The Movement

Posted by marmara on January 15, 2018

Everybody knows that when something is in immovable it requires greater force to move the one that when the initial movement has already taken place. That must to which in physics friction force is called, that is the force that is against the movement. The friction coefficient is a factor that measures this force of friction or opposition to the movement. The friction coefficient is greater, for a same object, cradled the object this immovable one (static coefficient of friction). To deepen your understanding Children’s Defense Fund is the source. Meaning that although always there is opposition to the movement, this opposition is greater when the object this immovable one or in a constant movement.

What has this to do with the success, the wealth and the happiness? This is extremely important because as well as there is a force that is against the movement of the objects, thus is a mental force that is against the change, the movement. That force that is against the movement, to the advance to the profit of the success and the happiness is the conformism, mental inertia. It is therefore that the initial step is most difficult. It is much more difficult to secure first the million dollars for that never nothing in its life has had, that to obtain billions of dollars to that have begun of zero and have constructed a fortune of a pair of million. If it wishes to verify it intntelo tries to only move its automobile (if it is soothe, by all means. It is a hypothetical example, it can also verify it with a table, armchair, etc.) pushing it and would notice that effort is required but to move it when this static one that stops to move it once it has already begun to move. Returning to our subject, of the success, the happiness and the wealth, Which is that force that is against to which you wish? What is it stops what it to obtain what wishes? It stops what it to obtain what wishes they are its beliefs. Go to Spm Llc for more information.

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The Creative Man De Mitos

Posted by marmara on February 6, 2017

The ecological movements today propose new myths to us, therefore the GAIA hypothesis, (Greek Earth goddess, the one of wide sine, eternal and unshakeable support of all the things, according to Hesiod), is a good reason to see the Earth not like a machine according to the present model, but like a living organism, car-regulated that there is to take care of. The mythical resource allows the knowledge us of as much normal the human being, as pathological, it has served as support to psychiatry and the psychoanalysis; without its contribution, Freud it would not have unravelled the famous Oedipus Complex. Against the impoverished rationalism, and the opaque life of the consumer and technocratic society, the myths abren to an ample field of knowledge on the man and the universe to us. The humans we are creative of mitopoiticos myths, beings, (of the Greek poiesis, creation), and mythologies reveal the identity to us of the human soul.

Indeed, except for the difference of names, the fabulous personages are identical, moved by the same passions and the same instincts, invested with similar attributes, even though race and atmosphere circumstances print variety to their appearances . (Joseph Campbell). Utnapishtin and Noah, the Osiris and Quetzacoatl, Hermes and Mercurio, the Greek Zeus and the American Manit, the Scandinavian Walhalla or the Greek Mount Olympus, are some of their more remarkable examples; to sum up, one is not to believe literally in them, but to give a existential interpretation them.

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Posted by marmara on February 1, 2017

In the heat of economic crisis many people has been with the necessity to restrict their expenses and to be more frugal in their style of life. To tighten the belts is not easy since it gets to affect our emotional and even spiritual well-being. Perhaps this one crisis has meant for You not more exits to eat, not more trips, not more " shopping, " one Christmas with less gifts of customary and the restrictions in the menu, light, water, etc. To some has affected to him more than to others, but for all it has been a challenge. Nevertheless, he is not so bad to learn to restrict itself. One is the ability number that is needed to acquire wealth.

I do not meet a single millionaire who has become rich without owning this one ability, at least that has inherited its fortune. Spending more than gains is an evil quite common in the habit of consumption of the people nowadays. BSA follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. And it is not to be strange. We are bombed daily with propaganda that sells a utopian world to us to spend without effort and it urges to us to fall in a style of consumer life. There are credit cards by anywhere and the majority of the people owns more than one.

To restrict itself is painful, but it learns to do it and he is diligent will be able to acquire the ability to spend less than what wins. If in addition it learns to invest his good money, will comprise of 3% of the world-wide population that knows to create wealth in the long term. Certain, it is going to have to restrict itself more than his pairs at the outset, but its money is going to be working for You in silence until the day arrives in which the luxury will be able to occur to spend more.

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Increase Right Away

Posted by marmara on January 18, 2017

When I began this blog several months ago, it spoke to them of my habits of expenses; for me the motto was very simple: if I die tomorrow, that is without limitations, which was translated in: to spend everything what could in things that generated momentary satisfactions to me. Dinners in good restaurants or fairs of fast food, trips and articles like clothes, clocks, perfumes, electronic and stop to count. How many of You you have not happened through similar situations? Sometimes they have been made that question? To where it has been going to stop all that gained money? I can increase the value of the money that cost now? Almost all the things that we bought, are depreciated with time. How much could merit a collection of 15 used shirts? Or whatever could win if 100 selvage old CD s? The answer is: you would win much less than the article cost. However, we can spend the money in things that increase with time of value, as they make my friendly Ren and Ignacio, that have tickets and currencies of collection.

Which is the trick? Well, that collectable with time increases their value, aside from which they serve to decorate part of its houses and offices. I have here what there am have responded to several friendly and friendly to me with respect to its ways to buy things that increase with time of value: To buy Gold: Whenever it manages to save a dinerito, this friend buys something of gold, she can be small, or she can be great. The gold never loses value. As it spends the time, the gold reserves are scarce and this precious metal increases of value. It has a few gold pieces in her house for personal use.

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The Penal Code

Posted by marmara on September 20, 2016

In the brief commentary we will try to give answer to the question. I. original Text and use of Art. 317 of penal code of 1991 1.1. Original text. – The Penal Code I promulgate the 3 of April and I publish the 8 of the same month of year 1991 Being its original text and official edition the following one: Illicit grouping ARTICLE 317. – The one that comprises of a grouping of two or more people destined to commit crimes will be repressed, by only done, of being member of the grouping, with privative pain of nonsmaller of nor greater three freedom of six years.

When the grouping this destining to commit the genocide crimes, against the public security and tranquillity, the State and the national defense or the Powers of the State and the Constitutional order, the pain is nonsmaller of eight years, of one hundred eighty to three hundred sesenticinco day-fine and incapacitation according to the article 36 interjections 1.2 and 4. (1) 1.2. Use. – The text of the article that it precedes was effective from the 8 of April of 1991 to the 5 of October of year 2004. II.

Changes in Sumilla 2.1. Sumilla is not more than a species of aid memory that the Publishers of Penal Code began to place in the part superior of the text of the article and all this disorder and incongruity beginning during the use of the original text. Some publishers when publishing the Penal Code sumillaban correctly (very few) and briefed like sumilla- " Grouping ilcita" whereas the majority of publishers in the same original text wrongly began to place like sumilla- " Illicit association for delinquir". We only reach this conclusion reviewing different editions from the Penal Code, from 1991 to date and verified that the error is manifest not only in sumilla but mainly to the time to identify the penal type that contains Art.

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Ford Escort

Posted by marmara on March 19, 2015

Group of people to Ford Escort. Furious exit, right foot tightening the accelerator to the handle with force sufficient to remove it below the chassis. The pedal, almost asphyxiated by the pressure, began to request aid but it did not have helped that it. High beams. Steep braking in several traffic lights. With the together hands in plegaria and to clean blast I ask to him to the cars of ahead that are run. All to a side.

It found me in an increasing spiral of " automanijearme" , with the needle of the Estresmetro marking maximum, to only demonstrate the tared one of Pan Am that would manage to do it. Certain short while ago whisper it requested inner me that she lowered the ball, but to that height no longer buseca of Diazepan with garlic sausage of red Lexotn calmed nor one to me. 15 y20 hours. Arrival to the Department of the Interior, Mercedes and Julio Herrera and Obes. I leave the parked bad car, low like whirlwind while I repeat mentally: _". If I want that they take care of express to me I must elevate the voice. I am not going to waste time with long phrases or conjugating verbs. All it concerns bledo&quot to me;.

Then, Eureka! That idea gave the key me to begin to write in a unique, different format and arising my total lack of patience as I am advancing in age. I enter the already out of position office, the best Hulk style and vociferating: _ PAYABLE PASSPORT, TO TRAVEL 4 and 20! Civil servants as as much public in the tail occur return by the extraordinary shouts. Nobody conversation during 6 ether to us seconds. I do not know if to repeat, to wait for some reaction, or to embrace me to anyone and to put to me to cry.

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Spanish Independence

Posted by marmara on April 27, 2014

Its double preoccupation was the fight against the Protestantism and the Turks. It repeated: God has called to me to being franciscan for the conversion of the sinful ones and herejes. And indeed, it preached of incessant way in Italy, Hungary, Bohemia, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain and Portugal. Supported by the Jesuits, it developed an admirable work in central Europe and seeded of franciscan convents great part of the nations in which it had preached. Lorenzo left a work multitude, among them more than 800 sermons, that occupy 11 of the 15 volumes of their complete works. They constitute an admirable example than modernly kerigmtica theology has been called, and this way to set out the eternal truths locates in the line of classic pastoral activity of the Holy Parents and the great doctors bishops to him.

It especially emphasizes its admirable Mariologa, of a truly extraordinary clarity of concepts. That is said that Lorenzo was the right arm of prince Felipe Manuel de Lorraine, who obtained in 1601 the liberation of Szkesfehrvr (White Regal) in a great victory against the mass of near 80,000 Turks, commanded by Mohamed III, was prepared to invade Estiria and threatened to conquer Austria, invading thence Italy and whole Europe. Lorenzo wrote a precious chronicle of campaign and although he would partly hide in her his characteristics of value, captains and soldiers acclaimed to him as the main author of the battle The 22 of 1619 July happened their death to him. Its body was taken to the Convent of the Announced one, nuns clarisas, Villafranca of the Bierzo (province of Leon), where it is venerated. Its tomb was profaned in 1808 by the French troops who occupied the city during the War of Spanish Independence.

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Simulator Workers

Posted by marmara on March 23, 2014

All the companies, have credit to the Formation, that varies half in dependency of the number of working of the previous year and than they have quoted. How we can know to the credit del that we arrange? Diverse forms exist to know the credit available for the company, in the first place we must to fix us to the average Platilla of workers of the previous year. If one is between 1 and 5 workers, the credit available for this 420 year is always of. If Plantilla mediates, it is superior to 6 workers (incl.) we must pay attention then to which we have quoted the previous year. We will take Wage the Mass Gross we multiplied and it by 0,07%, this amount is an approach than we have quoted by formation. Now we return to Average Plantilla and we will consider that if this is of 6 to 9 workers, we will have the 100% of the previous amount, if it is of 10 to 49 workers, of 75%, if it is from 50 to 249 of 60% and if it has but of 250 workers it is of 50%.

Another form to know the credit available, is using the application Telematics that the Tripartite Foundation makes our available in its page Web through a Simulator of credit. How to conduct discounted formative battles? The formative actions, can be discounted of two different forms, from the own company, acceding to the application Telematics of Tripartite foundation, we can always beforehand carry out the advantages of all the courses realised within our company, knowing, the amounts that we can discount of each course and as we must realise it. On the other hand, we can have the subcontracted service, through any company credited by the Tripartite Foundation like Organizing Organization. Or, the own Center of Formation, where we realised the course, can be credited by the Tripartite Foundation as Organizing Organization to transact the Advantages and this can carry out them, as it is our case. All our courses and masters, can be realised using the credit to the Formation of the Tripartite Foundation, reason why all those companies that have the sufficient credit, will be able to recover all the amount of the course masters that realises. You want more information about our courses? It accedes here to our Catalogue of Formation In addition, if you wish but information about the Tripartite Foundation for the accomplishment of some of our courses, you can ask for but information to us through Catalogue online.

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The Same

Posted by marmara on March 15, 2013

Usually it is quite difficult to believe in one same one if nobody has taught to you to do it. Sometimes intimando with people more close friend, it give account to you of which in the life of the majority of the people there are problems within the familiar nucleus, a father or maltratador mother, lacking of affection and respect, parents with emotional problems, etc. are few cases where they tell you that its childhood has been wonderful. Then I suppose that it is normal that when those children become parents they do not know to teach more what they had, following the same landlords. But there is people who by some reason decide to cut those landlords, then discovers books as the Power is within You, and account occurs of which one can be desprogramar, been able to eliminate the beliefs of its childhood and to leave them back, can become another person, can even be able to feel more good, to accept itself, to be wanted and if one is also wanted then it is demonstrated that it will know to want to the others, but the work falls first to securing that objective, To be wanted to itself. It would not be good for beginning to break those chains? Pinsalo! Ponte that objective, and begins to change your life today. If you want to improve your life today, I want hacerte a GIFT " The 5 habits that will improve your vida" you do click Esther here Fertile valley Original author and source of the article.

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The Mirror

Posted by marmara on December 9, 2012

To become thin is not the problem nor the great challenge: to maintain an ideal weight in state of radiating health and the good humor yes is it because it requires a change of brings back to consciousness. When a treatment to become thin is based solely on foods without contemplating to the man in its totality psychophysical they appear the resistance and the bounces of weight. Generally people do not register the trigger that stops its progress; many people do not reach a to detect specific instance took that them to neglect its treatment to become thin until a day they watch the mirror and with horror or frustration, they realize that they have returned back: again that unpleasant bounce of weight. But the bounce of weight is not something that comes outside from visiting us to make bitter the life to us. Many factors explain the bounce of weight: in his majority they are activated psychological factors in also unpleasant experiences and that " they left pasar". Some experience certain inconvenience when they observe that they begin to shine less with a few kilos: if they have conserved an overweight during years, suddenly that harmonious image that gives back the mirror to them is to them uncomfortable, stranger and literally, a part of its personality does not know how to act with that new body.

To others diffuse, unusual fears happen to them like for example, the possibility of being isolate in their habitual surroundings. For others, the novel experience to be in the heat of dominion of themselves is to them atemorizante; it inaugurates to them new responsibilities and new rolls of life. To others it stops the other people’s sarcasm or the omnipresent envy of the others. Nevertheless, to reach a total dominion of the personal attitude necessarily implies to run into with other people’s envy and to cross it.

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