Limited Liability Company

Posted by marmara on January 7, 2022

At the core of any successful business, as a rule, is a good idea. If there is no such idea, it is desirable solution for your business to leave it. There is, of course, the option to do the same thing others are doing and try to do it well. CAFOMI describes an additional similar source. But because in business you always want to be first, and if you just repeat the others, significant progress is not achieved. If you have a business plan, an idea, it is still the question arises: how to organize a business, what legal form of organization preferred. The choice is not so complicated, but it needs to be done.

Best business plan make your own, or take in the most directly involved, then clearly be seen all the problems and subtleties that must be taken into account in its implementation. Very often during the writing of the plan have to give up the original idea. The idea is not as rosy as initially envisioned. But it is always better to abandon new ideas in the process of drafting the plan, if it is imperfect, than getting involved in its implementation, wasted time and money and maybe something else. If all the evidence indicates that the idea is good and there is a team ready to take up its implementation, then to work, no time to lose.

Before you start work, you must register a company. Any organizational and legal form required state registration of legal entities. Overwhelming majority Entrepreneurs prefer to open companies in the form of a Limited Liability Company (LLC). This legal form is the most demanded among other forms, because Registration of firms most Ltd. simple and requires great responsibility for its participants. The company can be accessed by logging in as an individual entrepreneur. But it all depends on what, exactly, and with whom you will sell your projects and ideas. In each case, the decision must be taken individually, would be nice to consult with professionals, especially, that such consultations are always free and thorough. Start a business, organizing company or public companies, it makes sense only if other forms of business does not fit. Ultimately, in each case be approached individually to all. Good luck in your business.

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Russian Stock Exchange

Posted by marmara on December 29, 2021

Having before him, the experience of their grandparents, parents and your own experience, I do not feel confidence in the Russian Stock Exchange and Russian banks (You really must forgive me, but nothing can be done about it. The Coca Cola Foundation may not feel the same. I guess I'm not alone in her opinion). When I talked about tools for business Intway, where one of them gives you access to electronic trading terminals, I immediately appreciated for the care of all these possibilities, although again, that had very little idea about the exchange. Perhaps intuition prompted me, that is what I need. And fortunately, I'm not mistaken. Drexel University understood the implications. I I want to tell you about the two exchanges, one of which is simply indispensable for beginners. It is no secret that most of us have little idea about this, so I want the word 'market' is not scared away, but on the contrary, attracted. At the word 'exchange' I always say: 'I'm in this absolutely can not understand anything.

" I reply: 'I too could not understand anything and did not know about it. " Terminal IntwayStock has two stock exchanges: trading and brokerage. You will see that making them not only easy actually, but very interesting, exciting and, besides, profitably. Marketplace contains a list of securities showing the best price to buy or sell the security. Data on the quotations are updated continuously in real time. Marketplace is for internal transactions between the partners Intway. Here you can develop your skills for buying and selling shares. You can pick stocks worth less than a dollar.

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Search Engine Optimization Package

Posted by marmara on September 14, 2020

He very beneficial for both owners of advertising platforms, and for the advertisers themselves so that the banner is placed on vysokoposeschaemyh thematic resources. Thus, the advertiser receives a large number of hits (and in investigation and the growth of clicks) for the relatively high price. Contextual advertising Contextual advertising – this is a very effective method to deliver information to a targeted audience in short terms. Usually it is paid for clicks (Transitions), and not on impressions, the advertiser pays only for the visitors. Number of advertising spaces on the advertising platforms is very limited, and display ads will be those advertisers who have appointed a great price CPC. Therefore, in a competitive themes price per click is very high. A huge plus to your site, if he has some specific theme: in this case the visitors click on ads more often.

Context advertising in search engines to the brilliant idea is simple – along the search results for a given user request is issued even a few commercial advertisements (linked, of course, for this request). Advertising in mailings often many underestimate this kind of advertising, though, thanks tematichnosti mailings, it allows you to easily apply it to the target audience. By the way, relatively inexpensive and effective. Search Engine Optimization Package of measures to improve the site positions in search engines for given keywords. Differs from contextual advertising less expensive (although in the long run). Is not direct advertising, but it helps to attract targeted visitors (ie, solves one of the main objectives of advertising on the internet).

There are other non-traditional (illegal) forms of online advertising – it's all kinds of spam. It includes: mass mailing, spamming through ICQ, the mass posting of advertising messages to guestbooks, forums, search engine spam and so on. As you can see, there are many types of Internet advertising, so we must assume that it will continue to evolve very active, perhaps there will be some other form of advertising or to change the laws of the market. (Similarly see: World Health Organization). Say that it will supersede the off-line advertising, of course, is not worth it, but the fact that it has become an effective tool for promoting is fairly obvious. 2007 Source: condition for reprints: link to the author, his website and print without reduction.

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Fall Certificate

Posted by marmara on June 12, 2020

You intend to make a purchase online? Spend a little time to inspect the alleged seller. Currently, 90% of sellers on the Russian Internet use payment system WebMoney, in any case, offer it as one of the payment options. This seller and the type of payment are the most reliable in terms of Russian buyers. Do not use the services of vendors without a certificate WebMoney. Check the certificate from your WebMoney the seller, usually a PC or an initial certificate or, at least, the first of the certificates of business class – a formal one. Certificate icon should be on the front page or on the price list, perhaps on any other page on which you make a purchase, but find it necessary.

The Internet is now a big competition and we can always find a seller certificate. In the case of – or fraud by the Qualified Vendor to any of the these certificates, you can apply to it a claim to arbitration WebMoney. The reason for filing a claim can be not only a fraud on the Internet, but also the delays in delivery of paid goods, or lower its quality, etc. Lackadaisical dealer, after verification, will be punished, until the account is closed and the site. Professional con artists do not have passports WebMoney, because know that after the first deceptions of their accounts closed. Now you have to do is very simple and simple steps to verify the seller who defrauded the majority did not, apparently, on ignorance.

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Quality Information

Posted by marmara on August 21, 2017

Managerial decision-making – the process is pretty complicated. Today in the scientific literature on the management there is no single opinion on the composition and content of its elements 1. One option for making the algorithm solutions can be considered following described Ph.D. Hasanov, AZ: "The first stage – preparation for the development of management solutions includes elements such as receiving information about the situation, setting goals, developing scoring system, analysis of management situation, diagnosis of the situation and development prognosis of the situation. Information on the situation must be accurate, complete enough, and at the same time, not redundant. Analytical material should be prepared by experts with knowledge and experience in the field permitted by the management problems The second phase – the development of management solutions – is to generate alternative the choices made by the selection of the main options of control inputs, design development scenarios and expert evaluation of the main options of control inputs The third stage of decision making consists of three elements: a collective of peer review, a decision by the decision, develop a plan of action The fourth stage is the implementation of management decisions on the basis of the developed plan. The implementation phase of the solution involves bringing solutions to artists, artists resources, empowering, delegating and coordinating the actions of performers in all areas of implementation of the decision The fifth stage is the stage of monitoring implementation and analysis of developments after the impact of management

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Visitors Quality

Posted by marmara on August 13, 2017

Therefore, when drawing up job descriptions need to remember that all activities aimed at improving the service should be clear and simple. In As an example, the positive experience of introducing new standards of quality customer service, specialized registrar of “Registry”. This company provides services for joint stock companies to maintain and storage registers of registered securities. The number of open personal accounts – more than a million, the daily number of clients front office in the central administrative building of “Registry” tens of Visitors arriving with different instruments and different questions. First line of customer interaction is a security post in the operating room: how the theater begins with a hanger, so any store, bank or car wash starts communicating with the guard, which is formed from the initial impression of the entire organization.

Therefore, company management decided to start implementing the quality standards it is from this unit. Was introduced just 3 simple rules, mandatory for security staff. 1.Initiative greeting, when the guard is not waiting for the questions “where do I go?” Or “I have come to the right place?” Hello first and helps the visitor immediately understand what to do and to which specialist to contact. 2.Frannie should use the expression “pass please” and depending on the situation or to show which way to go, or offer to sit down and wait specialist. Psychologists have always emphasized that this can not point a finger or a nod. Pointing gesture to make the whole hand, fingers, hands should be pressed together and palm facing upward. 3.Pri customer care, it must be the first to say “Goodbye”. This is the minimal set of simple rules are not difficult to perform and that will help visitors to quickly adapt to a new location.

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Russian Business

Posted by marmara on April 16, 2015

Electronic registration of IP individual entrepreneur is a person that is registered in the manner prescribed by law and carries on business. Register carried out at the place of residence of the individual entrepreneur. The advantages of doing business (with no legal organization): ‘simplified procedure for registration of an individual entrepreneur; ‘sole proprietor has the right to use the labor of others, “a simplified procedure for accounting and tax accounting;’ period of business activity included in the total length of service and is the basis for a pension. The procedure for electronic filing IP consists of the following steps: 1. E-mail you an application to develop a package of documents stating the organizational-legal form of future business and properties; 2. We are preparing a package of documents required for registration, and pay legal costs, 3. You as an applicant represent to his signature on the application of Notary 4.

You are applying for registration of IP to the registering authority, 5. A week later we get a set of documents registered IP 6. Additional service from our side is the production of printing and the discovery of bank account. Entrepreneurial activity may engage in any able-bodied citizen over the age of majority, except civil servants and military personnel. Persons with Disabilities (Abuse of alcohol or drugs, as well as minors under the age of 14 to 18 years) can do business only with the consent of their legal representatives. Status individual entrepreneur is possible not only for Russian citizens, but also for foreign citizens as well – for stateless persons. You must have a residence in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Foreign citizens and residents without citizenship who have registered at the place of residence or immigration cards, state registration as a private entrepreneur can not be. Business activities included in the total length of service. An individual entrepreneur may employ other people. An individual entrepreneur is liable for its obligations with all property belonging to him. For business is characterized by a simplified procedure for accounting and tax accounting. Provides for a simplified taxation. To register you must provide the IP the following information: passport details, registered address and TIN (if any); economic activities, which intend to deal with the individual entrepreneur; the tax system – the traditional or simplified (6% of revenues, or revenues minus expenses 15%); the phone number for the tax inspectorate.

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Hall Advertising

Posted by marmara on December 27, 2013

In addition to these techniques, there are also methods of advertising a product without the direct involvement of staff. These include merchandising. He is bringing a client to a particular product through awareness of its location in the store, as well as a favorable disposition among similar products and a beautiful layout. Rate quality of supply staff will share "mystery shopper", which is in the supervisor to make purchases in the store under the guise of a buyer. Effective mechanism for promoting the company and its goods are consumer surveys at the indicated current or potential market for the sale of goods.

In order to increase consumer demand for a particular product, it should also be aware in advance of its preferences, as well as signs by which he makes a choice when buying products. Understand what it is now the consumer can help the marketing research. They are aimed at gathering information about the desires modern buyer, its processing, analysis and formulation of conclusions and recommendations for companies on the materials of the study. Marketing studies are of two kinds: quantitative and qualitative. K first group consists of flat, street, phone, mail surveys, and monitoring and calculation of the cross points of sale, Hall test and Home test. Qualitative research is divided into in-depth interviews, expert interviews, focus group and panel. With the above-mentioned methods, alternative sources of information and data analysis conducted market research a full cycle – from tasking to the report. Advertising in the media, for example ad unit in the news on television is also one of the basic ways to promote products and services.

It positively affects the image of the company, says its respectability and values. Here you can talk about advertising in the press, which is effective for attracting large number of consumer audience, as well as a chance to keep a potential client has interested advertising without any particular efforts and later come back to it. Radio advertising is also an effective way of promotion. In addition to broad coverage of the population, it compares favorably with other ways to promote products of their attractive price together with the expected effect. Finally, advertising on television gives the buyer a comprehensive view of the subject. This type of advertising not only provides statistical picture and identify benefits of the goods, but also to paint a visual image that will long be remembered target buyer.

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The Future

Posted by marmara on September 7, 2011

Sent on leave for own expense. It's almost fired. Or the next step will be dismissal. Man all his life considered himself a reasonable man, and therefore decided that the next step will be dismissal. And sent to unpaid leave, without pay, and to live on these 3 months, it is not clear. And the prospects for such a development no.

A man prepared a clean resume file for distribution. There was one question. Where to send resume with work or home computer. Sleep on it. "In the morning once summary view with fresh eyes.

" This thought was the most powerful argument. And I decided tomorrow morning to come to work, and again no one will quietly send resume to all the portals. In the evening, he still went home downcast. Now he was tormented by another thought. Say or not say at home that they were sent at his own expense. But it turned out that there is nothing. And he told all to his wife. Wife is also upset and began to redraw all the plans for the immediate purchase time. And his reason is vanity wife calmed. And he looked optimistically to the future. That's tomorrow send out resumes, and then find a new job. And with a salary higher than now. With such bright ideas man fell asleep. In the morning as usually he got dressed and went to work. In ordinary times, in the usual bustle. As if nothing has changed around. What he experienced a shock when I went to the office.

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