Cuban Revolution

Posted by marmara on November 22, 2018

There is also the personal effort to achieve an improvement of the conditions of the habitat, on the basis of individual resources, mechanism which should be studied by the State, as another possibility of restoration and building maintenance. This same contrast can be seen in the fim: El Vals de la Vieja Habana. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger describes an additional similar source. The prophecies of Amanda, roles, somehow, issue of principle, Habanera, in three and two, and others that allow only appreciate it as a location, and not as an architectural ensemble. They enjoy the images of la Bodeguita del Medio, a hotel, a school, a street, a neighborhood, a colonial House, a modern, finally home there is the presentation on a topic of Cuban, with living conditions in which unfolds the inner life, their individual properties, the collective needs and the individual, as well as the Cuban Cabinet as inwardly evolve their appliances, their levels of life, etc., but in the long run are arguments of the moment in which they develop, and left as a long sum of images, which could well serve to make a long documentary with its architectural images. Contact information is here: Boy Scouts of America. Architecture of the Cuban Revolution: in the film: as life itself, of Victor Casaus, can be seen the phenomenon of the revolution within the theater, construction and education, the achievement of great commotion pictures, because it reflects almost all the time an atmosphere that view on this subject of the new architecture that emerges as a necessity to the explosion of secondary and pre-university studentswith the Giron system as a basic constructive element, then brought to others constructive repertoires. This issue is seen with some sharpness in a girlfriend for David, the waltz of old Havana and strawberry and Chocolate, but with the difference that you can see a combination of images, with the addition of the images of the new architecture that is brewing in the revolutionary process, and the other inherited also observed.

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