AIEF Companies

Posted by marmara on August 27, 2013

In recent times the insurance companies are have been adding gradually to the new social network that today Internet offers. Until recently it was enough to be in the network, who are currently also in social networks enjoy a very important competitive advantage over the rest. The AIEF (Association for research in economics and finance), in its periodic study of insurance entities of safe online Ranking, analyzes all the companies that make use of these online tools and elaborates a ranking with the 50 largest insurers. The classification is accompanied by an assessment of 100 points which is the result of evaluating the website of the insurance company, your customer online and social networking platforms where it is active. After the first months of study, has been detected a slight improvement in regards to the approach of insurance entities to the network: the average mark of the global companies analyzed has risen 42,195 to 49.563 points. In the ranking have been identified some changes such as direct entries to the top 20, but the head of the classification has not experienced major transformations with AXA to head and behind it entities such as Mapfre or Direct insurance. In future studies the AIEF announces that it will improve the study variables, adding more factors to analyze in some platforms like Youtube or eliminating some criteria that have been identified little relevant after the first analysis. Coefficients that analyze innovation, shall apply also with what this study may be refined into a more accurate benchmark to determine the insurance companies more 2.0, more adapted to the new technologies.

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Couple After The Divorce

Posted by marmara on August 26, 2013

The decision to start dating after divorce will cause many reactions on the part of your children. This has much to do with how well or how bad you and your ex are carried. However, once the divorce is completed, you and your former partner should focus on a healthy relationship to move forward with their lives. If you’re not able to do this and the level of conflict remains high, you run the risk of damaging your children, there is no stability that your children need. When parents do not carry well and will continue to act as if you hate each other, what future can have another relationship? Children living in this toxic situation constantly are on guard, because they expect the explosion of adults at any time.

If children see both parents hurt themselves feel as if the world was upside down. Before you start going out with someone more after the divorce, you must think: does it make sense that your children feel excited about this scenario? What sense does exit in this time? If the conflict with your ex is still very high, are still married (a) with her (him). It is not a good idea to take another person to this vicious circle. In addition, we must consider that some former never leave the conflict, it seems that the new aim their lives is to make life miserable for the other. If you’re in the latter situation, you must learn to react and defend yourself. The main focus must be on your children, your role towards them and how to deal with the problems. Stay free dating after the divorce until you feel that you and your children have a better handle on the situation.

The purpose of dating after divorce is bring someone new to life so your family improve and there is no more confusion and conflicts. He finds love after divorce if you feel that you are ready for a new relationship after your divorce, it is time to meet new people, enjoy their company and know them well right? In the event that you are afraid you can wait a bit. With each appointment if you expect to find the love, you’re going to disappoint sooner than what you thought. Trafficking d do not put so much pressure on yourself or the person that you leave. Remember that every appointment is an opportunity to meet new people; You might not find love, but perhaps you’ve made good friends. Tries to not be too critical of you, if you and the person don’t click, never again to see. That is the positive and negative side of the appointments. Analyzes well what kind of person is adjusted after the divorce. An important point is that your children are well educated and have the care they need from your part. Another important aspect of the child-rearing focuses directly on you as a divorced father. It is important that you accept that you are single. This will affect directly the quality of your life after divorce and future relationships.

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Santiago Santillana

Posted by marmara on August 17, 2013

13 Peeeeeeeeero, nor do what they should do, there is a thin line enter help them and make them work. 14. Don’t waste time with people who are not entrenable, they noooooo will be successful in the business, with people as This lose your extra time, effort and money up, 15.-don’t complain too much with your up-line whenever you have a problem, be creative and try to solve it yourself, in case that you can not, asks for help to the up-line 16.-you never make false promises, always handles your business in an ethical and professional manner. Never exaggerate the benefits of your product or about your income. It builds confidence.

17 Learn everything that you can to close your company, industry, people successful, your competition. Stay a day. 18 THINK BIG! The world need people who think big, think of big dreams. Thoughts small, produce small results.Nobody puts limits. 19 Stay in direct contact with your new partners, let them know that you are with them, send them an email each time that patrocinene someone and tell them as well that thing are doing. 20. Be enthusiastic! Enjoy and let q everyone to see that you enjoy what you do, they will do the same.

21. When to discover new things about how to make your MLM, share it, recalls that the key of the business is the duplication 22.-keep your business organized. 23 Listen audios, cds, read about network marketing and development staff, this is very important. 24.-Do not let small problems you stop, stay on the positive things and always stay focused on the box. 25. Have fun! people like to be surrounded by people that like to have fun, enjoy the road. I am sure that this list will serve you much. Best regards! Santiago Santillana original author and source of the article.

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Nortwood Beast

Posted by marmara on August 3, 2013

And this cool story begins at the time when I was staggered my old friend with an unknown body. ‘Mongols’ wanted to take a pre-historic first Pentium and incidentally, to get hold of a bunch of valuable and necessary for piece of iron for this calculator! Because the value in the era of AMD Athlon and Pentium 4 Nortwood, 133 degree had absolutely no, I deigned to bow out altogether from this machine. As later during pivopitiya, everything became known. It turns out that my friend traded on a beautiful 133 degree, red and fluffy Persian cat,. Sudden love for cats, he explained simply: the wife wants a small, long-haired koteyku to murchal, frolicked and imitated life in the apartment! From this moment and dom.Chistokrovny Persian cat in the household cat was a good-natured, affectionate and not holding a grudge against the human race! True, this beast methyl its territory. But this is nothing! Animal veterinarian easily calmed cutting beast all the eggs.

At the end of the grow lazy, it mutated into a nice sKoTika. A year later, a woman friend of mine said: 1 Koshak in the house, it seems that there’s no animal, and ‘stolen’ from the work of one, but the combat chamoroshnogo bydlokoshaka. Nature The second cat was bydlokotov smart, smart-ass, impudent as a tank and most of his life he liked to eat tasty. This animal is begged, and tried to beat right there to gobble up everything that even seemed like a bit of food! Quite fast cat Gopnik has the power to force an apathetic Persian zhrachku ask for a couple with him! The process of taming a very tough and involved kicking a paw with claws on the most vulnerable parts of the conciliatory furry beast. The violence was happening with frightening howling myavkom to translate this myavk be something like this: You’re what? Completely blown away? Do you think that I, for both grub cannot want? Well really there! Flutes! # # AnukSts Coble ! It seems that this cat was a diligent student, and even eclipsed his teacher! Ps More real funny stories you look for on

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