Having Problems With Your Good Interests

Posted by marmara on January 25, 2014

The president tells us his interesting philosophy of life that is scheduled to devalue money and we are those who pay the costs of the devaluation already is with blood so was called to the work of the escvlavos or either (a) means of goods we have in other words sitandose the same author would say that since entered a credit to this sensible world to live on this earth more as we pay the interests of the It is becoming more difficult and less personos succeed in the search for the balance of this incredible but insane reality we discussed in social circles that have stratified us not is who but that some were made way better mainstreaming of this philosophy of life believe that they deserve more that they are more intelligent and those who do not manage to see things so clearly is called us losers so simple so the thing gets ugly and the sr kiosaki also says although asking for apologies did not wish to insult anyone these parameters show a world different and disparate realities both for the rich Townie full of herds crops and goods rustic, rich city dwellers seem to gods by the emblems of social power who accustomed are clear that in this introduction I forget the poor already that they are segregated by the wealthy villagers and also in shape but magnified his vision on rich city dwellers can see more that is what our differences all eat all us We have to dress all have to do case law and of course worship the symbols of power concentrated in a few bringing our hope as diria popov in the film if I were a rich man margins them of the Holy Book.

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Byron Katie

Posted by marmara on January 16, 2014

Of course, if you are looking for is to be happy and have a pleasant life, this frustration and guilt does not give you happiness, take it away and therefore share some concepts offered by Byron Katie, author of the bestselling love what it is and thousand names for joy I used to me and many others to live a life in peace. Principle 1: The secret: you can have whatever you want. The secret teaches you how to obtain money, accomplishments, couple, health, to be happy, and that when you do have the life you want and be happy. And the reality for me is queel only fact of needing something that you do not have now to be happy, it takes you to be unhappy now makes you feel that you are missing something and see life from scarcity. Enjoy what you have now: instead of pushing you to get couple enjoys life, with partner or without it, rather than forcing you to get money or the perfect job, enjoy life with money or without it, enjoy employment you have, until you have another because when you’re focused on what you don’t have and what you should haveyou miss life, and when present in search of a better future principle 2: the secret: I be what is best for me. We know what we need to be happy, we need external things, or the approval of others and strive hard to get it. And now I wonder do you ever happened that you got what you wanted so much and shortly after you were already looking for something new and you have not enjoyed what has been achieved? I remember when I moved to a beautiful apartment, just furnish and it was like the dream place. I sat down shortly after the move, I began to see to my around and I realized with surprise that being in that place not made me happier or less and that my inner State depended not on what around me what is happening is the best thing for me, although our thoughts tell us otherwise and they are constantly searching for a problem at the present time.

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Carlos Gallego

Posted by marmara on January 9, 2014

The reality is that the vast majority of humans do not know how to manage our time. So, we lose the most precious value that we have to be productive, time. While we could manage such resulting day us productive in terms of labour and have of more time to be with our children, our friends, or take advantage of that time to generate new perspectives on life and achieving those objectives that we are not achieving by lack, just time. This course taught by the successful net marketer Carlos Gallego, teaches you how to manage your time and thereby increase your production capacity, work less time and earn more money. This course consists of 4 modules, one per week, for a total of 30 days, you will learn to manage your time and this will increase your productivity at least 3 times. In this course you will discover the 4 activities that steal 50% of your time, you will know the concept that large employers use and entrepreneurs online that earn thousands of dollars every day and begin to control every minute, hour and day, to accelerate your effectiveness and personal productivity. I hope you is so much utility and effectiveness as it is for my. I wish every personal, professional success and that you achieve all of the goals you set hereafter.

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Living Water

Posted by marmara on January 9, 2014

The first occurred in the second washing bath unit, and further separation should wash with warm or hot water. And then went dry and wet room pair. In ancient Rome, baths were available for all levels of society and were a kind of cult of the nation. In the baths not only soared. In baths solved many issues were small talk and just rested. The Romans were very fond of water. "Living Water", so they liked to call water.

This is the name of water swept through the centuries and millennia, and today we are increasingly hearing this beautiful name. Turkish bath is the same Roman terms, only slightly modified. Hot Air Heated floor bath and the water is poured over this floor, turning into steam. Roman-Irish bath differed from the Roman baths presence of the tube, which provided the hood in the doubles department. These were air baths, and was in the sauna temperatures around 55 degrees. In the Roman-Irish baths were several rooms: a room to warm herself, and direct steam. In the special tubes that run along the walls and under the floor was hot air, and floor were made small holes through which the air.

In the transition from one office to another place and profuse sweating achieved the desired effect. In the Finnish sauna is very much in common with the Russian bath. In the harsh climate of the northern lands baths were not just a luxury but a means to warm up and gain strength. The Finnish sauna is a small house made of logs with a small hole in the ceiling or the ceiling. Stone fireplace stoked wood, and it was located in the center of the room. Smoke escaped through a hole, and when the stove is heated, the fire extinguished and completely washed the floors and walls doubles. Then closed the hole in the ceiling and allowed to settle sauna, dry and dial heat. After pouring water on the stones and soared with a pre-steamed brooms. Later in the Finnish sauna stopped to pour water on the stones and the bath was dry. In Japan, very fond of water baths. Japanese baths are of a barrel Filled with water or cedar shavings. The water was heated to 50-55 degrees, and bath procedures had to be immersed in this barrel for a while. Since ancient times in Russia soared "black." Bath "black" is almost not different from the first Finnish saunas. The name came from the bath sooty ceiling, which no one had ever laundered. The usual Russian sauna bath different from "black" presence of the tube, through which the smoke. On the hot stones poured water, extensive use of oak and birch brooms. After the pair were watered with cold water, jumped into the hole or in the snowdrift. Here we briefly introduced to the history and modern baths. In the near future we will know each of these baths are closer. See you soon. You light a couple!

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