The Teacher’s Role

Posted by marmara on June 30, 2011

And it does so from these significant spaces, areas, times and activities where they are and do: Corners, streets, cultural centers, bars, clubs … For the young are kept in an educational environment will require delegates accompanying educational, support, suggest, make a bridge, etc. If no such measures enhance care is easier than many young people have special difficulties in the process of social inclusion, so the conflict will worsen further. Since the administration and nonprofit organizations are designed premises, facilities, programs, etc. not suited to all young people and of which are outside those for which very often projected. It happens that accessing these services are least in need and ease of joining are other more informal resources. An open center, for example, is an invaluable service to accommodate adolescents in slums, where the presence of an adult entertainer-educator can give ample room for possible actions and projects.

The role of teacher will always be to encourage, support the transition process, socialize, contribute to the acquisition of autonomy., Without monitor, protect, provide, protect … He knows that to be with them will help build community. One could say the same if the recipients are another type of special individuals who go through difficulties. Get where they are required creativity, innovation, skills and techniques that facilitate this approach. Just as there and figure Educator's streets at night, acting between the inhabitants of the metropolitan railways, will require adapt to new circumstances and overcome the idea that street educators limit its scope to the parish or neighborhood.

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Using Virtual Space Well

Posted by marmara on June 28, 2011

The Internet is recognized as the network of networks enabling us to communicate, find and transfer information without major technological requirements relating to the individual. Introduction It brings together governmental, educational, scientific, Web offering courses, manuals, videtutoriales nonprofit and private companies with commercial interests, making your information available to an audience of more than 50 million people. Today, the Internet has opened the doors to the virtual distance education mode, Maria Fuentes, points out that: It is one in which there is no need physical contact between teacher and student so that the process takes place learning (…) allows access to a wide range of training without the time or space are already a barrier. In this sense it is important to note that the student may be in the comfort of your home or vacation anywhere in the world and be receiving appropriate instruction via the Web. It offers courses, workshops, postgraduate, master, professional online so you can give stakeholders a barrier-free education and your fingertips.

Also, Rafael E. Diaz Bello argues that: The virtual space, whose best exponent is the Internet is not face, but representational, not proximal, distal, but is not synchronous, but asynchronous, and not based on spatial enclosures internal border and outside, but depends on electronic networks whose nodes of interaction may be scattered in different places. In short virtual education takes place at any place and at any time without enclosures accurate thanks to the benefits of the Internet. Virtual education is conducted through the platform calls for the dissemination of knowledge, also known in English Learning Management System (LMS), which are nothing more than an integrated package of software hosted on a server that is accessed from conventional Web browsers, without the user must install on your computer any program, which includes all the tools necessary to offer courses via the Internet or an intranet. Conclusion In conclusion I can say that the Internet is not only a means of communication, but also informative – instructional able to provide a set of tools to implement virtual distance education mode, giving the opportunity for those who by their family duties, personal and professional can not access traditional or formal education, since it is not necessary to be present in a place at a specific time, simply go to an Internet cafe or at least have a Pentium 2 computer with Internet access is sufficient.

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Learning about Nonprofits

Posted by marmara on June 24, 2011

The Foundation is based in Cali and is inspired by the life of Gabriel Piedrahita Uribe, who died tragically in 1995 at the age of 22 in a plane crash. Gabriel was endowed with a prodigious curiosity, an insatiable appetite for life and a tireless passion for helping others, was convinced of the unique potential of every human being and the immense power that individuals and groups committed to change the world. Gabriel saw education as the key tool for a more just and dissemination of knowledge and shared experiences and realities of all human beings the way to peace and tolerance. Death surprised him when he was only 6 months of graduating from Harvard University and immediately realize his dream for some time devoted to basic education in a school poor. The Foundation is a tribute to her brief and intense journey through life and a testament of love from their parents, siblings, relatives and friends and all who feel privileged to have shared her laughter, her intelligence and goodness.

About To Give Give to Colombia Colombia (G2C) is a nonprofit foundation, based on the United States with 501c3 status. to work as an efficient, transparent and professional to channel and monitor international donations, identifying and designing projects that meet the interests and values of the donor, and covering the priority needs of Colombia. a G2C working with donors of different segments joining their efforts and Social Responsibility initiatives, achieving focus resources and talents, acting as a multifaceted and comprehensive response to address the major socio-economic problems facing Colombia today. Give to Colombia focuses on three strategic pillars: education, economic development and entrepreneurship. Our value added is work hand in hand with corporate donors, institutions and individuals since the start of the presentation of the project until the pipeline and the subsequent monitoring and supervision of the use of funds by the executing agency in Colombia.

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Brazilian Nonprofits

Posted by marmara on June 21, 2011

Brazil probably already beginning to prepare to seize the historic opportunity that presents itself to complete its process of economic development. According to some studies conducted this year by the University of California at Berkeley and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, host the Olympic Games enhances a country's international trade in later years. Under equal conditions, to host the games trade power up to 30%, and Brazil has a lot to sell to the world. In Brazil (and now in Rio de Janeiro time), they must make significant investments in response to the revolution that will bring these international events. Hotels, restaurants, airport infrastructure, investments in tourism, to name just a few of the sectors that will benefit directly, they must prepare for these historic events. And though still preliminary determined, the conduct of the Games will involve investments of U.S.

$ 16. 000 million, according to realize the Fohl of Sao Paulo. The good news is that the investments for the World Cup that will take advantage of new infrastructure. implement more for Brazil! According to a study commissioned by the Government by the nonprofit group Fundacao Institute Administracao, Rio Olympics injected U.S. $ 24. 500 million in the Brazilian economy from now until 2027, both by increased production and income per family in tax revenue and employment. Many of the investments to be made for games (and by the World Cup), they would have done anyway but under other terms. Bear in mind that the Brazilian economy is an economy growing and to continue in this way, the infrastructure must adapt to the increasing size of the economy.

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American Consumer Groups

Posted by marmara on June 20, 2011

You will be surprised how many FCRA and FDCPA violations are committed every day by many collection agencies. Never talk to a collection agency by telephone. Conducting discussions via written form is better because you have proof. Fact: Paying a collection account will not improve your score. As far as credit scores go, a bill paid is the same as a pending. Your official credit score is called a FICO score. It takes into account many things such as: Age of overall credit available. Number of accounts in good standing.

Number of delinquent accounts. Negative items: liens, bankruptcies, liens, etc. since the establishment of time the negative element. Amount of credit in use (use). New account for less than six months old (which hurt your credit). Number of hits hard.

Generally, mortgage lenders will require delinquent accounts be cured but it will not improve your score. Myth: You must pay any bill that comes to your home to a collection agency. Under the law you have the right to challenge the legitimacy of any bill sent to you, “is called validation. By sending a validation letter to a collection agency that must, by law, cease all collection activities until they can validate the debt. It is important to note that the word is validation and verification does not mean two completely different things. Validation means they must be tested that the bill is yours, which is not simply an invoice sent to you. Until that is done well, can not report the item in your credit report, ask for money or do something that can be considered more collection activity. Is that anyway? Yes they do. It is therefore important to know the law, which is on your side. It is vital that you check your credit report as often as most people have erroneous data in them. Do not assume that everything works as it should, since it almost never does. Nobody is going to be looking out for your credit identity but you. Credit standing has never been more necessary than it is today. Almost everything we do in the life of a job application to reserve a hotel room has something to do with our creditworthiness. American Consumer Group, a nonprofit organization, has created a site with all the information listed in this article.

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NGOs Under Suspicion

Posted by marmara on June 19, 2011

Every time an NGO has problems generating social unrest. Sometimes, this concern reflects the prejudices of those who reject the activity of the Third Sector. These are people who believe that, at best, a nonprofit institution is a machine of wasting resources. NGOs often call government organizations that receive grants, but are surprised when they said that private companies are far superior and grants are not considered public companies. Other times, these problems serve to justify inhibited about working with NGOs. To have knowledge of any institutional activity such as NGOs, they are accountable to society in a transparent manner. In the private sector, the combination of competition and market making firms that are not efficient disappear.

The same paper carries the democratic system with the public sector. In the Third Sector, the main mechanism of progress and efficiency is the scrutiny of donors, volunteers, media and society in general. And it is only possible with a full and transparent accountability. Accountability and transparency are most useful when they allow the comparison between them, and therefore the election. The government, as the Spanish Agency for International Development or the Ministry of Social Affairs, have monitoring systems to the entities that fund. The NGO Coordinating Committee on Development and other NGO groups have codes of ethics and conduct. However, there is no single registry of foundations and nonprofit associations. In Spain, the Third Sector is composed of thousands of institutions (though the relevant number is closer to 1. 500), which managed a budget of around 1.

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A Note to Teachers

Posted by marmara on June 16, 2011

Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo 2007 36 NEAR THE END: dear young people and teachers, is all that I had to say about the beautiful and very divine philosophy. I'll tell you an experience that I had to close this conversation. I recently met a man. Which was very learned in the past, but is now a more mediocre. Having been shared this book because I give too simple to you all. He told me that it did not teach much. These statements are dogmatic men. I do not think my classmates.

For these men, said to be critical. But in reality they are not as critical as you think. Well, they deceive themselves and deceive others. My work does not tend to compete against the titans of the thought of all the times. This work is especially dedicated to students in grades eight ninth tenth and eleven.

And to all the hardworking teachers. Who, not labor for nonprofit causes, but rather for social causes. Beware of young and teachers appreciated withdraw from all those dreams you have. Because listening to the babbling of mediocrity. As is the case set before you. Since they are envious by nature and training. Jose engineers tells of a beautiful shining very firefly high, suddenly a frog jumps on her and her belly covered with ice. the firefly humbly asks me why tapas? The toad answered why you shine? The man who is set before you young people who during their lives, their parents are all in the hands extended.

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What Is Credit Counseling ?

Posted by marmara on June 16, 2011

Ever wondered what is Credit Counseling? Sometimes you might encounter a financial situation that is beyond its scope, when a session with a credit counselor may be beneficial. If you are not disciplined enough to create a workable budget and stick to it, can not develop a payment plan with creditors, or can not keep track of mounting bills, consider contacting a credit counseling organization . Many credit counseling organizations are nonprofit and work with you to solve your financial problems. But keep in mind that just because an organization says it’s “nonprofit,” there is no guarantee that their services are free, affordable or even legitimate. In fact, some credit counseling organizations charge high fees, which may be hidden, or urge consumers to make “voluntary” contributions that can cause more than debt. Most credit counselors offer services through local offices, the Internet, or phone. If possible, find an organization that offers advice from person to person. If you are unsure of how to contact a counseling service, contact your financial institution, a local agency to protect consumers, friends and family can be a good source of information and referrals.

Credit counseling organizations in good standing can advise you on managing your money and debts, help you develop a budget, and offers free educational materials and workshops. His advisers are trained and certified in the areas of consumer credit, money and debt management, and budgeting. Counselors discuss your entire financial situation with you and help you develop a financial plan to solve your money problems. An initial counseling session typically lasts an hour, with a range of sessions monitoring. Be careful with credit counseling organizations that: They charge a high price in advance or monthly to enroll in credit counseling. pressure to make “voluntary contributions”, another name for fees. Will not send you free information on their services without providing personal financial information such as account numbers and credit card balances.

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Internet Traffic And Optimization ?

Posted by marmara on June 16, 2011

They operate from countries where this practice is not prohibited, according to the international organization Spamhaus, an eight years fighting spam. Send unsolicited mail (spam) on drugs, quick loans or pornography: the pirates make money by receiving a percentage of sales of products and many personal computers use the users for spam. In the United States and the European Union this practice is prohibited by law, but 64% of emails received are now spam. Every million emails only receive 15 replies, but it is a profitable business "Lengthen your penis." "Invest in BioMatrix Corp. "Extend your love relationships." "Put off your mortgage." The mailboxes of Internet users each day are filled with advertisements for miracle drugs, profitable investments or luxury goods at bargain prices. The receipt of spam has now become the primary concern of Spanish Internet users, well above the virus or the fraudulent use of credit card, the report eEspana 2006 France Telecom Foundation.

And is that about 64% of mail that circulated online in September was adware. This means that spam is not just a nuisance. Their abundance is clogging the Internet. Some 55,000 million unsolicited emails are sent every day. Who creates and sends all this huge amount of junk mail? The nonprofit organization Spamhaus, based in the UK and has spent eight years fighting this activity, has published a list of the top 10 spammers. Explains the entity, this small group is responsible for about 80% of spam that is received in Western Europe and the U.S..

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More Delivery – Customer Satisfaction

Posted by marmara on June 14, 2011

Customer satisfaction starts with meeting or beating the contractual obligations of the relationship. There are also some intangibles that can help you more than delivered to a customer. Meetings In most organizations it is easy to deliver additional value around the meetings, because statistically, most businesses run bad meetings. Capture important notes during meetings and then hand over his notes written neatly in line with the format of your client. Not only allow you to capture the main ideas and the benefits of important debates, but almost always appreciated by members of the team of his client.

Email this so soon after the meeting as possible. Proactively to help define the programs and the results of each meeting. It helps to keep things on track and try to make a significant contribution towards these goals. Become highly efficient in conducting successful meetings. If there are elements of action for the other team members that are critical to the success of their projects, tactfully contact the team member and offer help if it makes sense. Maintain ongoing project internally help you achieve your goals as a consultant and is well regarded as a team player. Delivery Reports of quality reports for their commitment to the client improve its image as a consultant, because they are so visible to internal team members.

At its first meeting possible to meet with the client and define the parameters for the report format and content. Each client has different needs, so do not assume that your template does not need to change. Important information to a customer is not interesting to another. Define in advance what works and then deliver it. As with the rest of their communications, a picture is worth a thousand words. You or your staff must be competent to produce flow charts, Gantt charts, diagrams and graphics performance of the architecture. Drawings in his report that communicate a wealth of information that is easy to use. Perfecting the art of abstract executive. For busy executives in the organization of the client, sometimes only need a one-page summary. Make sure you communicate the key themes of the report. For more information, go to deepen. Accessibility They make it easy to contact you throughout the day using e-mail, telephone or mobile. The more you're as accessible as the internal team members most is regarded as one. They have backup plans when you know you will not be available. Proactively contact customers to let them know if there will be a period of time will not be able to get a hold of you and give you some alternative options. Engineering nonprofit Our company focuses on engineering technology nonprofit, that is, how to maximize the return on investment in technology it implements. We pay attention to business processes, the costs of the process and seek the best possible solution to the impact of baseline for our client. And we're also pretty good at communicating this to customers so they can appreciate our efforts responsible.

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