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The modern inquiry is engaged, with other ways of representation and other species of production of the being who if characterizes for the will. ' ' Vontade' ' , understood as basic trace of the entity of the being, it is, so radically, the identification of the being with what it is current is transformed into unconditional fallibity of the general objetivao. However modern science nor serves to an end that first is considered it, nor looks one ' ' truth in si' '. It is, while a way of objetivao calculated of the being, a condition established for the proper will of will, through which this guarantees the domain of its essence. However all the behavior that if relates with the being testifies, in this way, already it is certain to know of the being, but it certifies the incapacity simultaneously of, for its proper forces, to remain in the law of truth of this to know. Metaphysics is the history of this truth.

It says what the being is, while it appraises the entity of the being. About the entity of the being the being thinks metaphysics, without, however, to be able to consider, for its way to think, the truth of the being that it remains the unknown bedding and baseless However this to interrogate must think metaforicamente, valley to say, not more Metaphysical. In an essential direction, such to question remains ambivalent. Being that each objective question is already a bridge for the reply. Essential reply they are, constantly, only the last step of the proper questions.

The essential reply haure its force supported in the insistence of asking. The essential reply it is only the start of a responsibility. In it awaken interrogating more originarily. It is also, therefore, that the authentic question is not suppressed by the joined reply. The difficulties to follow the thought of the preleo are of two species.

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The Acceptance

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To take in account the potentialities and limitations of the child deaf person, allows that it reveals its espontaneidade and its differences. Differences that do not become it an inferior or less capable being, but different as all human being. Playing is permeado by the desire, in the fulfilling of necessities that cannot be satisfied; it is, therefore, guided for its affective dimension, the resources of the imagination. Thus, the dimensions cognitiva and affective are basic to understand the contribution of playing to the infantile development. The child acts makes in it of account to satisfy its necessities more immediate and to carry through activities that not yet she dominates, living deeply relative aspects to its reality. All playful activity can be applied in diverse etrias bands, being able to suffer intervention in its methodology from application, in the organization, and in its strategies, developing you vary abilities in the child, providing to them amusement, pleasure, I stimulate intelectivo, harmonious development, auto control and auto accomplishment In accordance with Antunes (1998), the game it allows that the child, as well as the adult, carries through everything how much desires, therefore the game possesss socializador character of the impulses, the acceptance of the rules, but without if it alienates they, rank who the same ones are reestablished, for the people who play, and not tax for any alienist structure.

Playing it is possible to explore the espacialidade, constructing a shortcut between the unconscious world where it would desire to live and the real world where it lives. According to Oliveira (1996), the playful activity makes possible advance in the habitual abilities of the child, therefore it allows that its action is guided stops beyond its daily behavior; therefore all game can be used for many children, but its effect on intelligence will be always personal and impossible to be generalized. The children construct the knowledge from the interactions that establish eat other people and with the way where they live.

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