Santa Caterina

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Western group consists of resorts Sestriere, La Thuile, Courmayeur, Aosta / Pila, Cervinia and Gressoney. Located on the border with France and Switzerland, they repeat their best features: excellent modern system of lifts and well thought out network of groomed trails. Courmayeur has a total ski area of Chamonix, French, and is connected to Cervinia ski lifts with the Swiss resort of Zermatt. Eastern a group of resorts Dolomitic image of the region of the Alps (Madonna di Campiglio, Val di Sole, Val di Fiemme, Val Harden, Val di Fassa, of Cortina d Ampezzo and Kronplatz) Alt and Valtellina (Bormio, Santa Caterina, Livigno),. Among the Russian The most popular ski resorts deservedly enjoyed the Dolomites and Cervinia. Of these resorts will write more: In the north-west Italy, in the Trentino and the Veneto, is a unique creation nature of the Dolomites.

This mountain range is composed mainly of colored stone and dolomite limestone, which form an almost vertical slopes and fancy tops, podpiryuschie sky. At the base of the mountains, covered with slopes with pine forests and green meadows. The highest peak in the Dolomites – Marmolada mountain (3,343 meters). It's amazingly beautiful mountains! They can be infinitely admire and dawn hours when the sun's rays gild the mountain peaks, and the valleys are deep drowsy shadows, they are blindingly bright winter day, when the snow-covered slopes clearly and boldly silhouetted against a bright sky, they are fantastic at sunset hour, when the play of light and shadow makes it almost weightless creamy rock.

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Management Systems

Posted by marmara on August 24, 2016

The most popular management systems are 1C-Bitrix, NetCat, Joomla, etc. Of course, a crucial role in the effectiveness the site is its content, that for which the user comes to your website. It is important to understand that the information must be relevant, useful and interesting. On the corporate site user must be provided information that allows to explore the full range of the company, the quality of the goods or services and any other information to assess the benefits of treatment is to your company. Place on the corporate website advertising – a bad practice, it irritates the user and as a consequence of such a visitor will not return to your site. If you can not refuse advertising, it is necessary to provide a special, clever advertising space, where it will not interfere with your site visitors. We do not undertake to give accurate information and logical structure of a corporate site, as too much of their diversity and structure and ways of presenting information.

We can consider only an indicative structure of the corporate site of a manufacturing company: Company – This section provides general information about the company (Main activities, the history of the firm, information about successes and achievements, certificates) and a catalog of current vacancies. Press-center – the life of any growing company is dynamic and full of events, the most important and significant of They can be placed in this section – news, promotions, publications, etc. Our dealers – This section answers the question: where to buy? Section is represented as a list of dealers with their contact phone numbers, addresses, etc. Products – general Information about products, its features and benefits. Here you can also add information about the plant, which produced products, the technology of production, etc. Catalog – assortment of products presented in an easy to use and beautiful catalog Contact Us – important information for visitors on how to find you, where to send the letter and how to contact you. Here we need to put interactive road map and a feedback form (a special form that allows the user to quickly and easily send you a message directly to the site.)

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First Coaching Convention In Germany

Posted by marmara on August 15, 2016

The first coaching Convention in German-speaking countries will take place from 14-16 March, 2008 at the Hyatt Regency in Cologne. “Hamburg, February 22, 2008, the motto is: public and business meet coaching”. There the audience meets experts hands-on, practical and authentic. The whole is supported by numerous coaching associations and organizations. The Convention aims to bring coaching to a wider audience.

To possible prospects, coaches and industry unite, to interact in the context of a community. Prominent coaches known run pulse talks and lectures from radio and television at the Convention workshops, coaching sessions, live: E.g. Sabine Asgodom, Dr. Petra Bock, Gabrielle ten Hovel, Dr Gundel Kutschera, Anita Hamilton and Theresia Maria Wuttke. Dr. Stefan Fradrich, Slatco Sankar. Germany’s well-known business mediator meets the most striking representative of the provocative style. You and Healthmanagement meets the pioneer of business and spirit Pabst on the iron.

Hypnosis is the bestseller of the sale and in turn the brand specialists. Hawk meets horse. “In addition wants to coach Stephane Etrillard visitors with sovereignty to success” result. The author of over 30 books, which belong to the business-top sellers, is popular interviewee for the press by “Cash” to “ManagerSeminare” about “Focus Money” and welcome guest in talk sessions and panel discussions. Also will be Dr. Noni Hofner, known for her books, seminars, and television appearances. It makes couples therapy for over 20 years and is one of the most prominent representatives of the provocative style. For years she has successfully”lectures on the art of marriage breakdown. “Also: Europe’s best-known memory trainer Gunter meets the inner pig dog”. For the first time coaches will be honored a special award of the organizer and the coaching magazine horizon in the German-speaking area with an award person”. Editor Alexander Maria Fassbender: Coaching is more than just business. Should be the subject of make much more public. In America you can coach all even housewives. This is perhaps going too far. “But in Europe, almost half of coaching clients could be from the 80 million Germans.” “” Press inquiries and accreditation: Martina Wagner, E-Mail: Web: Web2: press area / Tel. 0180-313013-34 fax. 0180-31301335 Organizer: COACHINGarea / COACHINGarea ++ coaching Convention ++ coaching magazine “horizon man” + the coach search engine “Your – coach” ++ * inform * experience * moving * inspire

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The German Hospital Federation

Posted by marmara on August 13, 2016

Therefore he is direct, according to a report by health insurance companies”, believes that. that no AOK must raise an additional contribution. Only requirement is that the Federal Government stick to its interpretation of the law. One of the few reasons behind that”, which arguably the BMG ultimately is undeniable. The spare funds already publicly resist that long existing pension costs of the General local health insurance (AOK) and the Guild of health insurance (IKK) amounting to around 10 billion euros, for which no reserves were formed, be financed in the future from the health fund. The pensions for the so-called DO employees, officials similar status, workers are paid so far just from the current revenue.

The question is, where will the money come from, if not from the health fund? To the AOK and IKK levy from the outset additional posts for that? If the money from the health fund, then AOK and IKK would receive in time for the financial cover their according to more money, during which, as the replacement cashboxes Pension commitments made, would be correspondingly less. The BMG sees in these pension costs”no debt but only possible future commitments. So to talk finances itself in the BMG beautifully. This dilemma will be solved well over the level of contributions to the health fund. Is comforting only that it is a smaller and smaller as persons, which includes currently but at least still around 10,000 people and their families. Hospitals complain that the Lander, but at different heights, shorten the investment promotion for years. In January 2007, the service for social policy reported that only 2.7 billion euros would be paid by all provinces in 2006. The investment promotion – 44,34% would then have been reduced since 1991. The German Hospital Federation, based on an opinion of the Rhenish Westphalian Institute for economic research (RWI) and the auditing firm BDO, currently speaks of a Under-funding of up to EUR 3 billion, taking into account of the personnel cost increases expected from the ongoing collective bargaining round for the public service.

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The Best Way For The Ages To Provide

Posted by marmara on August 12, 2016

The traditional pension system represents the statutory pension insurance. This pension system includes also the so-called age part-time law. But unfortunately the future of this pension is not very rosy. Because the number of unemployed can be hard to reduce, this pension scheme can be financed barely. Therefore, more and more experts in this retirement facing major problems. Fortunately, there is also a private old-age provision. In any case, you would be well advised if it completes a Sofortrente.

Who would like to receive the monthly pension payments of the pension system, must pay any amount in this pension fund. In return, the policyholder receives a lifetime pension payout. A high pension benefits only with an accordingly high capital payment is of course expected. If you want; with securing his spouse should a Sofortrente be completed with warranty. Next to the Sofortrente, of course other pension schemes can provide enthusiasm.

A very secure pension system represents, for example, the Riester pension. This pension system became active on January 1, 2002. Of course it is pension also the Riester to a lifetime pension payout. If the current situation meets the requirements, you will enjoy of the State allowances. Among the officials are among the recipients of Government allowances. Of course the allowances for different people be different. A great deal of attention deserves also the Rurup pension. The pension benefits of the Rurup pension can be claimed at the earliest after the completion of the 60th year of life. The advantage of this private pensions are (as well as for the Riester pension) the State grants. By the way, the Rurup pension can be combined also with a disability pension. A very popular retirement system represents the company pension plan. Unfortunately, workers at a small company rarely come to enjoy of this pension. But how is this pension system funded? This is the so-called Extract money conversion to use. In this conversion, the employee receives a bit less content. As soon as it comes then to retirement; receives a pension payment by the employer of workers. There are so many ways; how you can get a nice retirement. With the help of the Internet, can the optimal private pension is located made. Lena Marie

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Finding a niche is not to invent new products or services, to see the needs of other people (consumers) and then offer alternatives to their satisfaction. An example: For many years, lefties have been forced to use tools designed for use with the right hand, which is quite difficult. (If you are clever, try to write with his left hand, or fill a glass with milk or soda, or try to wind the watch on the wrist right). The things those designed for right-handed people, lefties and then to pass through hell to use, and that we all seemed "normal." Until someone discovered that there was a market for left-handed people willing to buy products designed for them to enable them to carry out daily tasks with greater ease. Here is the niche market items designed exclusively for use by lefties. This market niche existed before there products, but no one had noticed. And really there were also products.

Only minor modifications to suit this new market and ready to meet needs that were not covered. THE GOLDEN RULE No. 1: Find a market first that guide you and discover what they are seeking. Then looking for a product to cover demand and put it in the light of your potential customers. It is what is called market niche finding a niche market find correctly, your website will always Seller EARNINGS. But how do we find a profitable niche? To find them, we must do the following: 1. Identify market niches within a larger market segment.

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Insurance Tips

Posted by marmara on August 9, 2016

1. Contact your insurance consultant quotation from 10-15 insurance companies, compare rates and make your choice. Do not buy insurance because it offers a salon, or because you saw the ad this insurance company. 2. Get quotes, ask your insurance representative, due to which you can reduce the cost of insurance: a way of settlement of losses, the presence of a franchise, use of diminishing the sum insured, a certificate of accident-free driving, discounts for their transition to another company, special specials. programs, etc. 3. Selecting an insurance company, remember that you do not immediately pay the full cost of insurance.

Most insurance companies give opportunity to pay more insurance payments (in some cases even without appreciation!). 4. Remember that the hull policy – this is your protection against the risks of "Theft" and "Damages." This policy does not cover the risks of temporary or total loss health of the occupants, as well as third party liability. To protect against these risks must be insured under the program third party liability insurance (compulsory and voluntary) as well as from an accident. 5. casco policies, usually sold together with the policy osago (Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance).

However, not all know / remember that your cmtpl third party liability in the amount insured, which may be insufficient to cover the real costs of third parties through your fault: osago provides insurance protection in an amount not over 120,000 rubles in damage to property (vehicle) of one victim and 160.000 rubles for personal injury or death a victim. Therefore, in addition to the compulsory motor tpl insurance, we also strongly recommend purchasing policies dsago (Voluntary Motor vehicle liability insurance). There are such policies are cheap (in the range 1,500 rubles for a policy with an insurance of 1 million rubles), while significantly minimizing the risks of accidents with expensive cars. 6. Inscribes in policy people with zero experience (especially before age 25 years), do not be surprised that the cost of insurance will rise considerably, as young people with minimal driving experience – the most risky category for insurance companies. 7. In review it is necessary to understand in detail how "arranged" Your insurance, as well as under what conditions and in what time frame is the settlement of damages. 8. Remember that additional equipment (not included in the of the box) are insured separately. Model Hull policy, which is not made optional, will not allow you to receive insurance compensation for your extra set of tuning elements, audio and video equipment and other accessories. 9. In the insurance contract for less than 1 year should be remembered that this is not very profitable, because In this case, insurance companies do not simply divide the value of the annual policy on the appropriate number of months, but to apply the multiplying factor. 10. When concluding a contract of insurance on used car should make copies of relevant documents for the car (right all persons admitted to the management, powers of attorney, vehicle registration document, registration certificate) and be prepared to clean car insurance representative during daylight hours for inspection and photography. The above information – only a small part of what you need to know and understand when insuring your car.

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Internet Backgammon

Posted by marmara on August 5, 2016

Currently, not much available all sorts of games, which is definitely an opportunity not only fun to spend your time, but and have a unique chance to improve their human thinking. In this category of games are popular games such as chess itself and in addition to backgammon. Uniquely for many centuries these games are very popular among residents in full the entire planet. Thus, one of factors such prevalence is worth mentioning that nuance, that win over the opponent at chess or backgammon is really everyone can fully regardless of their age, and of course sex is clear in the version that experience in the game he will be more than the second player. Directly about chess, there are many interesting and useful books in this study and describes different methods, both in attack and in the protection of all its chess pieces. Besides chess vain recognized type of sport, but because as a game that's the reality of this is 'gymnastics for the mind' to be able to play it on a mandatory basis should absolutely anyone who wanted to develop their own thinking. Must at the same time say that the Backgammon is less popular than chess, except of course certain areas of our state are now able to captivate a very impressive array of our compatriots. In addition, such a game, compared with chess, there are several modifications that explicitly allows us to make it even more directly known among people of different ages.

Considerable corresponding value in the amount of satisfaction which will be the residents of our state, playing in these games, no doubt has something, what exactly sets they will use it. Naturally, for having the desire to battle chess itself, even a road set of ugly, tiny figures can provide satisfaction, but to truly enjoy the game, you can only play smart as well as original figures supplied stylish and high-quality chess set. Besides the attractive chess sets natural and exotic, on execution of backgammon perfectly fit the image magnificent gift. They are simply not hesitate to donate a loved one, either directly, even his own boss is not worrying about something like this if they present and whether they play the games. Due to the fact that definitely thanks to its superb form in these sets are not only fun to play, but at the same time have the opportunity to simply transform the interior of any dwelling. Acquire aesthetic and naturally exotic chess set or backgammon, in the same way as for himself, and as a gift really on the Internet for relevant Internet sites.

In this ideal situation will selection of such high quality products directly to the website of the company, which manufactures chess sets and backgammon. In this version, absolutely any of our compatriot, who decided to buy a chess and backgammon can clearly get a list of significant advantages. For example, the ceremony will definitely refer to the proposed selection of products, while finding for yourself or as a gift chess or backgammon has interested the style and colors. In addition to buying products on the website of the manufacturer will be significantly more profitable than other online stores. In addition, during this ceremony will be directly on the web portal to specify a convenient delivery method has interested a chess set or backgammon.

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