What Are Cash Registers

Posted by marmara on September 5, 2018

Among all the commercial equipment occupy a special place cash registers as the most popular and numerous class. Professor of Internet Governance: the source for more info. The composition of any cash register includes a printer of checks, cash drawer, the fiscal board, keyboard and displays. We hasten to assure all those who want to start your own trading business. In our country are allowed to use only those tickets that were included in the State Register of cash machines (CCM). This registry specifically approved by the State Interagency Electrotechnical Commission (abbreviated – GMEK). This committee holds frequent meetings of all kinds, and where decisions are made, what kind of cmc to the Registry, and what to exclude from it.

The Commission also discusses the job service center (TSC), is engaged in the certification procedure and the creation of reference models, etc. All cash registers are divided into four classes – self-contained, passive, fiscal registers, and active devices. The latter often referred to as POS-terminals. Cash registers are made in the register is not on a permanent basis, but on a certain period of time – for use in a particular area or areas: for example, to trade for services, for trade in oil products for hotels and restaurants, etc. are maintained and repaired by ticket only tec which have all necessary licenses and certificates – and nothing else. And every single functioning cash register should be a mandatory register with the Ministry of Taxes and Duties – It's the law. First, consider what it represents so-called standalone cash registers. This cash register machines in which additional features may appear only in the if it be connected to additional I / O device, controlled by ccm placed in her program. By self-CMC can be attributed, and a class of portable cash registers that can operate without connecting to electricity.

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Business Cards

Posted by marmara on March 7, 2018

Presentation Meishi requires presentation at a meeting with a new business partner. It is held in a leather case where they do not become warm or istreplyutsya, as this is a sign of disrespect or thoughtlessness. Basic rules exchange of business cards next. The owner keeps business cards meishi both hands on the bottom corners up the party, which indicated a place of employment, position and company name, so that the information can read the user receives. User should take two hands, holding the top two corners. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger can provide more clarity in the matter.

It's important not to close the fingers on your business card information – it is regarded as rude. After receiving the cards you need to read the name and position and thank you for it, saying, 'choudai-itashimasu' or 'choudaishimasu' and bowing. On the received business card in any case can not be anything to write, as well as putting it in his pocket. Meishi should be carefully placed in the department of leather business card holders. When meishi exchanged by the parties to different social position, the one who is lower on the social ladder, so should submit their business card, so it was slightly below the cards a person with higher status. If the cards were handed across the table that before the end of the conversation she must be on business card holders.

If present at a meeting a few people and you presented some meishi, a business card that someone has a higher status to be stored on the card holders, the rest – next to you on the table. How the recipient handles received meishi, indicates that the recipient will be doing business with those from whom he received this business card. Careless actions such as folding the cards in half and stuffed into the back pocket pants will be regarded as an insult. Appearance Unlike some Western business cards Japanese business cards meishi emphasis is placed on the company. For example, meishi will contain the company name printed in large letters, and then only the position and name. Also presented the Japanese themselves: first, company and position, and then name. Usually the person's name written in Japanese using kanji and romaji (usually the characters on the front side cards, and romaji on the back) as well as the position of the individual and the company where he works. Another important information that may indicate the meishi – it is a legal address, telephone number and fax number. Meishi may also contain a two-dimensional barcode, which is the contact information in 'machine readable' form, but it has not yet become common practice. According to a survey in 2007, less than 3% of Japanese own meishi with two-dimensional bar code. Traditionally, the size meishi made from old-Japanese paper, a special format, called yong, although meishi size of 90 55 mm, is also gaining popularity. Women's Japanese business cards once were smaller than men, have rounded edges and called sang, but they are now virtually obsolete.

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Please Work

Posted by marmara on November 15, 2017

If you were in high school or are engaged in science, provide a scientific specialization, degree, academic title. Please list the various awards of different competitions, Olympiads, conferences, including the school, the existence of 'red' diplomas, etc. Write in detail, include department, specialty, free diploma. Continue to learn more with: Neeman Foundation. Specify the number of relevant diplomas and certificates. Do not forget about training courses and internships, even if they were one day old. You should not write, what school you graduated and what marks: it may seem that you have nothing else to brag about. Experience is the best important and the longest section of the summary, which is to exceed all together the other sections.

It should detail only the "bare" facts, avoiding self-flattering, like "great experience", "ability work in a team, "" good organizational skills ", etc. Summary prepared so that the manager himself had made the necessary conclusions to you. Let the facts speak for you. If your work was of a project nature (programmer, designer) then list all your projects, lasting more than a month. If work is not uniform or the nature of the project (manager, seller), then select your paper some characteristics and types of work (eg work with certain major customer or supplier). For each project, (especially) should be brief and to pinpoint: the time period up to a month (can be approximate); place of work; name of the project (type of work, features) a brief description of the project (type of work, especially) to 1-2 lines, used tools (eg, computer programs, the specific technologies that may be of interest to employer) your role in the work carried out.

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Vending Machines

Posted by marmara on August 23, 2017

The most common and most understandable principles of buying vending machines. To purchase you must pay the invoice or purchase by paying the entire cost in cash. The main requirement – supplier reliability. Not less important and well-written all the documents in vending machines. For more specific information, check out Boy Scouts of America. Clear and unambiguous contract for warranty service is also very important.

The second way – to take the vending machines in installments. Supplier in this case negotiated the possibility, and then the installment period, certain conditions this method of payment. In general terms installments to permanent and verified clients. Many suppliers to provide installment require guarantors. The third way – hire-purchase. Is the most attractive method of buying high quality coffee machines.

Foreclosures, providing at least two sureties, and insurance risks are necessary conditions for hire-purchase. Period when arendopoluchatel must pay the entire cost of machine, usually from 6 to 12 months. Not Remember that the size of the cost of an automaton for a given way to increase the relative value of its price list. An initial payment of 20-30% of the transaction. The residue was quenched equally each month. The fourth way – Leasing (financial rent). A leasing contract signed with the leasing company, which repaid the cost of all purchased vending machines. Then, the lessee repays the entire amount paid the leasing company, acquiring reliable snack machines in private ownership. The conditions under which can be provided tax incentives to lease payments, spelled out in legislation. Increase in the cost for leasing is 5-10%. Initial amount you'll be required to be 30% or more. The amount paid for a consignment of goods shall not be less than 10,000 have. ea Credit as an option purchase machines. Banks with little desire to go to a meeting on small business lending. If the collateral is property, then you get a loan. Issued by the Bank amount would be enough to buy 1.3 machines. Repayment of the loan is for 24, 36, 48 or 60 months in equal amounts by 18-25% per annum. For the loan must be a citizen of the Russian Federation at the age of not less than 22 and not more than 60 years, have a permanent record in the region in which the credit is issued. Monthly income after tax has exceed 9000 rubles.

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Quality Information

Posted by marmara on August 21, 2017

Managerial decision-making – the process is pretty complicated. Today in the scientific literature on the management there is no single opinion on the composition and content of its elements 1. One option for making the algorithm solutions can be considered following described Ph.D. Hasanov, AZ: "The first stage – preparation for the development of management solutions includes elements such as receiving information about the situation, setting goals, developing scoring system, analysis of management situation, diagnosis of the situation and development prognosis of the situation. Information on the situation must be accurate, complete enough, and at the same time, not redundant. Analytical material should be prepared by experts with knowledge and experience in the field permitted by the management problems The second phase – the development of management solutions – is to generate alternative the choices made by the selection of the main options of control inputs, design development scenarios and expert evaluation of the main options of control inputs The third stage of decision making consists of three elements: a collective of peer review, a decision by the decision, develop a plan of action The fourth stage is the implementation of management decisions on the basis of the developed plan. The implementation phase of the solution involves bringing solutions to artists, artists resources, empowering, delegating and coordinating the actions of performers in all areas of implementation of the decision The fifth stage is the stage of monitoring implementation and analysis of developments after the impact of management

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Social Insurance Fund

Posted by marmara on August 18, 2017

In this case, you must agree dates for the checks to the tax office, pension and employment as well as in all the social insurance fund. After completing inspection documents submitted to the Registrar and is an exception to the State Register. It should be noted that delivery of the reporting takes place before the deregistration in some instances. The order of liquidation by the decision of the founders: First, the decision on liquidation – This decision is published in the register of enterprises and in the press. Since then the work begins to remove the company from the register of: Tax; Employment Center; Social Insurance Fund; Pension Fund; All of these processes accompanied by the relevant inspection activities. Parallel is the closure of bank accounts, archiving of documents and destruction of the press.

The final stage is the stage at which all the collected Documents filed gosregistratoru. Gosregistrator shall record in the register of companies on the liquidation of the enterprise. Since then the company is liquidated. . Terms of liquidation: According to the current law of registration of the termination of the enterprise can be made not earlier than 2 months after the date of the press notice of liquidation. In parallel with the expiry of this period there is a check enterprises in all organs. Usually, during this period, all the organs removed the company from the register. However, the strong likelihood that there will be a delay in deregistration of tax. Documents required for the elimination companies: – Certificate of state registration – original – Passport and code director and accountant (p. 1,2 + registration) – copy – Statistics Help – original – Certificate of registration of tax (4-BEP) – original; – Notice of registration of the insured fsstvp – original – Notice of Registration in pfc – original – Notice of registration in ch – original; – Insurance certificate and notification fssnvv – original – Certificate of vat – original (if available) – Certificate of single tax payer – the original (if available) – Payment of bank documents (orders, statements, information about the flow of funds) – the original – Primary Accounts – Originals – Salary statements – originals – Reports from the funds – the originals – Reports from the tax – the originals; Source: Liquidation of companies

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Visitors Quality

Posted by marmara on August 13, 2017

Therefore, when drawing up job descriptions need to remember that all activities aimed at improving the service should be clear and simple. In As an example, the positive experience of introducing new standards of quality customer service, specialized registrar of “Registry”. This company provides services for joint stock companies to maintain and storage registers of registered securities. The number of open personal accounts – more than a million, the daily number of clients front office in the central administrative building of “Registry” tens of Visitors arriving with different instruments and different questions. First line of customer interaction is a security post in the operating room: how the theater begins with a hanger, so any store, bank or car wash starts communicating with the guard, which is formed from the initial impression of the entire organization.

Therefore, company management decided to start implementing the quality standards it is from this unit. Was introduced just 3 simple rules, mandatory for security staff. 1.Initiative greeting, when the guard is not waiting for the questions “where do I go?” Or “I have come to the right place?” Hello first and helps the visitor immediately understand what to do and to which specialist to contact. 2.Frannie should use the expression “pass please” and depending on the situation or to show which way to go, or offer to sit down and wait specialist. Psychologists have always emphasized that this can not point a finger or a nod. Pointing gesture to make the whole hand, fingers, hands should be pressed together and palm facing upward. 3.Pri customer care, it must be the first to say “Goodbye”. This is the minimal set of simple rules are not difficult to perform and that will help visitors to quickly adapt to a new location.

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The shops were full of dumplings made in a mechanized way, so much cheaper, and it seemed that the sale would not go. But entrepreneurs have staked namely that the dumplings homemade, hand made from certain kinds of flour – in fact, not every meal is the dumplings, contains no protein and soy supplements. To start selling their dumplings, the entrepreneurs were many instances. One of them – the regional center : to such products subject to special requirements. It took time to convince sellers to take home products to stores, and to prove customers – the quality of their ravioli is not any comparison with the quality of the factory. It was said, arranged the tasting and proven. Today, the brothers Patsakullo deliver to stores in Kaluga, not only different kinds of dumplings, but also eighteen items of household pancakes.

And their experience to learn from each . Look for a simple and natural way to make money. You do not need to create a new product. Millions of people make money ordinary things. The key is to sell what the buyer can not make myself do not want to do yourself, do not have time to do myself or can not find already made elsewhere. 18 proven ways to help your business grow without special expenses 1. If you have not yet produced business cards and other branded stationery, take them immediately. Your business card, letterhead and corporate envelope will show your potential customers that you professional who is serious.

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Journalist Usually Unsuccessful

Posted by marmara on July 13, 2017

Market freelance copywriters, daily updated with new players. Jo Mackness insists that this is the case. A considerable proportion of the newcomers are qualified linguists and journalists. And, paradoxically, but they often suffer in his new position if not a fiasco, something is seriously losing to their competitors. It would seem – well, who does not like journalists or philologists to be successful in online copywriting? So why, in reality it turns out the opposite? If you or a philologist journalist, started a free copywriting, or just caring for this work, we encourage you to read our article to the beginning of your new activities have been successful. Lack of orders or dissatisfaction clients copywriters work in journalism is primarily due to a misunderstanding of these specialists elementary things. Nature of publications on the Internet is very different from magazine or newspaper articles that are placed on paper. Users of network resources, as a rule, read the "diagonal", and even then only if the published material is of interest. That is why the traditional "water" or erased journalism stamps and techniques on the Internet are not allowed.

Every phrase in the text should not only attract attention, but also create the desire to read further. Too often journalists boldly take up the so-called "selling" the texts, and hopelessly showered the project, summarizing both the customer and his clients. Before we take up writing texts, whose task is to encourage resource users to buy something, you need to begin to learn not to take the word "sale" as dirty. It is no secret that representatives of the typical "intellectual" professions, which include a vast majority of journalists are very negatively and disparagingly refer to everything associated with commerce and trade. You should understand that, like it or not, but, coming on the market of freelancing, you're just as involved in trade, selling their services to customers. Next to begin to write more or less decent text, aimed at stimulating demand, you'll need at least superficially acquainted with the technology and sales technique of writing texts, aimed at stimulating purchases or demand.

There are Another problem faced by beginners to work in the field of online copywriting linguists and journalists. Retrieve, where you can creatively nothing limits – a great success. Much more likely you will be offered writing texts, in which it will be necessary to enter the "key" words. This should be to promote the site on the web. Very often you want to insert into the text of a combination of the "salon colors Moscow" or "clothes, Turkey and so on. In this case, change these words can not. Learn to deal with a similar combination of words is necessary. Argue with the customer on the fact that "it is wrong," it's not the Russian language "is not just silly, but pointless. You just demonstrate their incompetence. A very large number of your competitors can easily cope with this task, and you'll earn yourself inadequate and ugly image of the artist. We wish you good luck in his new job and we are confident that our article will help you launch it successfully with the very first steps.

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Search Engine Optimization Package

Posted by marmara on June 17, 2017

He very beneficial for both owners of advertising platforms, and for the advertisers themselves so that the banner is placed on vysokoposeschaemyh thematic resources. Thus, the advertiser receives a large number of hits (and in investigation and the growth of clicks) for the relatively high price. Contextual advertising Contextual advertising – this is a very effective method to deliver information to a targeted audience in short terms. Usually it is paid for clicks (Transitions), and not on impressions, the advertiser pays only for the visitors. Number of advertising spaces on the advertising platforms is very limited, and display ads will be those advertisers who have appointed a great price CPC. Therefore, in a competitive themes price per click is very high. A huge plus to your site, if he has some specific theme: in this case the visitors click on ads more often.

Context advertising in search engines to the brilliant idea is simple – along the search results for a given user request is issued even a few commercial advertisements (linked, of course, for this request). Advertising in mailings often many underestimate this kind of advertising, though, thanks tematichnosti mailings, it allows you to easily apply it to the target audience. By the way, relatively inexpensive and effective. Search Engine Optimization Package of measures to improve the site positions in search engines for given keywords. Differs from contextual advertising less expensive (although in the long run). Is not direct advertising, but it helps to attract targeted visitors (ie, solves one of the main objectives of advertising on the internet).

There are other non-traditional (illegal) forms of online advertising – it's all kinds of spam. It includes: mass mailing, spamming through ICQ, the mass posting of advertising messages to guestbooks, forums, search engine spam and so on. As you can see, there are many types of Internet advertising, so we must assume that it will continue to evolve very active, perhaps there will be some other form of advertising or to change the laws of the market. Say that it will supersede the off-line advertising, of course, is not worth it, but the fact that it has become an effective tool for promoting is fairly obvious. 2007 Source: Peklamka.com condition for reprints: link to the author, his website and print without reduction.

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