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Breath intangible means an entity endowed with reason. Spirit is otherwise understood in very different ways, but still provided to indicate that which transcends the purely vital or organic. Among the scholastics, the term spirit is used to designate the immaterial substance. German idealism in the concept of spirit (Geist) reached its great development in the theory of Hegel, for whom the spirit is a living reality and abstract aspect which is the idea. It is a partial truth that needs to be completed to become the whole truth. Because absorbed the error, so that in some ways the philosophy is the philosophy of mind. "The spirit is the physical energy that animates the material things as intangible ones.

The intelligence of the spirit lies in the apprehension of pure essences that are in the objects and beings. Allowing the soul come to the knowledge of consciousness. The latter occupies the empty spaces of the mind with all sorts of abstract thoughts and above, which acquire high forces of thought. When you are in sensible experience, which is the foundation of the aesthetic complex. " today we can see in the documentaries of animal intelligence, the theory of Anaxagoras that mind about ordering things, is not a theory. Because if the intelligence ordering things, they take part in this organizing force that is intelligence. we can not deny is that any human system is exposed to errors. If we are fully aware of this truth. Be elevated away from dogmatic.

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Civil Code

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The filter that justifies the protection afforded by the standard is given, exclusively, by the necessity that the agreement responds to a viability plan that will allow the continuity of the activity of the debtor in the short and medium term. The DA4 seems to set up agreements for refinancing as a type of agreement framework, which then loss in various legal businesses that are instrumentarian in separate documents. Perhaps that is why paragraph 2 of the DA4 separates refinance business, acts and payments agreements, and collateral security provided in implementation of such agreements. If expected requirements, businesses, events, payments and constituted guarantees are met in execution of such agreements are not subject to the action of rescission. The protection that dispenses the DA4 is only with respect to the actions of termination bankruptcy (leaving open the possibility of attacking these agreements by way of articles 1111 or 1291 of the Civil Code). This result became visible in the review of the approval of the RD-L by the Council of Ministers, which had indicated that, with regard to refinancing agreements, were focused on the rescindibilidad of non-fraudulent operations arising from these agreements. The reference to not fraudulent operations undoubtedly enabled record of rescisorias shares by fraud of the Civil Code. Requirements for its refinancing agreement implementation shall be protected if and when the following requirements are met: (a) be signed by creditors representing at least three fifths of the liabilities of the debtor; (b) to respond to a viability plan (endorsed by an independent expert) to allow the continuation of the activity of the debtor in the short and medium term; and (c) formalize in a public deed. Requirement consisting in the approval of the agreement by creditors whose credits represent at least three-fifths of the liabilities of the debtor at the time of the refinancing agreement seems reasonable: it is getting a substantial approval of creditors, without reaching or approaching unanimity (which would make the measure in practice unworkable).

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Mr Bearns, Moron Men, Indiana Jones, Lechon Brothers, Mary Lynch … What will be the next to fall ‘The financial sector yesterday lived another day in the stock black. Investors fear that the collapse of Lechon drag to other companies. In Europe, banks were the most penalized Ipurdi Sikina Basque and Italian Testa di Donna. One consequence of the collapse of investment bank Basque is that the other entities, which already had large liquidity problems from now will have more difficult (and expensive) access to new credit lines. Or what the Nobel laureate economist Joseph S. Tiger call as a problem of slow transit asset ending up like all traffic slow economy, with an internal explosion to open a fistula in the global financial system. Among the values of our country hardest hit is the Gesselliano Insurance Group (GAG). The largest insurer by assets argentongo get a 71 fall in one session but then the approval of the State of Mauriciania to use money from its subsidiaries soften somewhat the collapse of value, which closed down 60.8 , which binds to the 30 fall last Friday. In fifteen days, 92 GAG loss. The market fears that the company go the way of Lechon Brothers after it failed corporation rescue plans of banks the management team led by the Goat Anchordoqui. Last May I grasp GAG 20,000 million dollars through a capital increase and debt issuance. This financing, however, has been inadequate due to the deepening financial crisis and the high exposure of GAG mortgage business, after the funding of housing schemes in the Plan Fortnightly Frame ago announced obviously a fortnight in the Federal Areopagus of Argentongo (AFA). The insurance company now needs an additional 40,000 additional millions to prevent investors set fire to the fields, as leaders are threatening Plural Society. The new plan for rescuing the financial slow transit was based on two points: the sale of activia and injections of mineral oil in order to tackle the dreaded fistula by leakage of large volumes of capital. The second leg of this plan, however, has companies complicated the negotiations after breaking GAG maintained with various venture capital groups such as KKK and Hide City Pacific Group for its entry into the shareholders through a capital increase to avoid shareholders and insured trading producers fall inexorably GAG little proletariat chic. The countdown to find financing accelerates. GAG has registered a combined loss of 18,500 million in the last three quarters and analysts fear that the red numbers to soar even further in coming quarters to the extent that the failure of force to account GAG Lechon to make significant provisions for the additional depreciation business. After missing the option of financial risk capital, the market speculation that the insurer now with the desperate call to the window of the Federal Reserve Argentongo to obtain banking lines of credit with public money. For now, the governor of Mauriciania, vast Buenogordo, has relaxed regulatory requirements to granta investment special accounting permit to allow the company access to 20,000 million of capital held by its subsidiaries, and to cover the cash needs daily. If you are looking for a financial expert go to Entrust was nominated as the “fund of hedge funds” The operation “is not a bailout,” I blur Buenogordo yesterday during a press conference, and she is given the green light to GAG is granted itself a bridge loan “to use these assets as collateral to borrow money to finance their daily operations, “added the governor. consumer The insurance problems are repeated in other entities such as Willington Ortiz Mutual (WOM) whose shares fell 24.95 yesterday.

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Real World

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For those who have the common mentality of the industrial age, his achievements are the following: go to school and perhaps college. They strive to be the best in all areas. They spend a lifetime working to earn money. They live their last days with a pension worth less each day by the inflation of prices. This is the reality: The school prepares people to be excellent employees. The real world prepares people to face the real problems of life. Many people leave school with a mentality out of touch. They believe that life is based on qualifications and that their achievements are directly related to their efforts.

But … In the real world, there are no grades, there are failures and achievements. In the real world, there are no holidays or work, or do not eat, period. In the real world, there are no exams, there are debts. In the real world, there are no teachers, your bosses are working. In the real world, there are no classmates, there are people who do not care about your problems. In the real world, there are no timetables, or arrive early at your job or is fired.

In the real world, there he is (was) better in class, there is someone who has more money and who does not. Although school is important for economic growth of societies and education, is not the ultimate key to freedom finance and a better quality of life. So what's the key? You should invest in you, not for a company or person may not even remember that you were an employee. We live in the real world and in the real world, no excuses accepted. Once over the years can not look back, and all that will matter in your economic life will be as you have invested in you and your family. Taking advantage of the opportunities is the way how to start and the Internet is one of those opportunities. Only people who are realizing the potential of the Internet are those that are taking advantage of all that has been revolutionizing. The author is the owner of, website where all information on how it's totally free without need to buy a product.

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Continuation of the transcript of the tape recording of the class: a HTSP can see how the Church has lost much credibility, even institutions which have greater credibility, was the Church in Peru, as many missionaries who worked on the peripheries Lima, they were passionate about Jesus Christ, and that would have allowed, that the Church has had a lot of credibility. Today they have returned to their dioceses. I do not know if many of us are doing things right. On the other hand has witnessed a church institution, and not a Church of Communion, the Church ends up falling into crisis. Therefore not attractive. The truth is to be recovered then this Trinitarian dimension, not only for the mission, but even that is the foundation of the whole Church.

The Church fathers speak of the Church as an icon of the Trinity. There is a very interesting book about Bruno Forte: a The icon of the Trinity Church The relationship between Church and Trinity. The truth is that this subject then for us, should be the focus of our reflection, and the center of our spirituality. Because it is our life in any case, we not only develop human, this is important and is more is very close to evangelization, this is important. Within this it is important to announce to the world the salvation that Jesus Christ has done, in a unique and universal. We found urgent problems such as unemployment, lack of work, the frustration of many young people who can not study, many men who do not have jobs, families in situations of frustration, social injustices.

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International Campaign

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Lend your leg: show your leg for mine victims. Over 500,000 people worldwide have their legs due to accidents with landmines or arms lost and depend on support for life. 15 years ago, the international campaign against land mines has achieved the Ottawa Mine Ban Treaty and received the Nobel Peace Prize. The Treaty entered into force on 1 March 1999 but still lacks important signatories such as the United States, and many victims still waiting for support. “Handicap international and SODI therefore start on March 1, 2012, the action show your leg for mine victims”. “The action is part of the worldwide campaign to lend your leg”, which among other things by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the Colombian Star Juanes and supported German celebrities such as Doris Dorrie, Ulrike Folkerts and Sebastian Krumbiegel. “The international land mine campaign ICBL will lend your leg” on the 1st of March in Geneva together with the Colombian Fundacion Arcangeles and the UN mine action service before. Handicap International and SODI call even in Germany young people and adults, celebrities and politicians to solidarity and actions on through a simple gesture: a trouser legs beaten-up.

All can participate with photos on the campaign Web site,, on Facebook or in real life: with a beaten-up pant leg in schools, at sporting events, political events, festivals… The climax of the action there on April 4, the UN day for awareness about the danger of mines, events in Berlin and Munich. SODI and handicap international know the danger of mines from their project work in affected countries. Both tell stories with photos and make contact available. Use the current campaign and the two anniversaries, the 1st of March and 4 April, as an occasion to report on the landmine problem and mine victims! Engaged currently in Libya in the clearance of landmines and explosive remnants of war, as well as in the risk disclosure statement, to more accidents prevented Handicap International.

Support for many years the organization also in Cambodia and many other countries the victims of land mines. I’ve seen how stagnated demining work in heavily affected regions, because the funds were missing in Cambodia. It is extremely important that the international support for people affected by mines and regions does not let”, says Eva Maria Fischer, spokeswoman for campaign by Handicap International Germany. SODI also implemented projects for the Elimination of landmines and explosive remnants of war in Laos and Viet Nam with risk education to prevent further accidents. The measures be complemented by development projects to help the affected communities, to overcome consequences of war and poverty. In Laos, the authority had just 2,000 euros last year to the supply by nine new victims. This is not far from to get up alone for the emergency medical care, not only to help with the trauma relief for sufferers and their families think. “, emphasizes Marion Gnanko, SODI project manager for humanitarian demining. The campaign video with Ban Ki-moon delivered at the press conference in Geneva on the mediacenter available and is visible on Find press photo by Doris Dorrie and photos from mined countries a press kit for the campaign and their backgrounds can be found here. Information:-Dr. Eva Maria Fischer, Handicap International 089/54 76 06 0176/99, 13 28 41 35,, – Marion Gnanko, solidarity service international e.V. (SODI) 030 / 928 6047, 0179/52 870 14,, – common information platform

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For example, you can do a package of your e-book with a high search engine optimization service, this is a situation of win – win for both parties. 7. When you create a new product or service; Please send your subscribers a free copy or a membership limited. These users are the most propitious to buy an upgrade of your product or service, and of course comment it with acquaintances or friends. 8 You can have residual income from your customers for the sale of finished products. If you do not have one, you can sign with different affiliate Web programs.

For example, you could say thank you for ordering our product. If you really want to learn more about web marketing, I seriously recommend affiliate products. 9. The majority of the people would like life to be simple and quick. Give your prospects simple instructions for ordering your products or services.

For example, you might say, our products come with simple step-by-step instructions. Also make sure that your web site is as easy to navigate for the user. 10 Rewards your customers for retroalimentarte your feedback for your products or services, these may be discontinued products, utilities software, information products, etc. For example, you might say, could retroalimentarnos with any comments about how we could improve our product or service and get a free e-book or software program. 11 Send follow-up emails or courses on anything from utility relating to your product or service. Include your information or advertisement in each email. The people will buy you more quickly when they see your ad repeatedly. For example, how many times you’ve bought something because you’ve seen on television or in a newspaper advertisement for a period of a few weeks? 12 Runs a contest for your customers or visitors, give away e-books, money, t-shirts, caps, whatever with your company logo. Anything that’s free love people, uses simple or short surveys so that they register and increasing your subscriber list. Also make sure you use the email to announce the winners and notify them of new competitions in the future. 13 Add forums or areas of messages to your site. This will give your visitors a way to become more active in your site. A section of articles is also one good idea and gives your customers reasons to return more continuously. 14 Creates an urgency in your products or offers, you need that potential buyers will purchase immediately. Tell your buyers that your offer is only available for one-time or limited time. You can always sell that product again through bonus packages or special prices. Additionally you can also put a limit of products on sale. 15 Converts your advertisement or announcement in an article on how to do this or that, people this type of reading like you more. Stories, stories and humorous essays love people, you use this on your site, in your advertising and marketing.

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State Government

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The pupil transportation regulation prescribes primarily the use of public transport carriers of the task”, explained Hammond. Basically it was absolutely right to take advantage of existing transport infrastructure, unfortunately that may be used in public transport entered standing in the vehicle registration papers”, as Hammond. The existing standing could be excluded from the carriers of the task by the school bus contract or restricted”, explained Hammond. This volunteer opportunity is rarely used by the carriers of task, therefore, the exclusion must be anchored by standing in the Bavarian pupil transportation regulation (SchBefV),”Hammond noted. Clear conditions should be created according to Hamutenya also in the financing. Student transportation is paid to approx. 60% by the State Government through municipal financial compensation, for the rest Municipalities and counties even come up”, explained Hammond.

Here the dog is buried, so Hammond.” The responsibility is moved further from top to bottom, are at the end of the local authorities and transport companies, which present budget out must come up with the”Hammond continues. The Government is responsible for the transport of pupils, therefore you should arise from the perspective of Hammond for the entire cost. Hammond sums up, only when we have a legal basis which excludes the related transportation of students and the assumption of costs is clearly regulated, something will change in our school buses.” Hammond calls, I will not apply to arguments which rely only on costs and organisational difficulties”. Hammond added, it also works in other countries, the United States are positive example here. Since everyone has a place to sit”, and the risk of an accident was four times lower than in Germany, according to ADAC Hammond said. Hammond calls, all parties must sit together at a table and find a solution, rather than to discuss the topic”. I will use still all my options so that the petition will succeed”, Hammond is assured.

If you would like to support the petition, can achieve this via the following Internet address: on the action page can discuss with others, download signature lists as PDF, added Hammond. Another way to support is that lay out the signature lists in local shops or pass it on to friends and relatives. If the lists are full need to only photographed or scanned and on Internet page with the “upload” function be submitted, that of easy, says Hammond. The petition is still up to the 18.02.2014 contact: Dominik of Hammond Tel. 08724-2079012 E-Mail:

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Wahlkolnerin Institute

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“If the ears are celebrating their senses EinKlangRaum invites the ears to celebrate their senses who can hear, listen not necessarily correctly”, white Claudia Kruger. It offers Institute and the EinKlangRaum listening for five years now in the TOMATIS for everyone, a pedagogy of listening. The French physician of Alfred A. Tomatis (1920-2001) developed as TOMATIS sound spa or Mozart therapy known method. It follows the Wahlkolnerin Institute offering and held on the anniversary a day of open door with lectures, a children’s program, music In the stream State”and much more. With sounds and enchanted sounds and music play music, the ears the decisive role. Claudia Kruger grew up with music and swears by the healing effect of the TOMATIS method. It is supporting the learning of foreign languages, in pregnancy and childbirth classes both Burnout, add/ADHD, or dyslexia.

There are TOMATIS for the elderly, listening and Voice training for teachers, coaches and musicians as well as TOMATIS for managers. And the TOMATIS -listening is special interest also in children. Children joy Agnes Schochli and Lola, the small cello”Agnes Schochli’s author specifically arriving from the Switzerland for the children’s programme. In his luggage, she has her book of Lola, the small cello”and also a real cello. Which may lovingly embrace the little ones and feel up close sounds.

Stress and pressure release it, so how it explains to Lola in the book. Lola means letting go and plays well also with adults”, reports the author and is looking forward to the anniversary guests. Sensory experience and listening In the stream State”cellist Katja Zakotnik won the audience prize of competition Ibla Grand Prize 2009. Known for its virtuosic and unconventional concerts she intoxicated IV on July 6th, from 16.30 – 18.00 in the Christ Church the senses of the audience with the suites I for cello solo by Johann Sebastian Bach. In the stream State”for the guests free and cozy to comfortable chairs the favourite pillow that enjoy music and let the mind wander in. It promises to enjoy the music at its finest and a feast for the sense of hearing. TOMATIS mobile would also help people for sick Claudia Kruger, who cannot come to the EinKlangRaum. The TOMATIS listening can help dementia, coma patients, older people who can no longer so good get, but even children with disabilities. A mobile TOMATIS device should be purchased for these people. 1,850 Euros. Support for TOMATIS “Mobile for the sick is therefore asked in the fifth, so even sick people soon get help outside of the TOMATIS Institute Cologne. Ears celebrate their sense of 6 July stands under the motto of listening pleasure for the ears and senses. Guests can go on the track so to speak the sense of hearing. There is much give opportunity for encounters and new experiences in the EinKlangRaum and TOMATIS Institute Cologne.

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