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Declared in the header of the theme of this note may seem strange and naive only because its readers are not familiar with the text of the original sonnet 67 of Shakespeare or not it can be for any reason, read carefully, to translate and analyze: Ah wherefore with infection should he live, And with his presence grace impiety, That sin by him advantage should achieve And lace itself with his society? Why should false painting imitate his cheek And steal dead seeing of his living hue? Why should poor beauty indirectly seek Roses of shadow, since his rose is true? Why should he live, now nature bankrupt is, Beggared of blood to blush through lively veins? For she hath no exchequer now but his, And, proud of many, lives upon his gains. O him she stores, to show what wealth she had In days long since, before these last so bad. The test is divided into stanzas of the original in order to draw readers' attention, possessing the qualities noted above, the main thing in this text, in its third stanza and key. At the same time so as not to tear these readers clumsy translation of the author and his translation is limited only marked parts of the sonnet. Ile he lives, the nature of the ring – bankrupt, and the blood of a beggar in order to burn with shame – now saves the last resource, and many proud, live it good? Oh, to show what value she belonged to it infamous these days do not keep it longer.

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History Of The Champions League

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Football – a game of millions, and perhaps anyone who even slightly interested in the most popular game with the ball, knows what the Champions League. This is not just a tournament, the Champions League trophy – a dream of every professional footballer. Initially, the tournament is hardly the name 'European Cup' and the first was held in the 1955-56 season's. This event took place a month after the first UEFA Congress, which took place on March 2, 1955 in Vienna. An interesting fact is that the idea of organizing a "European Cup" was not filed Football Association. No recently created Football Union was deeply concerned about the organization of international matches teams of honey, it is on the main body of European football was not until the invention of new features. The good man was found, thanks to which we now have great pleasure in seeing the Champions League. This man – Gabriel Ano, Editor French sports newspaper 'L'Equipe'.

He suggested creating competition among teams at the European scale. To conduct a new tournament matches, Ano, along with his counterpart, Jacques Ferrer offered on Wednesday evening. Team authoritative magazine L'Equipe agreed that invite to participate in the tournament the most profitable titulovanye most clubs. Rules of the French magazine was supported, in the first match of the tournament of the new 'Sporting' and 'partisan' dispersed in a draw, scoring each other in Lisbon on three goals. In the second leg, which is already held in Belgrade, with devastating lissabontsy lost 5-3, and 'Guerrilla', defeated, passed to the next round.

The first years the existence of the European Cup marked the total dominance of Real Madrid. Royal Club took the first five trophies (1956 -1960 season). The author of the second, but less impressive series of victories in the ketch, was Ajax Amsterdam. Dutch club could become the owner of three consecutive Cup season (seasons 1971 1973). Just three years in a row champion Cup Champions League Bayern Munich Stavan. Yet to say that in Cup history was long-term dominance of one of the clubs can not. For example, the same Real Madrid after the Cup in 1966, knew victory in the tournament 32 years, until 1998. And fans of Ajax, sat down after a triumphant 70's, waited for the most prestigious trophy for 22 years. Bavaria, in 2001, won the Milan and produced the first victory in the ketch after 26 years of failure. In the history of the Champions League is worth noting the period from 1977 to 1984. That's when Liverpool won four victories. This fact deserves a separate mention because they won a victory mersisaydtsy practice different compositions. 1992/93 season was perhaps the turning point in the development of the tournament. It was then when to replace the Champions Cup Champions League came. Changed and format of the tournament. By stage of playoffs was added the group stage, which tested a year before a formal decision. The number of teams in the main draw of the Champions League has increased from 8 to 32. First of all, it caused the increase in popularity of the tournament.

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The Documents

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Talk to knowledgeable people can be in the company that you will still find the flow advertisements placed in a special building publications. Know from experience: when you ring up two dozen companies, real options may be few. Can say in advance: we'll have to visit all of your selected firms, of course, if you're interested in results, not. Alas, in advertising which just do not offer! And, unfortunately, is not always reality coincides with the write (or tell you over the phone firm manager). Therefore, the trip to the company – a good way to ensure integrity advertiser.

In companies with extensive practical experience servicing visitors worked out: in addition to the catalog with samples of window lattices and price, firms tend to offer the customer visit their exhibition stands and on site to assess the quality of welding the individual elements of the lattice. Here you can discuss with a specialist design and reliability of painting the finished product, choose the profile for the grating. And do not Remember to look at the documents, allowing the company to manufacture and assemble them into buildings. Choosing – choose So what should you know? The first step in a good solid company will tell you that the window bars differ Method of attachment. They are stationary (ie non-operable), folding (with opening one or two doors) and sliding (produced according to the type of pantograph – sliding hinge parallelogram) and removable (Fireplace units are mounted in the doorway, framing grid attached to a wall on the screw-topped bolts).

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