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Posted by marmara on March 31, 2015

It destroys the health and the person, without no inaquality or preconception. We know that the problem is old in all the cultures and society, but the dimension where is taking and the projections of the Organization World-wide of Sade (OMS) on the subject in the future it is not nothing promising. We need to intensify our actions in the combat to the drugs, now. When I say we need, I do not mention myself only to the government, sectors of the public and private health, but a social comprometimento with the question. For if dealing with to an including subject and personal interest and the population, we can appropriating in them of one said popular one and to try to transform it into attitude, which is: it is better to prevent of what attenuating. I say to prevent, in the direction simplest of its expression, that is the practical one of the anticipated action to the problem.

To work in the bases of the structure of our society, that is, in the families, the schools, the companies and, mainly, the medias. The information always was a great weapon in the war for the power and today we have the Internet as one of the facilitadoras greaters of the interaction human being in the globalizado world. We go to use it in favor of this cause. The culture is a communitarian social construction, a form to transform the reality. It is the collective effort that constructs the moral and ethical values of a people. We have two allowed drugs: tobacco and alcohol, that already had proved of what they are capable, why some people insists on liberating plus one, marijuana. Because we must be fidiciary offices the customs that do not make in them well.

Possibly many people already know deep the problems related the drug and even though, they have an imprisoned dear being in its claws. These feel of close its fury. However, it is possible that many people do not have a clear vision in what says respect to the drugs, or, for the unfamiliarity of the subject, they do not obtain to perceive when this enters in its house or still they keep a distorted vision of the subject, interpreting as a question of moral values ' ' force of vontade' ' ' ' shame in cara' '. It is fact that the legal questions and the contraband of drugs must be lead by the governmental bodies, but we can make our part in looking for to know the subject better, to help to divulge its males next to our family, groups that be part and our community. One of the 0 variable in the process of contact and initiation of the use of the drugs it is the learned behavior, therefore, we must inside initiate the process of our house, in our family, with our friends. I do not intend here to create one ' ' chain of bem' ' , but I believe that if the people who read this article and share with me this idea could at least speaking regarding the problems and of the consequncias of the drugs with a familiar one, with a friend, a fellow worker or etc., schoolmate we would be contributing for the construction of a better life, without drugs. To think preventive attitudes about the gift will be able exempting in them to attenuate critical situations in the future. It is said by the popular wisdom: It is better to prevent of what attenuating.

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La Boca Image

Posted by marmara on March 25, 2015

Legendary folk punishment of Buenos Aires, La Baguala, chose the Agency we do communication to renew its image and publicize their monthly cultural encounters this year, which celebrates its 10th birthday. The Baguala is a sentence carried out by an organization nonprofit that for 10 years, offers a space for sharing among friends. The first Saturday of each month, in the wonderful frame of Teatro Verdi in the neighborhood of La Boca, La Baguala punishment is carried out. Owner of a family, young and friendly atmosphere where dance, music, live shows and Bowl well criollitos dishes love nights of the hundreds of people who attend this feast almost a decade ago. The dearest city penalty, this year chose renewed on the occasion of its tenth anniversary and for this purpose chose the Agency we do communication. Your young professionals group developed the new image, website and works every month in the dissemination of the monthly meetings that brings together families and friends of all ages. He was a redesign of the image that included since the redesign of the logo, the website and stationery, until a major campaign of press and broadcast that expands every month for the promotion of every first Saturday of the month events and special penalties.

Thanks to the choice of we do communication for the development of the new image and press campaigns, the penalty is living so far in 2010, one of its best years, and promises even more. In the August edition of this 7, La Baguala is waiting to celebrate the feast of the Pachamama with all the joy of live Andean music, their joyous dances to dance, the best dance groups and the richest tamales or a good locro to taste while the show can be seen. In November of 2010 the Pena La Baguala meets 10 years and continues to grow, just as we do communication, its new agency of press and publicity that continues adding satisfied and successful customers. Know we do communication: Agency, and see the best of it:-compliant clients. La Baguala worth without a doubt is one of them!

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The International Foundation

Posted by marmara on March 16, 2015

You can’t expect the economy to improve so that education improves, no country is better that people that generates its educational system, is necessary to transform the education so that it no longer cause and be part of the solution. Young people need to learn to talk and respectful debate, with contemplation the sunrises or the fall of rain, have to familiarize them with their existence, with an education focused on the spiritual, emotional, aesthetic and professional. The effort for the educational management is always a rebellion against the predictable destination. IES call for teachers who are passionate about the integral development of their students, but they must first distinguish the sequins and mirrors of consumerism and avoid to give your heart in exchange for the commercial currency. Researchers must be independent and free to disseminate their findings although they contradict expectations with results which do not give neither money nor prestige. The IES require administrators and managers who serve the interests academic and none other, that they do not tip head before the power, money or pleasure, who are capable and supportive and who know assessed what only with consciousness is achieved really build. The International Foundation for the holistic education established in Guadalajara, Mexico, since 1992, by Dr.

Ramon Gallegos has been spreading the holistic education and the Spiritual intelligence both in Mexico and in the world. The work that has been developed in this organization has been of great importance for the educational evolution and spiritual of many human beings who have found in this new paradigm, the opportunity to influence of transcendent way in the educational task of various school levels, as well as the day-to-day evolution. For the holistic education, the Centre of the educational process is the spiritual Dimension since she only allows us to understand in depth the reality to live fully the sense of interdependence and the connection with everything.

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Search Engines

Posted by marmara on March 16, 2015

Any owner of the site today is taking action on his promotion to the search, believing that the majority of visitors coming from search engines. However, the cost of moving to high- business needs at times too big for small business websites and small businesses are in the issuance of a popular demand away from top positions. Part of the situation can be remedied by promoting the site on a low-frequency and mid-range needs, but in this case, the costs of promotion can be quite high. Search engine optimization bandwagon sometimes leads to what is forgotten the purpose of such optimization. Appearance on first place in the extradition is not an end in itself, this is done only to attract visitors to the site. If the attraction of using a search engine is too expensive, consider other methods. The first, what website owners think in this situation, it is about contextual advertising.

Unfortunately, the cost of such advertising is directly dependent on the value of search engine promotion for a similar request, and if the promotion is expensive, and then advertising is unlikely to cost much less. In some cases, you can put the site address in the usual advertising, which is produced by the company, and in all places where it is possible. For example, you can write to the address of the site work clothes, on the signboards of shops, both by road and so on. This strategy will lead some users to the site, especially if his name is easy to remember.

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