The Crocodile Garments

Posted by marmara on October 24, 2023

‘Do you like Lacoste, love and the Holocaust’ (C) Unknown to me by the author. Origins. Mark is based in Paris, a character named Rene Lacoste, known in his time French tennis player. Taking part in the us Open Championship in 1924, Renee went to the finals in polo who sewed himself. It was a white short-sleeved shirt made of light fabric ‘pike’.

This fabric is very nice to absorb moisture, creating a new level of comfort for the athlete. Tcoyd recognizes the significance of this. Created a sensation in the sports mode to its innovation, Rene Lacoste decided to produce his own sportswear clothing for tennis. Fashion house Lacoste officially appeared in 1933. The Crocodile. Mystery logo Lacoste – green alligator, turn right, hidden in a bet that took place in 1927. Rene Lacoste then participated in a Davis Cup championship in the team ‘Musketeers’.

The team captain signed with Lacoste bet: if Renee has won all the decisive game, the captain will give him a bag made of crocodile skin. Rene bet won and received the coveted suitcase, and in a place with him and nicknamed ‘Crocodile’. The court in China. In the late 90’s brand Lacoste has got into trouble. Lacoste sued the Hong Kong fashion brand . The Crocodile Garments due striking similarity in logos (although Asians crocodile deployed to the left).

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