A Note to Teachers

Posted by marmara on January 21, 2018

Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo 2007 36 NEAR THE END: dear young people and teachers, is all that I had to say about the beautiful and very divine philosophy. I'll tell you an experience that I had to close this conversation. I recently met a man. Which was very learned in the past, but is now a more mediocre. Having been shared this book because I give too simple to you all. He told me that it did not teach much. These statements are dogmatic men. I do not think my classmates.

For these men, said to be critical. But in reality they are not as critical as you think. Well, they deceive themselves and deceive others. My work does not tend to compete against the titans of the thought of all the times. This work is especially dedicated to students in grades eight ninth tenth and eleven.

And to all the hardworking teachers. Who, not labor for nonprofit causes, but rather for social causes. Beware of young and teachers appreciated withdraw from all those dreams you have. Because listening to the babbling of mediocrity. As is the case set before you. Since they are envious by nature and training. Jose engineers tells of a beautiful shining very firefly high, suddenly a frog jumps on her and her belly covered with ice. the firefly humbly asks me why tapas? The toad answered why you shine? The man who is set before you young people who during their lives, their parents are all in the hands extended.

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