David Guetta

Posted by marmara on May 26, 2019

In a library, it would be such an absolute To make no-go before a group of 5 girls and yelling HEY all right I am the Max “, in the Club, however, a strategy that properly performed quite promises success.” “While you indirectly want to talk to a girl, for example, on the road, because you’re still too shy or timid, is completely in order for example to help to ask it, because your sister” tomorrow’s birthday and you want to necessarily buy a present for her, would you sideways look at you in the Club for this. Here, the rule of freaky and extroverted people. “When I was 16 I wanted to a do something unusual to try, the idea I had of what was then hit by David Guetta and Akon sexy bitch”. I went to a girl in the Club and just asked her: sexy bitch? “, nothing more. I would have never expected it would work but in fact I was very successful with the quote. I’m not saying now that you shall go in the Club for girls, to ask if she’s a sexy bitch, I want to convey a sense of just friends so that, with what absurd things to get through at the Club.

So the following note for the Club: direct be the key to success is to say, talking briefly with her and depending on how respond positively to you can you estimate when you can go one step further with you, I can still remember when I was one evening with some friends in the Club and was I not at all in the mood to talk to any woman. It was so bad that we have even funny made about us. Anyway, I wanted to make even my last passage through the Club before I went home. To my luck, I found a beautiful brunette girl who stood completely alone at the bar.

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