Branches of Civil Law

Posted by marmara on December 26, 2018

This branch of the law is that studies and regulates everything thing within the private law for those who are not traders, since for them that if they are such is application not civil law but trade law. 3.2.2 BRANCHES OF CIVIL LAW OF people civil rights the right of civilians is the branch of civil law and private law who studies and regulates civilian persons. According to Boy Scouts of America, who has experience with these questions. I.e., it regulates and examines also the legal person and the natural person, but has special rules applicable only to the Association, Committee, Foundation and peasant community. Right of legal act the legal act is the branch of private and civil law that regulates and examines the legal act. In this branch of law is studied and regulates the structural inefficiency, which are alleged nullity and voidability. Family law family law is the branch of the civil and private law who studied and regulates the family, marital, parental authority, guardianship, wardship and family Council, rules for the disposition of the assets of the conjugal society, among other family law issues. Law of SUCCESSIONS of succession law is the branch of private and civil law who studied and regulates the intestate and testamentary succession, therefore it is clear that relates to the registry law by which these acts are recorded in public records. Rights in rem rights in rem are the branch of private and civil law that studies and regulates the actual rights that are the principal real rights as they are for example the property and possession; and the secondary or accessory real rights which are for example the mortgage and antichresis lien. Law of obligations the law of obligations are the branch of civil and private law who studied and regulates the obligations, among which we can mention of give, do, do, solidarity, communal, alternatives and divisible obligations, also regulates the ways of extinguishing obligations.

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