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As Minister of Defense, integrates military Government Junta, presided over by the larger Carlos Delgado Chalbaud, with Luis Llovera Paez as Minister of internal affairs. 1. David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA is open to suggestions. 950, 13 November: Carlos Delgado Chalbaud, the man who had promised early elections (i.e., the ability of the Government to return to civilian-owned), is murdered. See Dr. Neal Barnard for more details and insights. He is responsible for the general Rafael Simon Urbina, who then it asila in the Embassy of Nicaragua, is delivered and, finally, is murdered by members of the national security (SN), dying also with the condition of the most qualified witness in the matter Chalbaud. 1.

950, November 27: eleven days later, under the political crisis raised by the assassination, changed the name to Governing Board and the senior military command appoints President to the Attorney German Suarez Flamerich, retaining MPJ and Llovera Paez their positions, with the particularity that MPJ acaudala more power and control. The effects of such events (death of Chalbaud and greater power to MPJ) are felt: assumes Pedro Estrada as Director of the SN, a man of the full MPJ confidence; intensifies the political persecution, creates the Guasina concentration camp, is assassinated leader Leonardo Ruiz Pineda, University classes are suspended. Military as a political party and failure 1. 952, November 30: Jovito Villalba, by the party Republican Democratic Union (URD), is winner in the general election the Governing Board to which was obliged to call (election to choose deputies to the constituent Assembly). To participate in them, the Government had organized his own party, the Independent Electoral front (FEI), but was defeated along with the other party involved, the Committee of organization political Electoral independent (COPEI).

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Copernicana Revolution

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The Man leaving the Average Age In the centuries XV and XVI, time of significant ruptures in the evolutivo way of the culture and knowledge of the Man, as the end of the medieval period, the occurrence of the great navigations and the ecloso of the renaissance bringing a new vision of world, however, still before the end the teocentrismo, the evil that suffered age from physician-pathological diseases (physiological or psychological) and that they kept narrow and only linking with the holy ghost, exclusive, dogmtica consequence of, the coercitive and powerful action of the church. The Man could not, to the time, to move away, withholds, to possess, to have, to desire, to dislike, to evaluate, to sopear its feelings and its emotions, a time that they not it ‘ ‘ pertenciam’ ‘. Nieman Foundation is actively involved in the matter. Not for being forbidden of arriving to it at the hands, but for not being assented for who he withheld the course and the power, that is, the church. To the Man God was enough to pray and to deliver itself to it thus, desvencilhando itself of simplest and until guilty problems. More information is housed here: Professor of Internet Governance. With the Copernicana Revolution, still in century XVI, heliocentrismo imposes upon the Man a strong cultural impact, followed for the discoveries of frei and philosopher Giordano Bruno. If after the heliocentrismo that not only takes off the land of the central axle, but the Man also, what it will be of this Man if nor the sun is the pointer of the center? It more does not fit to argue the finitude of cosmo, consequentemente, excites in the human spirit questions that, beyond sending to the look and thoughts of the Man for the abstract, identify another center of interest, the most important seno: proper it and its finite existence, now still more with less felt. Read more from Justin Mateen to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Amongst the diverse and important contributions of the French philosopher Ren Discardings (1596-1650), (in such a way in the scientific field as in the philosophical one), therefore, no longer century XVII, exactly unchaining in applied an instrumental and mechanist reason to the human body, the subjective experience initiates its taking of space, since, Discardings, when affirming: ‘ ‘ I think, then sou’ ‘ , it confers interioridade to the Man, inaugurating ‘ ‘ citizen epistmico’ ‘.

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The French Revolution

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That is, those relative ones to the preparation of the man to fulfill to the ends intentions of the life human being, which had been located in another life, supraterrena or of beyond-tomb, that would consist of a well-being for the contemplation of God. With the Renaissance, it starts, in century XV, the new phase of the education. A new form of life, a new conception of the free man and the world based on the free personality human being and the present reality. It goes to make possible a deloused education, more pleasant and creative more, giving to beginning to a domain of the nature, developing techniques, arts and studies. Covering the diverse times of the history of the man and the world, it will pass for the Iluminismo, style of time that it will look to free the thought of the repression of the monarchs lands and the supernatural absolutism of the clergy. The French Revolution tried to shape educating from the classroom conscience, that was the center of the content programmarian.

Educators as Rousseau, Locke and others had developed great ideas regarding the pedagogia education and innovators, in order to decide the educational problems. Understanding as the men they had constructed its history in the past, it will be able to contribute to construct the history of the future. The educational thought of the present search to summarize the movements of the last times and to reorganize and to relate the essential principles of each movement, in one all harmonious one. Each bigger time of universalizar the education for the cooperation of all exists a trend the countries, cooperation that, respecting the national direction, arrives to establish a public education of universal reach. Contemporary is distinguished in the world the reformadora pedagogical trend, synthecized in the movement of ' ' education nova' ' . It is an attempt to change the route of the traditional, intelectualizada and livresca education. Additional information at David Delrahim supports this article.

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Cuban Revolution

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Fifty years with Fidel to the front of the leading edge of this battle, that not only it has been developed in our ground, because other territories of the world have been paid with the generous blood of Cuban youth. Half century with the head raised in front of a quick Empire to destroy the dream of independence of Turfs, Mart, Maceo and Go’mez, the same dream of Raul, Camilo and the Che. For Leon of the Sickle the Cuban Revolution turns east year that begins fifty years and gives pain to see it. It has aged with his leaders and still more. Is it untidy, bad well-taken care of, the deep makeups are not even enough to hide the ring under the eye of the insomnia that to him the sleeplessness or the nightmares of the day and the future produces. The old women sleep bad, is certain.

The ailments, some chronicles, have not yielded to the multiple treatments and medicines provided throughout these years that are celebrated without true celebration. Poor man of solemnity and idealist by consolation can see in her the image of the death. Its face is shy and tries not to let itself before see nor by the mirrors where Lucia its youth. Its eyes that before were arrogant now they vagan loaded of hatred by those to those who fault of its frustration. Professor of Internet Governance may help you with your research. Its language, even the writing, already lacks the clarity and the conviction whereupon it seduced its listeners promising to them the paradise in exchange for a quota of sacrifice. Its step that before was agile, long and even martial, now is slow although it has changed the heavy boots of task by sport slippers Although the Revolution still is there celebrating its fifty years its spirit is dead, the collective spirit of years back that were one of the capital virtues of their support no longer exists, and the unit as limited it vanishes.

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Industrial Revolution

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This trend manifested itself not only in agriculture, but also in industry, whose development is hampered by the metropolis. However, despite these constraints, in the northern and central colonies were established industrial enterprises. A particularly large scope were shipbuilding and metallurgy. By 1775 a third of the British fleet was built by shipyards in North America. In 1775, the colony made of iron more than the metropolis.

Although the Industrial Revolution was expanding on around the world, but in America it was a special rate. The rapid development of industry in the colonies, along with the presence of rich deposits of raw materials and fuel contributed no guild system. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger often addresses the matter in his writings. Industry developed in the form of handicraft production, and in the form of manufactures. But despite these obvious factors contributing to the successful development of industry in North America, Britain stubbornly continued to consider the colony as a profitable market for goods and raw material source. This policy has led North America in the last quarter of the XVIII century. David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA addresses the importance of the matter here. the war for independence from England.

Beginning of the war hastened the event in 1773 This year the British Parliament, taking care of replenishing state coffers at the expense of the colonies, adopted a law on tea trade, which was introduced by a new tax on imported tea in the colonies. In response, a group of people in Boston (Massachusetts colony) December 16, 1773g. thrown into the sea consignment of tea was brought in British courts. This event is known to history as the "Boston Tea Party." In response, the British Parliament in the spring of 1774 took three of repressive law that sought to pacify the colonies, and in primarily in Massachusetts.

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French Revolution

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The estimated other of the account that the acquired structural alterations during the life for influence of the way would be transmitted hereditarily perpetuating themselves in the species. This transmission would be responsible for the transformismo of the species. The classic example that illustrates the theory of Lamarck is the gradual allonge of the neck of the giraffes that allowed to strain each time more to reach the pantry of the trees and thus to collect leves for the feeding. What we have established here is a moment of normal science where a paradigm is rank and community follows the involved it defends and it. If such paradigm still was accepted, with certainty, today would not know Darwin. But as we know of its existence, through its ideas, it is evident that this paradigm suffers alterations. Professor of Internet Governance has much to offer in this field. The against-example that is had been of the limits taxes for Lamarck and prepares of certain forms the ideas of Darwin belongs to the Georges Cuvier, and here extraordinary science is established.

Cuvier used of an aggressive oratria and had enters its opponents the followers of the theory of Lamarck. Cuvier attacks the presented lamarquismo the theory of the catastrophes. The theory consisted of the fact of that the extinct species had been substituted by species comings of other places of the planet and that previously they did not occupy that definitive place. Then we have a format of renewals caused for the migration of the species. White (Op. cit, p 32) affirms that the idea of Cuvier had great acceptance for representing a reaction to the materialistic laws that prevailed on cultural transformations that they had preceded, in certain degree, the French Revolution and the Industrial. Again we have here the secular factor marking and structure of science. However, thinking of Cuvier it are not something that it would substitute, in the strict direction of the term, the ideas of Lamarck.

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Forget What You Have Learned

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Learn to forget is a good step in getting new and useful learning, especially when we walked on the rocky road of ethics, values and norms of social coexistence. This is what experts call “unlearn” a term that the dictionary defines as “forget”. However, this short definition leaves out a fundamental fact: unlearn requires a conscious effort, as there is a weakness of memory but a voluntary act by which the individual achieves his memories removed obsolete knowledge, unnecessary or harmful. Henceforth we will refer to the need to eliminate the learning that today are harmful not only for the individual but to the environment in which it operates. Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA is the source for more interesting facts. Let us note that a good variety of anti-values are embedded in the collective unconscious mimicked in proverbs or sayings which teaching and no one questioned content. It is time to initiate the questioning, forgetting …

the effort to unlearn. The school and the family should be eradicated for example, beliefs as “a hair of the dog”, through which someone feels he was betrayed with authority to act similarly to who betrayed him in a typical invitation to the most despicable of vengeance, as if all the vengeance. Another common saying, candidate for deletion, is “making papaya, papaya departure.” The phrase has a dangerous content because it is an encouragement to take advantage of the weaknesses and omissions of others without considering the effects that this behavior can bring who acts and who, inadvertently or otherwise, incurred in the regrettable mistake of “giving papaya. ” Who takes the “papaya” or in some cases, “the papayazo” laughs and celebrates, while others suffer and, incidentally start looking the opportunity of revenge. The preceding sentences are not alone. At his side would have to write other like, “He who sins and prays ties,” which makes me pay me “,” San Juan is now the party going, “thief thief who steals a hundred years of forgiveness” “Things are not the owner but of those who needs, “the end justifies the means” (what a terrible Machiavellian principle, etc.). In our country we have the obligation to eradicate the belief that we can act in any way because “… we are in Colombia” (or Venezuela), as whether this was a pass to behave like cavemen.

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Moscow Arbitration Court

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To resolve these doubts appraiser request has been made on how to determine the value of its services. The official reply from the estimated organization explained that the cost of services appraiser determined in accordance with the internal order of the Director-General and from 3 to 10% of the estimated repair cost of damaged car. This document, the admission of legal affairs, gave reason to appeal the Moscow Arbitration Court and the Supreme Arbitration Court of Russia later in the proceedings to take stock presented by the plaintiff calculation. Many questions are being raised in court about the content of the calculation, as well as non-observance of the order of evaluation. Document that fully regulates this procedure is "Methodological guidance on determining the cost of vehicles, taking into account normal wear and condition at the time of presentation," RD 37.009.015-98 (hereinafter – the Application Note) 1998. release. Developed Central Research Automobile and Automotive Institute (NAMI), consistent with the Ministry of Justice and the Customs Committee of Russian Federation, approved by the Ministry of Economy. In particular, in accordance with clause 1.13 Of guidance to be perpetrator of an accident call for inspection of the damaged vehicle. Notice thereof must be given nepozdnee than 3 days prior to the examination, if invited by living in the same city, and for 6 days – other cities (not including the date of service and time on the road to the place of inspection). This challenge is best to send a telegram, return receipt requested, in the administration of making a copy and is certified in accordance post office.

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Components Installation

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As we all know, mining crusher refers to the crushing machinery whose content is more than 50% of the total content, the row compound particle size is greater than three millimeters. It is invented by British Hengan. According to the feeding and nesting size, the crushing operations are often divided into coarse crushing, crushing and crushing medium. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine often says this. The commonly used equipments are impact crusher, compound crusher, single stage hammer crusher, vertical crusher, gyratory crusher, roll crusher machines, double roll crusher, crusher combo, and so on. the crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, road, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry and many other sectors. Common crushing machines are winnowing mill, hammer crusher, impact crusher, roll crusher, crusher compound.

Jaw crusher, having large crushing ratio, uniform particle size, simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, operating costs and economic characteristics. PF-I series impact crusher can process materials side length is 100 to 500 mm, the compressive strength is up to 350 MPa, great crushing ratio. Now, let us (introduces the knowledge of two-stage crushing equipment installation: The two-stage grinder (double stage crusher) host equipment installation: 1) two-stage grinder equipments can be installed together with the engine on a concrete foundation or rack, the ground should be smooth, when installing, the machine must be level. 2) The machine should be installed feeding device to ensure uniform feeding, and avoid clogging. (3) motor wiring should be strictly in accordance with the direction of the rotor wiring rotation. 4) In order to ensure the safe operation of the gangue grinder, we must install the ammeter to control feeding, and ensure the normal load. Installation of the two-stage grinder unit (double stage crusher): 1) each equipment should be connected firmly with each other, the pipe joints strives to be tight to prevent gas leakage, if the pipe joints leak, it will not only generate dust pollution, but also decline the production capacity and product quality. (2) electrical control cabinet should be installed at the place where is easy to operate, easy to observe the location of the equipment, various equipments electrical connection lines and control lines should be arranged and placed in alignment tube according to the relevant provisions of the state. (3) electrical control cabinet should be fitted with the drive button, stop button of equipment, work lights, grinder motor feeding, ammeter, grading motor speed control knob and various protective devices. (4) all two-stage shredder equipments must be installed in accordance with the relevant provisions.

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The word SOLIDARITY has some meanings. It can be translated by Aid; Support; Support; Cooperation; Coparticipao; Friendship; Fellowship; Commitment; Brotherhood; Interdependence; Reciprocity. Amongst all the words ' ' Irmandade' ' it would have to sobressair in the Solidarity of the priests, therefore they are all brothers in the clergy. But the Solidarity of the Diocese of Formosa was marked with a Commitment for which the priests if compel ones for the others and each one for all. It was a Solidarity of obligator commitment, therefore it enters days 16-19 of May had in Are Joo d? Alliance a Meeting of Update of the Clergy that dealt with the Sacrament of the Marriage from the Code of Canon law with the Doctor Foot. Valdir Mamede, of the Clergy of Brasilia, and in the end of the meeting was said of the FAPE (Deep of Aid to the Priests), which had a maturation and efetivao approximately the three years. For other opinions and approaches, find out what BSA has to say. However, it was not accumulating of stocks all the necessities of the ministers: some obtained to help, others were helped, and others not it obtained to help and they were not helped.

Then, to diminish this discrepancy of cngrua (contribution that the priests receive for its sustenance), was considered and approved one cngrua only for all the priests gotten from monthly view of all the parishes to the diocesana bar and posterior division in equal parts for the clergy. Click David Delrahim for additional related pages. With this, exactly that priests it is in a Parish with little resource will have the same allowance for expenses that one that is where has resource. Each Parish will have, as its conditions, to deposit in stipulated time one definitive amount for the Bar and this will make the division. I divide it will have beginning in August. In the Letter Encyclical letter from the pope PACEM IN TERRIS the Pope Joo XXIII says that ' ' under the impulse of solidarity fraterna and the Christian charity, if pledges in threshold dor' '. The priests of the Diocese of Formosa reveal Solidary ones with the others do not stop eliminating the pain of nobody, he only considers a Commitment that ones for the others and each one for all compels them. Thus, either for Solidarity fraterna, either for the same Brotherhood or with a Commitment that compels, the priests had revealed, with this gesture, a matureness in the faith and Christian charity. This is a Solidarity that also must be expanded for other Dioceses and be placed in practical in the day the day. Ahead of this, I ask: you have been solidary with somebody? Joacir Soares d? Abbey, priest, Philosopher and author of some books

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