Cuisine Latina

Posted by marmara on July 31, 2018

Years ago in a trip we made to Puerto Rico, some friends invited us to eat English Muffins of corn with cod in the mountains of Cayey, I remember when we came back, on the road were inhabitants of the place that sold the popular recao (mixture to prepare sofrito-based green peppers, onion, garlic, sweet peppers, cilantro and culantro) in a few plastic containers. As a good lover of cuisine we always liked to experiment with new flavours. So we ask our friends to us parasemos at the edge of the road to buy one of those containers. We take it to our hotel and from there to our House. Everytime we were preparing soups, beans and stews, we had him a few teaspoons of oregano, which was in an extraordinary taste. Then we read in an interview that Boxer Puerto Rican Tito Trinidad everytime he traveled to defend his world champion title, her mom prepared him a container of recao so his assistants to prepare soups. More recently, a few friends here in Miami, we were invited to enjoy a Colombian sancocho, accompanied by some fabulous green plantains with a sofrito, Colombians call him hogao; they prepared it with finely chopped chives, stepped on or crushed garlic, tomato cut into small cubes (concasse) and a touch of adobo.

Then we share another invitation with other friends of Cuban origin, and gave us a banquetazo with the famous tail on that day inquire with our friend and Chef of great battles, Don Bernardo, who prepared the dish. The ingredients used, were more or less common to the of the traditional sauce. The delicacy of the dish made me think the parallelism with the coffee that we all take. We all use the same ingredients, but in every house they have their secret, and its flavor. Hence was born the inspiration to investigate and write about the sofrito in Latin American cuisine.

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The Ice

Posted by marmara on July 27, 2018

4. Funds for a fire in a sealed packet (matches, dry alcohol, paper, etc.) should always be dressed in a fisherman in his pocket to have a tightly sealed plastic bag with a box of matches and a small combustible material. For example, a dry alcohol, and folded a few times a sheet of paper. It takes little space and very helpful if the clothes get wet, a fire to dry. 5. Dry socks, wrapped in plastic bag.

6. Hermetically packed cell phone. How to navigate on the ice 1. Move water over the ice only in good visibility. 2. It is desirable to keep the group.

3. The first is an experienced fisherman. 4. distance between fishermen should be 5 meters. 5. Go checking ice cessfully, sliding step, without removing the feet of ice. 6. "" on the chest, or both in children mittens with elastic band. 7. If you ski, you have to undo the fixing and lift the loop sticks with it. 8. Bypass sites with dark, honeycombed ice. 9. It is better to leave the ice on the tracks of others or where clear vision of security gathering. 10. Safe ice thickness – 10 cm per 100 kg. 11. Go on the ice better with friends. If disaster struck – you failed. What should I do? – No panic, do not make any sudden movements, breathe as deeply and slowly – raskinte hand in hand and try to catch on the edge of the ice, having betrayed the body horizontal position in the direction of the flow – try to gently lean forward on the edge of the ice and throw one and then another leg on the ice; – Choose from sage, rolled back, and then crawl in the direction whence came: because the ice is already tested for durability.

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Russian Cossacks

Posted by marmara on July 26, 2018

1996) led to the process of revival of the Cossack went beyond the social movement. Cossack organizations have official status, the ability to coordinate activities at the federal level. The Cossacks were granted the right to carry the public service, including military, customs, nature protection. Of course, that society is interested in the possibilities of adapting to a resurgent Cossacks current conditions, finding the best ways to use it. What niche will take the Cossacks in the Russian state and society of the XXI century? What is the Russian Cossacks in the past and present? That, strictly speaking, we are actively 'Revive' and trying to 'use'? These issues are the researchers, the townsfolk, Cossacks themselves for centuries.

LN Tolstoy said that the Cossacks have created a Russia that every man would like to become a Cossack. Many historians, writers, Cossacks themselves were asked questions about the origin of the Cossacks, that is the same as the Cossacks phenomenon in world history? It appears that the Cossacks should be regarded as a military community – multiethnic social community, formed in the border area – the frontier, the distinguishing feature of which is the military profession as the main occupation. Virtually all countries in the period of feudalism there were various paramilitary groups performing specific functions related to military service in the broadest sense. These groups can be attributed rekonkistadorov on the Iberian Peninsula; knights in Switzerland Gaidukov, Cleft, granichar Balkans haydamaks in Ukraine; Gurkhas in India, the samurai in Japan, etc.

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Seminar Description

Posted by marmara on July 25, 2018

Target optimization: Decide on the amount of the variable salary staff finally it should not go to in determining the remuneration on the fish market in Hamburg or the Viktualienmarkt in Munich! Instead, employees can set both towards achieving the aspired target altitude and salary resulting resulting in achievement of target in advance even. The participants of the speakers Gunther Wolf, has developed the target optimization variable salary system and its practical implementing in companies often accompanied learn how the system works and why it is especially motivating. So, the seminar participants in Munich and Hamburg directly from first-hand learn what is important in analyzing in advance, as well as in the planning and implementation of a modern objective and content system. Appropriate measures for different business goals to heard not only the employees the necessary means to provide instruments and decision-making powers and the Executives to train their staff on the way to the target motivating to accompany; Rather, also measured variables suitable for the quantitative and qualitative business objectives should be selected in advance, which are then laid down in the target agreements. Last but not least it is important to remember that the organs of the employee representatives to include are always in transformation of the content. At an early stage to get them in the boat and to convince that brings profit, both the company and its employees, of a system is always better than to engage in grueling confrontations over the salary to be paid. Seminar dates in Munich and Hamburg the seminars in Munich and Hamburg, addressed members of the management and human resources, who want to establish a motivating goal and in the enterprise’s salary system for 2014.

Interested parties who want to learn to do this, at an early stage, should be free already following dates: at the 14.05.2013 seminar in Munich place and a day later, at the 15.05.2013 in Hamburg. Organizers of both seminars is the renowned publishing house Dashofer from Hamburg. Also the following dates for 2013 in Frankfurt, Cologne, Leipzig, Hanover, Dusseldorf and Berlin have already been determined and Center variable remuneration shall be communicated upon request by the competence like.

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