Posted by marmara on October 7, 2019

If you like a loan proposal to the bank – you have to please the bank. Credit committee (there is such a structure in any bank) can read the package of your documents and deny you a loan! Refuse, mind you, without any explanation! Because the bank is not obliged to explain anything. That you have a problem with housing in Bankers are none! So, read the list of documents that are required by the credit committee to consider your loan application, carefully assemble these documents, pay the money (Consideration for a loan can be paid, and the result may be negative), deliver the documents and the bank manager wait with bated breath. If '' if the credit committee will decide on provide you with a mortgage – have a glass of champagne and go to the fourth stage. List of documents for obtaining a mortgage loan – the loan application form (application form usually determines the Bank) – documents confirming the information form (if any confirmation to the bank) – Help on wages and other income (simple and advanced mode) – Loan Agreement (the text of the agreement usually specifies the bank) – contract Sale of residential premises. Step Four. The choice of apartments. You would not believe that you have not chosen a flat long before resorting to the bank for a loan! Now find the bad news – that likes you, maybe not like a bank. Choose a flat had to be precisely the one which corresponds to the requirements of the bank.

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