Geomarketing Software Regiograph Analysis, Planning And Strategy In Comparison

Posted by marmara on February 21, 2017

Regiograph 2012 – the current versions of analysis, planning & strategy at a glance Geo marketing software is today firmly part of most companies in Germany. Geo marketing software allows not only the field a structured an unprecedented extent planned are, but the overall planning of the field benefited from the use of software for Geo-marketing. It is independent, whether it is a small business, a medium-sized company or a global corporation – efficient Vetriebsplanung the key to the long term successful economies. Due to the wide range of geo-marketing software, users is restricted sense, for any business, whether small entrepreneurs, the same Geo marketing software to use. The Vetriebsplanung in a global corporation has certain problems with which a small business together, however, the needs in the field planning in large groups are often much more comprehensive. Also should a suitable for different needs Geo marketing software also cover those needs. Different versions are one reason for the great success of geomarketing software district by fiberglass Geo marketing in Germany and also worldwide.

The three versions of Vertriebsplanungs software Regiograph analysis, Regiograph planning and Regiograph strategy are the different needs of the Vetriebsplanung and also the various budgets of the individual companies taken into account. 2012 Regiograph analysis is the introduction to the professional planning of the field staff with the help of geomarketing software. The main focus of geomarketing software Regiograph analysis lies in the analysis of sales potential in familiar markets, but also new markets can be examined as well on sales potential. Where are especially lucrative customers still good, which markets offer sales potential? -These are just two questions answered for the sales planning with Regiograph analysis can be. Regiograph planning is the professional Geo marketing and Vertriebsplanungs software to the Vetriebsplanung and of the field. In addition to the Analysis ToolPak, containing also the version Regiograph analysis Regiograph includes planning many tools to make the sales and distribution more efficient, or to reorganize as the area planning wizard, the automatic area planning and optimisation, extensive Gebietsreporting etc.

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Thinking Aloud

Posted by marmara on February 18, 2017

Severodvinsk my city where I was born, where I live. But at the same time I am afraid of him. Why? I dread to think what I'll do next. Few opportunities, some limitations, not giving a free card to reveal themselves. The youth of our city doing nothing, ruin oneself by drink. At it's just terrible to watch.

And what she has to deal with. That's just not necessary to say that is not "my fault". This life is a bad influence streets, lack of attention of parents. We have for themselves in response and the need to think about what we do, how we live. If you are as you live, so you like it.

But you have to fight and prove to everyone that you stand more that you can. Why? I always ask this question. Why nowadays so many no justice, violence. Probably everyone was asking myself the question "What is needed to survive in this crazy world?". In fact, this question embodies the meaning of life. And everyone at some point in his life thought about it. Many people think that the meaning of life is to live, work and improve their living conditions, provide for his family and then maybe lived to 70 – 80 years old, to die. But is this true? Also there is another view that the meaning of life is the acquisition of material wealth. And life will be happy and only makes sense. Most important thing to understand that for you is the true goal. And go for it. Believe in it. I believe that one day everything on the earth change for the better. May it's just an illusion. But I think the main thing to believe. Illusions, just to live in his world. Each of us has his own social circle. Anyone looking for friends with common interests. There is a wise saying, "Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are." People around you should share your interests. Look at the world the same way. After all, friends are not even home, but part of your life. The main thing is not wrong. People by imposing their own interests, you impose your lifestyle. And it must be in time to see what this person is really sincere to you. Indeed, in our time so much lies and deceit. Stumble costs nothing, but to get up and move on is difficult. People have become violent, closed. And who is to blame? We yourself! We will demolish the world with their hands. We go to the betrayal, lies substituting each other only to himself was not at the expense. In fact, this weak people who are ready to despair of anything.

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CSB Drilling

Posted by marmara on February 16, 2017

Diesel Generator Set Cummins have all the necessary characteristics of the energy equipment used to supply drilling. The work of drilling equipment differs rezkoperemennymi uneven loads (high multiplicities of inrush currents), in this connection special importance Such a characteristic Cummins diesel generator set when working on objects of drilling. CSB specialists on the basis of experience and long-term interaction with drilling organizations developed a series of standard solutions to power drilling rigs. At This diesel power plants (DPP), a container equipped with a distribution device performance (EDM) on voltage of 0.4 and 6.3 kV and transformer substations. Select the type of equipment used, the voltage generator and the output voltage depends on the power station, the distance the energy complex, the supply voltage of drilling equipment and other factors. Depending on the installed equipment on the rig, as well as from the conditions of the contract, as options are available: More DPS reactive power compensation devices block-modules of social and domestic emergency diesel power plant can be arranged fuel supply, delivery, accommodation and catering staff on-site energy drilling specialists References CSB on the basis of experience and long-term interaction with drilling organizations developed a model solution for the energy supply rig rig 2900-3000 EUK. The project is coordinated by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision. Stand-alone diesel power container type, such as CSB-W 10006.3 KH 20" based on Cummins engines ACT 50 (2 DSU), the TPCC 0,46,3 kV, operator warehouse of spare parts. Operation of own staff.

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International Foundation

Posted by marmara on February 16, 2017

Figure 3. Intelligence spiritual holistic education model works with a new paradigm that leaves behind the dogmatic, scientistic and Relativistic thinking, to give step to a vision of integrity and transdisciplinarity. Spiritual intelligence seeks to resolve the problem of hedonism and nihilism that spread with Postmodernity and which have brought more suffering to humans with your false assumption of seeking pleasure and moral relativism. Spiritual intelligence works with the eye of contemplation and develops the capacity to be happy, happiness as the capacity for self-knowledge, understanding of the joy that is born of our inner being and recognize what we really are; spiritual beings. The development of spiritual intelligence is achieved with the triple (Gallegos, 2007) training: practical care full, practical ethics, and practical wisdom.

Triple spiritual intelligence training is achieved through the practice of mindfulness, whose purpose is the self-knowledge, the observation of our inner being, mindfulness is observing things even-handed, without judging, this practice helps to resolve both internal and external conflicts. The practice of ethics or moral development means living the universal values as a fraternity, love, peace, freedom, honesty, etc., not only learn them from memory way but understood its true meaning and put them into practice, be ethical means being compassionate and loving with others, respect for all beings. The practice of wisdom consists in the ability to understand the ultimate reality, which is beyond the reality that presented us in everyday life is the third practice of training Eyes with which he looks at me to me, are the same that I look at him to him. Bibliography GALLEGOS NAVA, r.

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The Abdomen

Posted by marmara on February 15, 2017

Therefore, youth leather bags are chosen format except for some cases, but for everyday use – textiles. Colors, images, descriptions, and sometimes even the shape of youth bag is capable of causing a state of bewildered stupor almost any adult. What do you say when he saw the dragon-bag? Not the picture-dragon, and a sort of stylish backpack, sewn in the shape of a dragon. Reptiles in the abdomen – the castle, wings wide open playful and lie on the shoulders of the owner, the tail of the "spear" cheekily bent down, her head bared to the rock above the mouth nastily shoulder, claws gently hug the owner's neck. In adult eyes fly open in surprise, and young people happy is such bags with prints, especially if the "dragon" a lot of pockets – it must comfortably accommodate a lot of things. Technical college student can easily come to school with a bag made from a floppy, or a bag to simulate the keyboard (where the keys are not drawn, and – full imitation, they stand out above the base). A here is a humanitarian rather prefer a bag-cry – a kind of bag, tightened the top rope handle, with a pattern of human teeth, creaking, the figure is designed in such a way that it seems that this man suspended by his hair, and rope handle is an extension of the hair.

Another option for humanities bags – string bag with a smiling face, the slot-handles are just the "mouth", and the overall impression that draw people biting the hand. Bag in the form of a piece of cheese – a bag for girls who love good food. In this bag looks like that of cheese and wants to cut a slice. The bright, eye-catching bags with Chinese designs and applications in the form of flowers, leaves, butterflies, birds – this is bags for creative, unusual, bright girls. This is – bags for optimists who believe firmly in the winter that is about to spring comes, and everything in the world will be just fine.

These bags provide an easy and joyful mood, they are able to get rid of the blackest melancholy. Bags for students and pupils, school bags are more conservative in form, but also differ in brightness of colors. In a supplement to such bags are usually attached various trinkets – soccer balls, shoes, monkeys and birds. Bags in the style of "emo" replete with pictures of skulls, skeletons, blood droplets. Found the combination of skulls and hearts – life and death, Romeo and Juliet, love and betrayal, all in one. For youth bag can almost accurately "calculate" personality of its owner. Well, if you have your passport out of the teenage years, but you still like the youth bags, and you even wear them, it means that your soul is preserved in the brightness and recklessness of youth. Because the youth – this is not the date of the passport, it is – a state of mind.

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The Creative Man De Mitos

Posted by marmara on February 6, 2017

The ecological movements today propose new myths to us, therefore the GAIA hypothesis, (Greek Earth goddess, the one of wide sine, eternal and unshakeable support of all the things, according to Hesiod), is a good reason to see the Earth not like a machine according to the present model, but like a living organism, car-regulated that there is to take care of. The mythical resource allows the knowledge us of as much normal the human being, as pathological, it has served as support to psychiatry and the psychoanalysis; without its contribution, Freud it would not have unravelled the famous Oedipus Complex. Against the impoverished rationalism, and the opaque life of the consumer and technocratic society, the myths abren to an ample field of knowledge on the man and the universe to us. The humans we are creative of mitopoiticos myths, beings, (of the Greek poiesis, creation), and mythologies reveal the identity to us of the human soul.

Indeed, except for the difference of names, the fabulous personages are identical, moved by the same passions and the same instincts, invested with similar attributes, even though race and atmosphere circumstances print variety to their appearances . (Joseph Campbell). Utnapishtin and Noah, the Osiris and Quetzacoatl, Hermes and Mercurio, the Greek Zeus and the American Manit, the Scandinavian Walhalla or the Greek Mount Olympus, are some of their more remarkable examples; to sum up, one is not to believe literally in them, but to give a existential interpretation them.

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