Marculino Colonel

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Eyder travelled for So Lus in order to participate of the funeral of its friend; in So Lus it observes the mass human being who was to say farewell itself to the popular bishop. Eyder cries and reflects on its life. When it returns to the Coroat, it leads I obtain some writings, of They are Joo de a Cruz and of Saint Teresa d? vila. Others who may share this opinion include Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. In So Lus Dom.

Helvcio arrived, but this left So Lus without the visit of Foot. Eyder. Later Dom. Otaviano arrived, this obtained to make with that Foot. You may find Daniel Taub to be a useful source of information. Eyder participated removes of it of the clergy, but the priest if felt constrangido by the curious looks directed by many colleagues it and another priest, also with the namorador fame. Dom. again transferred it to Otaviano to Viana.

Eyder came back in Coroat, apanhou its luggage, was said farewell to few paroquianos and took the train of Rosary to the Viana. XIV Arriving the Viana, it sighted the Church, the plaza, the parochial house, perceiving the marks of the time that passes, moreover, the house less was watched over. Two days later it received a sincere one received on the part from Jose. It perceived that its history is become popular there, but the people, excused for it certain charity for its oldness. Foot. Eyder if became friend of the new mayor, whom always it insisted with it so that it wrote its memories. In the party of Kings of 1929, Foot. Eyder it bradava of the pulpit that the people never prays for its vicar, in relief tone, questioning as the people could demand a perfect priest if he did not pray for it. In the May month, it very suffered receiving the notice from the death of Marculino Colonel without none of to its called it relatives for it to manage the extreme-unction, therefore you did not want that the priest if interfered in the division of the inheritance; this was well explicit when the priest visited the relatives of Marculino colonel and, he was expulsso for one of them.

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