Telecommunications Act

Posted by marmara on November 20, 2023

Written confirmation of agreements would be a disaster for the call center industry Berlin/Cologne/Stuttgart in combating unlawful telephone advertising wants the Federal Council tighten up. It emerges from the opinion adopted by the Federal Council on a draft of the Federal Government. “This will curb unscrupulous business practices and consumers before planted” preserve contracts on the phone and on the Internet. The laender Chamber calls for changes. So the proposed mandatory consent of called in telemarketing calls should be clarified: a prior consent in writing is necessary a verbal approval was not sufficient.

Contracts that come through illegal telephone advertising, should only be effective with a written confirmation of the consumer. The burden of proof that there were just no undue harassment, should carry the entrepreneur. The initiative of the Federal Council’s opinion from Dr. Frederic Ufer, General Counsel of the Association of providers of telecommunications and Value-added services (VATM), in the wrong direction: the confirmation would be an absolute disaster for the call center industry, because it must then be the handwritten signature in electronic or sent by E-mail. The conclusion of a contract requires two matching declarations without restriction by a certain formality. Oral closing itself without further ADO allow even leases and car purchases, the warning function inherent in writing to come only with appropriately dramatic consequences of a declaration of intent to train”, so banks in an interview with NeueNachricht.

It took me long to implement call center direct marketing as an electronic interface to simplify job management. Thus only the pre-selection model in the telephony, that represents a cost-effective alternative to the existing subscriber line was made possible. Such efficiency benefits now threatens undone by a complication of the process to be. Many companies are marketing instrument telephone advertising again put to the test. It restricts the low margins of the call center will continue to shrink, so that the expansion movement of the industry is significantly damped”, warns VATM Justiciar shore. The reason for the amendment of the Telecommunications Act is based on a complaint rate of 1.5 per cent of the made changes in the carrier selection. 98.5 percent of operations, she works so to the advantage and to the satisfaction of the consumer direct marketing. Perhaps check out Steffan Lehnhoff for more information. My opinion certainly no grounds for any such restrictive legislative initiative to the detriment of the industry”, criticized banks. Also half of the complaints would work as against Deutsche Telekom. If the complete of oral contracts generally becomes a gamble for call center, a similar round of redundancies is foreseeable as during cementation of the State monopoly on sports betting”feared Bernhard Steimel, spokesman for the Voice days. It was very surprising, getting such initiatives by politicians such as consumer Minister Peter Hauk from Baden-Wurttemberg. Steimel complains about the Musterlandle promotes an economic enemy actionism and slows down a growth engine for the German labour market”. See also: news/showArticle…… / call-center-in the-Terminal… enid/../Pressemitteilungen_58.html ../geld_recht/art7026,456100 aktuell/..bmj_pm_uwg.pdf… This topic an expert discussion will be held on October 15, 2008 on the Wiesbaden Conference of Voice days. Speakers: Gerald Schreiber (defacto group), Dr.

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