. It is a fundamental element for the analysis of the future and looks for to give answers to those doubts that afflict to us. Bound, tarot and future could throw light on the way to follow in the antiquity and is a method that still today has use.

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Posted by marmara on April 14, 2018

A little prehistory: more than 15,000 years we were moving away from the trust and the Natural prosperity of the universe which we had as living beings at our stage of being nomadic and to transform ourselves into sedentary beings, possess (and property) made a virtue, we were moving gradually away from becoming and ourselves and we define being, and there began the race to produce nature. Meaning and sense: the term vocation (etymologically) comes from latin: Vocare whose verbal meaning is called. Its derivative vocatio means: called with purpose, dedication and sacrifice. Sacrifice = sacred profession. If the sacred is not only concerning religion or dogma, or relationship with God, but a notion of elements (spiritual and moral values, events, ideas, relationships, etc) that represent and sustain a society, we could induce (in general terms) that today means a trade or profession, more like a need for sustenance than as a connection with the spiritual spaces of human being. And it is here (in our opinion) where comes one of the current human crisis, since he was away from the sacred in everyday space.

I.e. perform daily activities that connect with your spirit, your creativity, expansion of their gifts and cultivate its relations and affection. Except in art-related professions, today we see this connection more as a distraction and a hobby, that as a way of being and living. Currently, the child and the adolescent prepares and steers (both in the family as a system) for racing profitable without contemplating their gifts. The human being already adult and career by getting is more concerned about having, and not delves into fundamental questions as who I am, who I want to be and what I want to do and how?, until at one point of his life feels embittered, frustrated, nothing of what makes complies and comes to personal crisis so strong that it reframes the sense of the life.

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Atomic Biography

Posted by marmara on April 9, 2018

Democritus Disciple of leucipo. (460 – 370 before Jesus Christ) it seems to have realised numerous trips and according to Diogenes Laercio. To have studied " with some magicians and heatings that the king jerjes, I leave by teachers its father when I stay in its house " although study in Athens, I am not related to philosophers attics of its time, thus permanecio relatively ignored, well that Aristotle talks about to, just like to leucipo, with the same detail that to the other pre-Socratic ones. In its metaphysics and other works. Decia Aristotle (of gene, cor ET.

315 to 35) that Democritus " not only it seems to have thought all the problems carefully, but to have distinguished of the rest of the philosophers by his method " the arguments of Democritus are, according to the estagirita, appropriate to their subject and derivatives of the knowledge of the nature. (ibid 316 to 12) even though as it indicates in metaphysics > and Phys, I AND II – they turn out insufficient by not to have considered multiple the meaning of cause and movement. The theories of Leucipo and Democritus were yet but you allow. (of gene. ET. Cor 324 to 1) But that no other previous philosopher emphasizes Democritus the uncertainty of the sensible impressions. It affirms that its origin is in something but fundamental that the sensation, the principles that it establishes in his explanation of the universe as much seem to be a synthesis of the eleatica doctrine as of the one of Heraclitus: " principles " the plenty and it emptiness, that is to say " TO BE " and not " SER" the being is the atoms, whose I number is infinite, and being different itself to each other not by sensible qualities, like homeomerias of Anaxagoras, but by its origin, he appears and position.

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Posted by marmara on April 3, 2018

The benefit of yogurt in our diet, is based on that it’s a food highly suitable for a good digestion, is rich in calcium and is suitable for taking it every day. To be rich in calcium is recommended for children, adolescents, for women during lactation and for the stage of menopause, also for the elderly still with problems chewing and after having suffered from any disease. For people who have problems with the assimilation of the milk, who present with digestive problems or different allergies, yogurt represents them a solution because it is easy to digest and not to the intestine. Yogurt is a food that can be compared with milk because it provides the same nutrients, vitamins and mineral salts such as calcium. The properties of yogurt are due to fermentation.

This is a process whereby milk becomes yogurt, improving the assimilation of lactose by some organisms and their living bacteria favor the regeneration of the intestinal as well as acting against diarrhea. In comparison with milk can say that 1 gram of yogurt contains a minimum of 10 to 100 billion live micro-organisms, the so-called Lactobacilli however the lache does not contain them. If it is necessary to reduce the caloric load is advisable to select nonfat yogurt, yogurts with mashed fruit are nutritious but increase calories. It is recommended to consume between two to four dairy a day in lots of 200 ml. Yoghurt is a product that has expiry date, that is why it is necessary to immediately store it in the fridge at a temperature below 8 C, above this temperature, bacteria begin to die and lose effectiveness. The daily requirement of calcium would be covered with four yogurts per day although it can also be covered with lots of cheese, milk and all its derivatives.

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