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Posted by marmara on July 31, 2018

Years ago in a trip we made to Puerto Rico, some friends invited us to eat English Muffins of corn with cod in the mountains of Cayey, I remember when we came back, on the road were inhabitants of the place that sold the popular recao (mixture to prepare sofrito-based green peppers, onion, garlic, sweet peppers, cilantro and culantro) in a few plastic containers. As a good lover of cuisine we always liked to experiment with new flavours. So we ask our friends to us parasemos at the edge of the road to buy one of those containers. We take it to our hotel and from there to our House. Everytime we were preparing soups, beans and stews, we had him a few teaspoons of oregano, which was in an extraordinary taste. Then we read in an interview that Boxer Puerto Rican Tito Trinidad everytime he traveled to defend his world champion title, her mom prepared him a container of recao so his assistants to prepare soups. More recently, a few friends here in Miami, we were invited to enjoy a Colombian sancocho, accompanied by some fabulous green plantains with a sofrito, Colombians call him hogao; they prepared it with finely chopped chives, stepped on or crushed garlic, tomato cut into small cubes (concasse) and a touch of adobo.

Then we share another invitation with other friends of Cuban origin, and gave us a banquetazo with the famous tail on that day inquire with our friend and Chef of great battles, Don Bernardo, who prepared the dish. The ingredients used, were more or less common to the of the traditional sauce. The delicacy of the dish made me think the parallelism with the coffee that we all take. We all use the same ingredients, but in every house they have their secret, and its flavor. Hence was born the inspiration to investigate and write about the sofrito in Latin American cuisine.

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